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Foundation leaders and experts across the nation speak out about the need to end homelessness...

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Funders Together Colleague Voices

  1. 1. Foundation leaders and experts across the nation speak out about the need to end homelessness...
  2. 2. “It is important to ask what the key interventions are that seem to be making a difference. You will not be surprised to hear among these key interventions are supportive housing and an emphasis on getting Nan Roman the most people with disabilities President into housing. Moving people out of National Alliance to End Homelessness the shelter system more quickly Washington, DC both reduces the need for beds and reduces homelessness.”
  3. 3. “Working with people who are homeless and experiencing mental illnesses and other health problems is not easy. Society has at times given up on this vulnerable population and incorrectly concluded nothing can be done to address their issues, or to solve the cycle of despair resulting in long-term Deborah De Santis President and CEO homelessness. We know differently – there Corporation for are proven solutions that work. Effective, Supportive Housing New York, NY cost-efficient models that move vulnerable people off the streets and into affordable, permanent housing where they can receive the support they need to heal and build better lives.”
  4. 4. “We as a society have been able to generate cures for some of the most atrocious diseases, go to places that are out of this world, and invent items that are essential to our way of life. In Houston, our community housed well over 200,000 people who evacuated Anthony Love from the areas affected by Hurricane President and CEO Katrina because our community and our Coalition for the Homeless of Houston / Harris County leaders said we should make sure these Houston, TX families and individuals are housed. With that backdrop, I am confident we can do the same for people who are currently homeless”
  5. 5. “We will make progress on social problems by finding new ways to align the interests and the activities of business, government, nonprofits and philanthropy.” Carla Javits President REDF San Francisco, CA
  6. 6. “Ending homelessness is about empowerment. It’s about finding ways to help people to help themselves. It is about applying diligent and thoughtful guidance that enables each individual and each G. Robert Hohler family to acquire self-reliance and Executive Director independence. The people who help Melville Charitable Trust Hartford, CT make that happen are among the most talented and dedicated and patient that I have ever worked with.”
  7. 7. “Chronic homelessness is an issue that cuts across many funders’ interests – from health and health care, mental illness, and child welfare to prisoner reentry, poverty, and community development. No single Risa Lavizzo-Mourey President funder or provider can solve it alone, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and we cannot solve it without the Princeton, NJ involvement of both the private and public sectors.”
  8. 8. “People who are chronically homeless and who are not housed create very, very difficult circumstances in our cities. And wouldn’t it make better sense - wouldn’t our sense of fairness and justice be met by providing them with a supportive housing unit? This is not the Darren Walker 1980s when we were bewildered by this Vice President of phenomenon. We understand it. We Foundation Initiatives The Rockefeller Foundation know what works. So the question is, do New York, NY we have the will to actually implement what we know works, and what, quite frankly, doesn’t cost us any more money to do?”
  9. 9. “What unites us all, what powers us all... is the vision of a society where everyone has a place that they can call home. It is a vision we all believe can be achieved. We are sure that some day, sooner rather than later, Stephen Melville others will look back upon this time Board Chair Melville Charitable Trust and say: Hartford, CT In such great country with such unbelievable resources what on earth took them so long?”