Kolektor Junior


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movement to attract kids for visiting indonesia's national museum.

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Kolektor Junior

  1. 1. How to make Museum Nasional to be the destination of family time? 091/DM/2012
  2. 2. Museum collects valuable things and show it to the public. Just like the children. They also like to collect things and show it to their friends. So we decide to glorify that…
  3. 3. Learn, Play, and Collect Collectible items for kids Are the reason for whole family to visit the museum.
  4. 4. Ayo jadi… A project for children to collect special tokens from Museum Nasional’s collections theme. More than just a campaign, they can learn about Indonesian history or culture through fun collecting.
  5. 5. Etc… Every token contains images of Museum National collections complete with its information
  6. 6. Tokens are trophy. You should go to the museum, collect all the tokens, and keep it at your own “museum”.
  7. 7. 1 Make class presidents into the Kolektor Junior initiators. Give them the kit: Museum Kolektor Junior book filled with a series tokens. 2 Children tends to influenced by friend Make them show off to their friends and give them the message, “Ayo JadiKolektor Junior! Collect the tokens at Museum Nasional, for free!” 3 Make every children tell their parents and ask them to go to the museum. This could be parents motivation and “wake up call” to visit the museum. 4
  8. 8. They can earn the tokens when they buy ticket to the museum. They can ‘dig’ more tokens if they can answer the guides’ quiz. At this challenge, parent can help their children. The collection can be stored at their own Museum Kolektor Junior album which available at the Museum shop. There will be limited number of give away tokens for one day. The objective is to intrigue the kid and make them repeat to visit.
  9. 9. •Collections is for show and tell, soAyo JadiKolektor Juniorwill spread like a wild fire. •Compare it with friends and compete to collect all the series. That’s why the hype can keep going and they’ll keep eager to go to the museum. •Once the trend hits, we create an engagement and social platform for them to play, trade, and show off at the museum: MarkasKolektor Junior •Day after day, we can build special bonding between family and museum.
  10. 10. Museum Nasional is a start KolektorJunior’s exploration shouldn’t stop Let them visit more museum in Indonesia and collect more series of tokens “Museums are places where time is transformed into space” -OrhanPamuk Or turn into a places where you can collect family moments…