Development of GWP Global Strategy 2014-2019 by Ania Grobicki
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Development of GWP Global Strategy 2014-2019 by Ania Grobicki



Presentation made by Dr Ania Grobicki Executive Secretary at GWP Regional Days Meeting, August 22-24, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden

Presentation made by Dr Ania Grobicki Executive Secretary at GWP Regional Days Meeting, August 22-24, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden



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Development of GWP Global Strategy 2014-2019 by Ania Grobicki Development of GWP Global Strategy 2014-2019 by Ania Grobicki Presentation Transcript

  • Development of GWP Global Strategy 2014-2019“2020 vision for water security”Dr Ania GrobickiExecutive Secretary, GWP22 August 2012
  • Water security – from a desiredfuture to a present imperative • increasing water scarcity • increasing competition among users and uses • increasing occurrence of extreme events (floods and droughts) • increasing interconnectedness of resources (land, water, energy) and among local/national/regional and global levels of water management
  • 3 contextual shifts over the past 5years – Reaffirmation by governments and the UN that integrated water resources management is the structuring paradigm for better water governance (ref.1:UN-Water 2012; ref.2: Rio+20 declaration) – The crucial role of better water management in adapting to climate change – The UN resolution enshrining the right to water
  • VISION – a water secure world • Water for beneficial uses – for society, for economic development, and for ecosystems • Security from droughts, floods, landslides, water- borne diseases – all the destructive impacts of water • Improved quality of life for women and youth • Through an integrated approach – holistic, all- encompassingCURRENT GWP MISSION – To support the sustainabledevelopment and management of water resources at alllevels QUESTION : Can this be sharpened up ….?
  • Four Strategic Goals 2008-2013• Promote water as a key part of sustainable national development [operational]• Address critical development challenges [advocacy]• Reinforce knowledge sharing and communication [knowledge]• Build a more effective network [partnering]
  • Proposed: 3 S goals for water security
  • Proposed Goal 1 : Supporting PolicyDevelopment and Implementation(across 6 thematic areas) • Water and climate change • Integrated urban water management • Water financing • Transboundary water management • Water and food security • Water and energy security
  • Proposed Goal 2 : Sharing Water Knowledge- What is water security?• The economics of water security• The indicators of water security• Linking water security, food security and energy security• The interrelationships of water security and climate resilience- The power of IWRM in today´s world• Integrated urban water management• Land-food-water linkages for food security• Water and energy security• Transboundary water management /Hydrodiplomacy
  • Proposed Goal 3 : Strengthening the GWPNetwork- The need for consolidation• 10% growth per year : consolidate links to partners, benefits received by partners, partners’ contributions to GWP• Country Water Partnerships supported for monitoring and reporting• Gender mainstreaming through gender strategy• Strong focus on youth organizations, youth coordinators• Revised financing strategies• Revised governance structure (response to 2011 mid-term review)
  • Global Strategy Task Force (26 people)• GWP Chair, TEC Chair and ES 3• One additional TEC member 1• 1 nominee from each Regional Water Partnership 13• One GWPO Senior Advisor 1• Nominees from strategic allies, 1 food, 1 energy 5• Network /organizational development facilitator 1• Two representatives of GWP Financing Partners 2(as observers)- To participate in task force meetings and inter-regional meetings- Organize focus group e-conferences (eg. banks, KPs etc)- Review and comment on draft text as it evolves
  • Proposed two-way process : 4 inter-regional meetings + Global Strategy Task Force Asia : SEA, SAs, China (13 April 2013, Delhi ?) Latin America : CAm, SAm, Car (incl. USWP)Africa : SAf, WAf, Eaf, CAf, Med Europe : CEE, CACENA, Med, EWP Jan-Apr:Regional strategies drafted and shared Draft Global Strategy to SC (May 2013) Discussed at CP and World Water Week (August 2013) Finalized November 2013
  • Working Towards A Water-Secure World”Serving the regions,A growing internationalserving since 1996networkthe world” • 13 Regional Water Partnerships (RWPs) • 80 Country Water Partnerships (CWPs) • 2,680 Partner organizations in 167 countries • Grown more than 6-fold since 2004 (400 partners)