Innovative Methods for Working with Children


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Innovative Methods for Working with Children

  1. 1. Emanuil Popdimitrov District Library Kyustendil Traditional andInnovative Forms ofWork with Children
  2. 2. Emanuil Popdimitrov District Library in Kyustendil is my, your, our library The Children’s Department is a specialized children’s library providing services to children and school goers aged up to 14 years. It is the place where: I find my favorite books and I meet fairy tale characters I use hard copy and electronic information I can write my homework and learn my lessons I have fun and study while I am playing I have permanent access to the internet and I can check my email,use Skype, Facebook or just play I communicate and meet friends and peers. It is awesome that I can do all this at the library!
  3. 3. To attract children and make them part ofchildren’s books, reading, information resourcesand to provoke their creative talents, we usevarious traditional and innovative forms ofwork:- “Month of My School” at the library;- “Learning While Playing” creative workshop;- “Meeting with an Autograph”;- Reading marathon;- Week of children’s books;- Fairy tale path;- Virtual library;- “Golden Key of Knowledge” expedition;- “Summer with the Library” photo contest;- Global Libraries Program.
  4. 4. Month of My School – launched in 2007; each monthof the school year is dedicated to a school with whichwe implement the initiatives of the department’scultural calendar.- For all students from the school – free registrationduring the month of the respective school- Library tour- Library lessons and presentations- Traditions, celebrations and customs- Book and mouse or how “the mouse opens the book"- Homeland- Children’s creative works- The works of ...- Helping the school lessons in ...- Many surprises because The library and the school – together we can do more!
  5. 5. May: Library Month ofDaskal Dimitri Primary School • Library tour – First encounters with books • In the fairy tale world of Elin Pelin – 135 years from his birth - Exhibition of children’s paintings - Show case of Elin Pelin’s books - First graders read favorite fairy tales by Elin Pelin - Learning while playing – pictorial crossword
  6. 6. The Learning while Playing Creative Workshop was launched in2009. It aims to stimulate reading, information search,systematization and presentation skills, provoke children’screative talents and initiative in the process of presentation ortopic preparation.
  7. 7. Within the creative workshop dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Yordan Radichkov’s birth, the children from St. Kliment Ohridski Elementary School worked in ateliers:• Follow the labyrinth and link the book to its author• Arrange the magical squares and think of a favorite fairy tale• Answer the questions and solve the funny puzzle• Solve the crossword and tell us what frogs are arguing aboutSEE: Children’s World Section
  8. 8. Children present the authors, their works; they tell us aboutthemselves and their class. They paint, read, recite,dramatize, invent, retell, solve crosswords, puzzles andmagical squares and play other entertaining games.
  9. 9. The creative workshop enables children to work ina team and show “What every kid who lovesreading books can do”.
  10. 10. Meeting with an AutographThe encounter with favorite books, fairy tale charactersand their creators is an unforgettable experience for ouryoungest readers.
  11. 11. Guests to Kyustendil’s children include: Maya Dalgacheva,Victor Samuilov, Angelina Zhekova, Kina Kudreva, PanchoPanchev and other favorite children’s authors.
  12. 12. Reading Marathon 2 – 23 April 2012 – Every year, the Children’s Department, together with its readers, takes part in the National Reading Marathon with a series of events:• 2 April (International Children’s Book Day) - “Children’s Books of All Times” – exhibition• Open Door Days at the Children’s Department (2 and 23 April)• “Chain Reading” (2 April 2012 – 23 April 2012)• “Forget about the Mouse and Enjoy the Book” – a “day off” for readers’ computers (2 and 23 April)• Open Microphone in front of Emanuil Popdimitrov DL• “Give away a Book and Give Joy to a Friend!” (2 April 2012 – 26 April 2012)
  13. 13. Week of Children’s Books – a traditional form of workingwith children taking place in April, full of initiativesdedicated to reading, children’s books and their authors,participation of children and school goers fromkindergartens and school in the city:
  14. 14. Week of Children’s Books 23 – 27 April 201223 April 2012 – World Book and Copyright Day. Open Doors Day atChildren’s Department. Open Microphone in front of the DLVictor Samuilov is a guest of Kyustendil’s childrenMeetings with an autograph: Sts. Cyril and Methodius Primary School andSt. Kliment Ohridski Elementary School24 April 2012 – “Two World Famous Fairy Tale Novels” – 130thanniversary of Alan Milne’s birth – Daskal Dimitri Primary School25 April 2012 – “Angel Karaliychev, the Fairy Tale Man” – 110thanniversary of his birth – St. Paisii Hilendarski Primary School26 April 2012 – Exhibition of books donated by patrons of the Children’sDepartment ;- “Attention! BOOKS! Sit Down and Read” – open stage in front of theChildren’s Department27 April 2012 – “Pippi Longstocking: the Favorite Book of BulgarianChildren” – 105 years fromAstrid Lindgren’s birth – Ilyo Voivoda Primary School
  15. 15. Fairy Tale Path – an initiative of the Children’s Departmentlaunched in 2010 and aiming to attract children from preschoolpreparatory groups, their parents and teachers. At the libraryor in the kindergarten, together in activities, games,communication, reading, going along the “fairy tale path” offavorite children’s books.
  16. 16. Virtual Library – the initiative waslaunched in 2008 and is thedepartments’ way of reaching itsreaders every day. The preparedpresentations are published on theDL’s website and emailed to schools.Thus, teachers and pupils have theopportunity to learn about the livesand works of the authors whoseanniversaries we celebrate. This is howwe try to attract interest in theirworks.
  17. 17. Our users perceive the multimedia presentations of authors,works and other topics as an interesting, attractive and modernway of presenting information. They really have fun wheneverthe entertaining assignments are displayed for collective workon the screen.SEE: http://www.libkustendil.primasoft.bgChildren’s World Section
  18. 18. “Golden Key of Knowledge” Library ExpeditionAn initiative of the Children’s Department andsummer schools launched in 2011. It aims to informyoung readers, in the form of games, about thedifferent library departments and where they canfind different types of books and information.Young participants were quick and accurate indealing with the riddles and won easily the five keysof knowledge which they found in the books of theChildren’s Department, the Art Department and theRegional Studies Department.
  19. 19. The first four riddles wereabout the children’s libraryand local authors andartists – Georgi Strumski,Vladimir Dimitrov theMaster and VesaPaspaleeva. At the end ofthe expedition, allparticipants managed torecognize the name of theSwedish writer AstridLindgren – the author ofeveryone’s favorite PippiLongstocking and receivedthe promised prizes – abook for everyone.
  20. 20. WHO is eligible to participate? All patrons of the Children’s Department HOW? Send the photos by 17 September 2012 to RESULTS? Will be announced on 1 October 2012The “Summer with the Library” PhotoContest is an initiative for attracting childrento the library and the books through moderninformation technology.Read! Take a Photo! Share!Take a picture of yourself during your summerjourney with a book from the library. Thebook’s call number should be clearly visible. Prizes willbe awarded to the most interestingphotos.
  21. 21. Following the launch of the Global Libraries Program andthe installation of two computers for users, young readers’interest in the library increased. In 2011, the computerswere used by 236 users for searching information online,using Skype, Facebook, email, computer games, etc. About50 users were assisted by a librarian. The number of usedelectronic media under the Global Libraries is 334 (30.5%)of a total of 1,094 materials used in the reading room.
  22. 22. The implementation of all these traditional andinnovative forms of working for attracting children andschool goers to reading and books in the period 2007 –2011 had a positive effect on the statistical indicatorsand strengthened the Children’s Department as a moderncultural and information center in Kyustendil.
  23. 23. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!Contacts: Children’s Department Galinka Simeonova Elka Todorova 078-55-01-21 e-mail: