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Tudor Arghezi High School

  1. 1. “TUDOR ARGHEZI ” HIGH SCHOOL” Bucovina Str. No. 5, City Code 200026, Craiova, Dolj tel/fax:0251 433 227; E-mail: arghezicv2004@yahoo.com web:http://tudorarghezicv.blogspot.com LTTA
  2. 2. Short Presentation of the School: • TUDOR ARGHEZI HIGH SCHOOL • District: DOLJ, City : CRAIOVA Bucovina Street, No. 5 • City code 200026 Phone No 0251-433227 Fax 0251-433227 • E – mail: arghezicv2004@yahoo.com • web:http://tudorarghezicv.blogspot.com “Tudor Arghezi” High School is proud of its tradition of over 49 years in the teaching system. The students who graduated from our school have always been very well prepared and they successfully managed to find their way in life. Our school is located in the northern part of the city, close to the railway station. The students attending “Tudor Arghezi” High School are between 6 and 19 years old. The school is organized on three levels: primary school, with students between 6/7 and 10/11, middle school or lower secondary school with students between 10/11 and 14/15 and high school or upper secondary school with students aged between 14/15 and 18/19. The upper secondary school has got 24 classes, six per each level of study and the students specialize in two domains: • Humane studies -with two branches: Philology (1 class ) and Social Studies(1 class); • Science studies - with two branches : Mathematics-Computer Studies (2 classes) and Science (1 class). LTTA
  3. 3. Short History of the School • The school was founded on the 1st of September 1961 and at the time it was named “The Middle School No. 5”- Craiova . • In 1966 the school became a theoretical high school and its location was in Vasile Alecsandri Street, no. 97. • On the 31st of January 1968, in accordance with the Presidential Decree no. 76, our school was given the name of the great Romanian poet Tudor Arghezi. • Beginning with the 1st of September 1977, the school moved to new premises on the Technological Street, No.2 near the Faculty of Electro-Mechanics. The school stopped being a theoretical school, becoming a school which prepared students to work in industry. • Since 1990 our school has become a theoretical school again, which means that the students attending our school enlarge their general knowledge in order to continue their university studies. • In September 2003 “Tudor Arghezi” High School and “Titu Maiorescu” Middle School No. 11 merged and since then the school has got students from the 1st to the 12th grade and the location of the school is in Bucovina Street, No. 5, Craiova.
  4. 4. Material resources of the school • No. of classes: 25; • No. of laboratories: 4; • No. of Computer Science laboratories: 3 with Internet connection; • Gymnasiums/Sports Halls : 2 • Counselling Service for students • School library • Medical office
  5. 5. EUROPEAN POJECTS AND PROGRAMMES INVOLVING OUR SCHOOL • Between 2001 and 2003 our teachers and students took part in a Comenius I Project. The name of the project was: “Local Traditions and European Influences on the Romanian Food”.
  6. 6. 2007-2008 SCHOOL YEAR • During this school year the school was involved in the e-Twinning project “ Digiricettario multilingue” with an Italian partner- 1 CIRCOLO DIDATTICO "G. Oberdan".
  7. 7. 2008-2010 School Year • Incontriamoci su Skipe”, another e- Twinning project with the same partner- 1 CIRCOLO DIDATTICO "G. Oberdan"-Italy
  8. 8. «Follow me… discovering my wonderland. / Suivez-moi… a u village des merveilles. / Seguimi… nel bel paese. ».... Partners: “Sf. Andrei’ Middle School Mangalia- Romania, "Mircea Dragomirescu" Middle School Romania, Isitip Verrés Italia, Istituzione Scolastica Mont-Rose A Middle School Romania, Middle School No. 2 Tulcea Romania, Istituto Comprensivo Val Ceno Italy, Základní škola a Mateřská škola Mšec Czech Republic 2008-2010 School Year
  9. 9. • Omnes Romani Cives sumus”, Partnership with College Anne Montmorency- France • „De la culture an boite, Partnership with Collège des deux Sarres - Lorquin -(France)
  10. 10. Comenius Project „Is There Anyone Hearing Me?!” 2008-2010 Partners: • -Ismail Üstüner Ilköğretim Okulu – KIRIKKALE , TURKEY • - Ies Fonts del Glorieta – Alcover, SPAIN • -Szkoła Podstawowa Starym Kurowie – Stare Kurowo , POLAND • -Joan Ekzarh Language School -Vratsa –BULGARIA • -6th Primary School of Volos -Volos -GREECE
  11. 11. Project Visit in Kirikale- Turkey 26th-31st of October 2008
  12. 12. ECO-ART Workshop 26th of January, 2009
  13. 13. Contest -6th of March 2009
  14. 14. Project Visit in Alcover-Spain 15th-21st of March, 2009
  15. 15. PLANTING ACACIA TREES 4th of April, 2009
  16. 16. CLEAN UP THE WORLD 7th of April, 2009
  17. 17. Project Visit in Vratsa-Bulgaria 7th -13rd of June, 2009
  18. 18. Programme in Romania from October, 4th till October, 10th, 2009 • Monday,5th • 9:00 Welcoming to “Tudor Arghezi” High School • Presentation of the school • Power Point presentations: the Romanian school system, the historical and cultural values of the Romanians, presentations of our city and region • Traditional dances and songs • Lunch at School -Traditional food • Partners’ presentations • Contest- an exhibition of magazines and drawings on ecological themes • Recyclable clothes’ parade • about 16:00 Visiting the City center: The Singing Fountains, The Ban’s Residence, etc • 20:00 Dinner
  19. 19. Craiova, Monday,5th Tudor Arghezi High SchoolTudor Arghezi High School
  20. 20. Craiova, Tuesday, 6th • 9.30 Visiting the Art Museum • 12:00 Visiting the mayor of the city • Lunch • Visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral • Visiting “N. Romanescu” National Park – the third largest natural park in Europe • 18.00 Feed –back: Work in teams • 20:00 Dinner
  21. 21. Orsova, Wednesday, 7th • 8:00 Setting off for the city of Orsova • Visiting “The Iron Gates”- the most important Romanian hydro-electric power plant and the most efficient power plant in Europe • Lunch • Debate: The pollution on the Danube Making suggestions for protective measures. • Cruise on the Danube • 20:00 Dinner
  22. 22. Bran, Thursday, 8th • 8:00 Setting off for the Carpathian Mountains • Visiting the mausoleum of Mateiaş erected in the honor of the heroes of the First World War • Visiting “Nămăieşti” Monastery • Lunch • Discovering Romanian history and culture • Visiting Bran Castle- Dracula’s famous residence • 19.00 Feed –back- Work in teams • 20:00 Dinner
  23. 23. Sinaia, Friday, 9th • 8:30 Discovering Romanian culture and traditions • Visiting Peles Castle in Sinaia– the summer residence of the Romanian kings, built by the Romanian king Charles I (1866-1914) • Lunch • Visiting Sinaia Monastery • Visiting the medieval fortress of Râsnov • 18.00 Feed –back- Work in teams • 20:00 Dinner
  24. 24. Awarding certificates Bran, Friday, 9thBran, Friday, 9th
  25. 25. Bucharest, Saturday ,10th • 7.00 Setting off to Bucharest • About 10.00 • Visiting The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest - the second largest administrative building in the world
  26. 26. Our activities in the newspapers • http://www.adevarul.ro/articole/craiova-dansuri-populare-si-bucate-romanesti-pentru-oaspeti-din- strainatate.html • “ Tudor Arghezi” High School has had special guests today: students and teachers from Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria, all of them involved in the project „Is There Anyone Hearing Me?!“. The guests were treated with drama, music, dances and joy, all these culminating with traditional Romanian food, prepared by the students in the XI-th form. • Adevarul de seara Editor: Laura Pumnea • Although this was a strike day, for the students and teachers in “Tudor Arghezi” High School this day looked more like a celebration day. The students didn’t attend classes, but they were still present because many of them were involved in all kinds of artistic and sports activities. All these were meant to draw the people’s attention upon the necessity to protect de environment, which is in fact the main objective of the Comenus project „Is There Anyone Hearing Me?!“, involving six European countries. Recyclable Clothes’ Parades • Middle school students have proven that you can wear anything and still look good without harming the environment. „I’m wearing a skirt made out of a recyclable garbage bag, and on the head I have a crown made out of biodegradable card box. “I’m a sunflower: said Andra Giubegeanu, from the VIIth form. The other colleagues were dressed up as mushrooms, butterflies, parrots or trees. •
  27. 27. Our activities in the newspapers • http://www.adevarul.ro/articole/craiova-dansuri-populare-si-bucate-romanesti-pentru- oaspeti-din-strainatate.html • The lunch prepared at school made everybody’s mouths water. The students in the XIth form cooked many dishes characteristic to the traditional Romanian cuisine. „It was their initiative. All of them decided to prepare something special. “We only sustained their initiative“, confessed Mrs. Daniela Florescu and Maria Gheorghiţoiu. Sightseeing in Romania • Tomorrow, the students from “Tudor Arghezi” High School will take their guests to the City Hall, to the Ban’s House and the Art Museum. On Wednesday they will go to The Iron Gates Hydro-Electric Power Plant. On Thrusday and Friday they will visit Bran Castle and Peles Castle, while on Saturday they will go to Bucharest, where they are going to visit the Palace of Parliament. The project is coordinated by Mrs. Anca Bărbulescu. „Thanks to this project, our students have learned how to involve themselves in environmental activities. Many of them changed their attitude: they no longer throw garbage randomly, and they do not waste water and paper as they used to”, said the teacher .
  28. 28. Our activities in the newspapers • “FROM CLASS TOWARDS THE WORLD!” – STUDENTS AND TEACHERS FROM FIVE COUNTRIES MEET IN CRAIOVA Cuvantul libertatii Editor: Carmen Rusan • http://cvlpress.ro/articol.php?id=6210
  29. 29. Our activities in the newspapers • http://cvlpress.ro/articol.php?id=6210 • Between the 04th -10th of October 2009, ” Tudor Arghezi” High School is going to be hosting the fourth project meeting on the theme of protection of the environment. The project involves schools from six European countries: Turkey, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, of course. The activity is included in the multilateral Comenius project called ”Is There Anyone Hearing Me!?“, financed by The European Commission through The Lifelong Learning Programme. On Monday, on the school’s premises many activities are going to be organized . Among others, the student and teachers from the partner schools will present their activities, while the Romanian students will present their environmental friendly activities, traditional dances and songs, food exhibition, recyclable clothes’ parade, etc. • „The project addresses the theme of formal and non-formal ecological education and by using the slogan “from class to the world” , we want to use education and its benefits to promote the protection of the environment. The project fosters team work for a common purpose, because we can protect the world only if we understand that this world doesn’t belong to only one person, it belongs to us all” said Mrs. Anca Bărbulescu, project coordinator. •
  30. 30. S.O.S.S.O.S. The Planet isThe Planet is in Dangerin Danger !! An Interschool Contest of FinalAn Interschool Contest of Final Products Resulted from Work inProducts Resulted from Work in European ProjectsEuropean Projects Activity Unfolded withinActivity Unfolded within the Comeniusthe Comenius Multilateral ProjectMultilateral Project Is There Anyone Hearing Me?!Is There Anyone Hearing Me?! NNoo.. 08-PM-198-DJ-TR08-PM-198-DJ-TR 17th May 201017th May 2010 ““Tudor Arghezi” High School, Craiova, RomaniaTudor Arghezi” High School, Craiova, Romania
  31. 31. S.O.S. ! The Planet is in Danger! • The multimedia presentations were assessed within three different sections: • Section I -Power Point Presentation • Section II -Spots • Section III – WEB pages • 32 students from 4 schools took part in the contest. There were 18 multimedia presentations distributed within the three sections mentioned above.
  32. 32. Objectives • Making the students aware of the severe consequences of pollution • The involvement of the students in the propaganda for the protection of the environment • The promotion of ecological education • The development of the team spirit
  33. 33. COMENIUS “Is There Anyone Hearing Me?!” Este cineva care ma aude?! Site WEB: • http://environment-comenius.blogspot.com Email: cici742000@yahoo.com