OpenID Progress EEMA Conference
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OpenID Progress EEMA Conference

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Presentation about progress of the OpenID protocol and developments in trust frameworks

Presentation about progress of the OpenID protocol and developments in trust frameworks

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  • Don's version (Nov 19)


  • 1. OpenID a katalyst for EU e-id [email_address]
  • 2. As an ID expert we like to present this problem
  • 3. For 25 years nobody really cares!
    • Double digit growth eCommerce
    • PKI Smartcards as a beer coaster
    • Infocard not shipped
    • Self asserted username-passwords is fine
    • Employees bypass security systems to do their real work
  • 4. eID the right tool at the right time?
  • 5. Different use-cases, or just a different market approach towards a consumer accepted e-ID?
  • 6. Additional trends that confirm a need for a different approach
    • Password fatigue
    • Mobile first
    • Socialisation of the web
    • Cloud – Services Integration
  • 7. Registration fatigue ‘ GBA’
  • 8. Consumers create single sign-on
  • 9. A new identity console
  • 10. Your digital identity on the social web 500M+ 175M+
  • 11. Sharing your data under consent between services (oauth)
  • 12. OpenID, one single digital identity for consumers?
    • OpenID is a successful multichannel protocol to enable consumers and merchants to share identities
    • Consumers do not understand OpenID as their single identity
    • Identity providers want to promote their brand and competitive advantage
    • Re-use exiting accounts, like Google, Facebook, Hyves, LinkedIn
    More on OpenID situation 2011 “OpenID Swot ”
  • 13. The Evolution of Open Identity
    • OpenID User must understand and remember URL
    • Each OpenID Provider has different URL syntax
    • This worked “OK” on tech-focused blogs, wikis, discussion groups, etc. but not well with broader audiences and applications
    • Yahoo buttons, Google Friend Connect, Facebook Connect, ID Selector
    • Content Provider Advisory Committee meeting in NYC
    • First UX Summit at Yahoo
    • Major OPs improving workflow
    • User only needs to click on icon for preferred identity account
    • Second UX Summit at Facebook
    • Graphical interface of major Identity Providers, including proprietary solutions from Facebook, MySpace, & Microsoft
    2007 2008-2009 2010
  • 14. 2011 Challenges/Priorities OpenID foundation
    • Challenge: Improve the OpenID “product”
      • Finalize and implement OpenID ABC
      • Outreach to other identity protocols (UX, Attributes, Consent)
    • Challenge: Globalize OpenID Adoption
      • Worldwide OpenID summits will improve specifications and adoption
      • OIDF leaders organize, sponsor and speak at global identity events, OpenID summits
    • Challenge: Build momentum and expand outreach
      • Collaborate with related standards bodies and organizations
      • Extend content curator program
    • Challenge: Keep OpenID free and IPR protected
      • Extend trademark protections globally
  • 15. Working Group
    • Current specification OpenID 2.0 used successfully in different use cases (also enterprise)
    • New Spec in progress “OpenID ABC”
      • Almost certainly not final branding!
      • Spec work occurring in “Artifact Binding” working group
      • Incorporates submissions to former “OpenID Connect” working group
    • Points of departure
      • Mobile phones and other limited platforms
      • “ Facebook Connect” style functionality for easy registration
      • Easier deployment than OpenID 2.0
  • 16. The OpenID ABC product
    • Artifact Binding
    • UserInfo Endpoint
    • Simple RPs
    • Higher LoA
    • Session Management
    • Unregistered Clients
    • OAuth 2 Integration
    • Use of JWTs
    • Single Logout
  • 17. Protocol workgroup participants
    • Key working group participants:
      • Nat Sakimura – Nippon Research Institute – Japan
      • John Bradley – Independent – Chile
      • Breno de Medeiros – Google – US
      • Paul Tarjan – Facebook – US
      • Axel Nennker – Deutsche Telekom – Germany
      • Kick Willemse – Independent – Netherlands
      • Tony Nadalin – Microsoft – US
      • Mike Jones – Microsoft – US
    • By no means an exhaustive list!
    • OpenID specs developed via an open process
    • All free to participate
  • 18. Discussion & Resources
    • Artifact Binding Working Group Wiki Page
    • Artifact Binding Mailing List
  • 19. Specification Structure
    • OpenID AB spec contains in two parts
      • Core – abstract specification
      • Binding – OAuth 2 based binding
    • JSON Web Token (JWT) spec with signing
      • Next version will add encryption
      • Other specs like UMA are looking to adopt it
    • Discovery a separate spec
    • Will refer to OAuth 2.0 specs once finished
  • 20. Spec Progress
    • Current status
      • Core – 70% done
      • Bindings – 75% done (pending OAuth 2.0 completion)
      • Discovery – 80% (working from SWD)
      • JWT – 90% done for tokens and signature
        • Encryption remains to be specified
      • OAuth 2.0 – 95%
    • Target: Complete drafts by Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) in May, Final IIW in November 2011
  • 21. Visit our summits for updates and discussions January 18 Completed OpenID Policy Summit hosted and sponsored by OIX in Washington DC March 8 Completed OpenID Retail Summit hosted by PayPal in San Jose May 2 12-5 PM OpenID Security Summit co-hosted by Symantec/Google in Mountain View May 10 8-12 AM  OpenID Technology Summit at EIC co-sponsored by Google and Microsoft in Munich TBD TBD OpenID Asia/Pacific Technology Summit hosted by NRI in Tokyo July 19 8-12 AM  OpenID Enterprise Summit hosted by Ping Identity in Keystone, Colorado Oct 10 TBD OpenID Technology Summit at RSA Conference co-hosted by Microsoft and Google in London November 12-5 PM OpenID Social Media Summit November hosted by FaceBook in Palo Alto
  • 22. So what about trust levels?
    • OpenID is not a trustscheme
    • Do you really need a trust level or may self assertion, pre-registration or IDP whitelisting work for you?
    • Local trust schemes, country specific
    • US-Gov Profile OpenID ICAM profile
    • Stork E-ID and ISO/IEC 29115
    • International movement towards trustschemes that make it possible to re-use existing identities, both private and public
  • 23. The trust framework paradox?
    • Identity = A collection of multiple attributes or claims about a person or system
      • Name
      • E-mail
      • Date of Birth
      • Profession
      • Address
    • Why do we want to define Levels of Assurance (LOA) on a single Identity Level and not attribute level?
  • 24. Mapping attribute schemes is an important condition for LOA’s
    • A datamodel for personal data SEMIC (EU)
    • Attribute Exchange, Sreg in OpenID
    • Open Social – Portable Contacts
    • Social network specific
    • Country specific
  • 25. Trust scheme on attribute level
    • A first scheme for e-mail by Google within OIX
      • OpenID Summit certification list/ Google RP
    • Possible methods of verification
      • Self asserted
      • Proof of Possesion
      • Authentic Register
      • Certificate of origin
  • 26. Interested in helping shape the future of internet identity?
    • OIDF Company/Organizational Membership
    • Share experience and concenrs with important identity players like Google, Paypal, Microsoft, FaceBook, Ping, Deutsche Telekom
    • Inclusion in OpenID Foundation press releases and industry events
    • Corporate logo displayed on the OpenID Foundation website and materials
    • OpenID Summits fees waived for all employees
    • Propose and lead OpenID technical and marketing work groups
    • Vote on ratification of OpenID specifications and recommendations
    • OIDF Individual Membership
    • Vote on OpenID workgroups, specifications, and community board members
    • Use the OpenID Foundation Member logo and signature on your blog, email, website, apps
    • Influence the technical development of OpenID technology and adoption
    • Free pass to all OpenID Summits and discounts to conferences on internet identity
      • Students and Professional Courtesy options available on request.