Genese A E Portfolio 2008[1]


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This is an e portfolio of my past and current jobs.

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Genese A E Portfolio 2008[1]

  1. 1. “ For tomorrow belongs to those who prepares for it today.” -African Proverb
  2. 2. Bio Marketing Legal Liability EventTranscript Ethics Management SportCoaching Sport Finance GovernanceResearch Nutrition Motto
  3. 3. Greetings! My name is Genese A. Lavalais. I am from Marksville, LA. I was born May 11, 1981 to Alvin Lavalais & Lisa Gougis. I have two siblings Ashley & Josh Lavalais. I am a graduate of Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia, AR. I am graduate of Grambling State University where I received my master’s degree in Sport Administration. I am excited to be in this fast pace field. I consider my self to be a leader in every thing that I do. My goal is to be a sponge and soak up every thing that I can to become a successful Sport Administrator. Click here to view Professional Vita Click here to viewBack Resume Next Click here to view transcript
  4. 4. Southern Arkansas University 1999-2004 Grambling StateMarksville High School University 1995-1999 2006-2007
  5. 5. •2004-2006 Junior Varsity Head Basketball Coach •2004-2006 Assistant Basketball Coach •Created & Implemented Strength & Conditioning Workout planBack Next
  6. 6.  Records 2004- 2005  Regular Season  District Play 10-0 District Champs  Playoffs Quarter Finalist 2005-2006  Regular Season 23-11  District Play 10-0 District Champs  Playoffs Semi- FinalistBack Next
  7. 7. Back Next Grambling State UniversityGrambling Grambling State StateUniversity University
  8. 8.  I wrote a prospectus entitled, Differences in self-efficacy among female adolescents involved or not involved in sport. The purpose of this study was to examine whether or not participation in a sport leadership conference improves self esteem among adolescents. Click here to Click here view to view Research Research Back PowerPoint Next
  9. 9.  Beuadion, R., Calvin, L.& Lavalais, G.(2006). Internships. Paper presented at Louisiana Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance (LaPHERD), Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Presided for Inaugural College of Education Research Symposium. Spring 2007 Lavalais, G. & Hall, C. ( 2007). Promoting Sport to Adolescent Females. Paper presented at 15th European Association for Sport Management (EASM), Torino, Italy. Click Here to View EASM 2007
  10. 10. I created a Marketing Plan in this class. My marketing Plan was called “Next Level”. This marketing plan targeted young high school athletes and college coaches. The goal was to get the athlete exposure, as well as get the high schools and colleges & universities to buy into my product. Click here to view marketing plan
  11. 11.  3nd Annual Wright-Ponton Basketball Tourn. NAGWS/ Grambling State University Operation: Girls Take Lead I was a speaker at Operation Girls Take Lead. This was a day long workshop for female adolescents age 10-13. I presented material on Health & Nutrition. Click here to view presentationBack Next
  12. 12.  These are some flyers and brochures I put together for different events. I also create scout reports to help market high school athletes aspiring to play on a collegiate level. Click here Click here Click here tofor Wright- to view view scout Ponton brochure report flyer
  13. 13.  The National Dodge Ball Association, was a mock league created by the SPA class. With in this league, we created four teams. I was the owner of the Chicago Flames, located in Chicago, IL. My duties as an owner included the following:  Hire employees  Interview applicants  Conduct team meetings and training Click here to view project  Create job description  Oversee the teams whole projectBack Next
  14. 14. In Sport Nutrition, we learned how to customize eating plans for young athletes. We learned what foods to eat before and after games. We cooked foods from recipes from the book. I presented “ Losing Weight Without Starvation”. This presentation was geared towards female athletes who wants to lose weight, but don’t know how to go about it the correct way. Click here to Click here to view diet plan view & family tree presentationBack Next
  15. 15. In Legal Liability, we learned the different legal systems, and how it relates to sport. We wrote articles once a week on topics relating to sport. We also were given cases once a week to write legal briefs on. Click here to view legalBack Next briefs
  16. 16. In this course we were asked to debate on controversial topics. I was on the against side, so I had to debate against on every issue whether or not agreed or disagreed with the topic. Click here to see an articleBack Next
  17. 17. In this course we created a business plan. Click here to view business plan.Back Next
  18. 18. Louisiana State University Fall 2007 August-December 2007 Athletic Administration
  19. 19. At LSU, I was able to gain qualityexperience. My job was to ensure thatall participants were safe at each event.My duties were as follows:Event Management: (Event ManagementSoftware) Create EM overall timeline for eachsport Create Thank You letters for ALLareas/workers after each season Create Event Personnel Handbook(for Marshals & TT)Description of dutiesGame Day scheduleEvacuation PlanStadium/Arena/Field PoliciesParking MapsStadium/Arena/Field Seating Maps
  20. 20. Tickets: (PACLON)I assisted in processing tickets, inputting Data, answering Calls, and inputting Payroll.
  21. 21. Compliance: (LSDBi & CAi)Assisted with monitoring recruiting, coaches,athlete employment, distributed educationalmaterials, research rules, and compiled data.Familiar with LSDBi, & CAi
  22. 22.  Although I didn’t work in this department, I initiated learning what this department does. Marketing and Promotions work closely with the event management, tickets, and sports departments. I volunteer my time with promotions at different games. I also have knowledge of click effects, and writing scripts.
  23. 23. I am an Athletic Academic Advisor for Alabama StateUniversity. I currently work with Baseball, Bowling,Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, and Men’s andWomen’s Tennis. I am also the Co-Advisor forCHAMPS/ Life skills, and SAAC.
  24. 24. “ For tomorrow belongs to those who prepares for it today.” -African ProverbHome
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