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Hmcs Regina Pre Deployment Briefing 2012
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Hmcs Regina Pre Deployment Briefing 2012


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Copy of the briefing given to military members and their families.

Copy of the briefing given to military members and their families.

Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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  • Aka “How not to make your family’s life difficult when you’re away” POAs and TL available on Thursday afternoons – Come into our office (Naden bldg N-30) to set up an appointment and fill out the appropriate paperwork (questions to Alix at 250-363-4260) You must bring your donor with you when you sign
  • Definition: it is a BC, legal document, signed by one person (the donor) to allow another person (the attorney) to act on his behalf POAs are valid in BC – if planning to use out of province, confirm with institution first.
  • POA normally used for financial arrangements, such as car insurance or buying or selling property. It allows someone else to act on your behalf when you are away Not Reqd: if 1) have joint accounts 2) if you have no assets Your attorney must be: Someone you trust. Not someone who has financial problems. Not someone you don’t get along with, like an estranged spouse.(tell story about ex-wife cleaning out bank acct). There are potential consequences resulting from picking the wrong attorney, among them the wrong attorney could: Drain bank accounts. Liquidate assets. Buy assets with your money. Does not respect your wishes. Bottom line is to make sure that you trust your attorney. IF ANTICIPATE USING FOR PURCHASE OR SALE OF REAL ESTATE – EXECUTE 2 ORIGINALS GENERAL VS LIMITED POA NO REQR FOR INSTITUTIONS TO ACCEPT – COORDINATE IN ADVANCE
  • Donor must give attorney clear instructions Donor must ensure BEFORE they leave that institutions will accept it Must complete any other docs that the attorney cannot (ie stat dec/divorce papers, must be done by person themselves)
  • Fiduciary duty, must act in good faith & with reasonable level of care Follow instructions and be diligent in completing them Cannot delegate power Must respect ownership (title) of donor’s property and money (can’t sell off stuff) Must keep proper accounts/keep track of activities done
  • Do not take the POA with you – it won’t help you on ship
  • Terminating events – end of POA, death of the donor, change in family situation. If you don’t want your attorney to act on your behalf. Enduring POA can be drawn up, it lasts forever. Revocation (if you want to stop attorney acting for you): Revoke authority verbally; Get original POA back Write attorney letter saying its revoked (or email); and Write bank/fin institutions saying POA revoked.
  • A document that instructs how an estate should be distributed in the case that the testator (maker) dies.
  • A will helps make the distribution of an estate much easier. It gives control to the testator to distribute their property and assets as they wish. If no will = Intestate, this can tie up estate for a long time and distribution will be based on provincial law. In the meantime the estate is vested/kept with the court. You are not required to, but you should have a POA and Will.
  • CF Will is adequate for: First marriage No kids Single members Simple finances ******ensure will is witnessed and a Affidavit of Execution is completed****
  • CF will vs Lawyer prepared Will: a lawyer prepared Will will be recommended when: second or subsequent marriage Children in or outside marriage You want to create trust for small children You have complicated finances You have specifics request for division of assets My recommendation is to get professional advice ! ******If you do ensure a Will Certificate is completed****
  • Re do your will when a major life event happens: ie new marriage, children born, death, change in circumstances -Revisit the possibility of revising a will every 4-7 years
  • Double check as who you have named as your beneficiary, ensure that is who you want. SDB beneficiary does not automatically change with change in life circumstances (ie. Divorce) SDB – goes to a named beneficiary, if no beneficiary it can go to the estate or to the widow. You can only name one beneficiary on it.
  • This is proof of your consent for your child to travel with a person/spouse out of the country May need for travel to the US Must have the original on you when you travel, keep with passports OR they will not let you out of the country. Our office drafts them and executes them. In BC, can be signed by any commissioned officer (DAOD 7000-1) – not for POA Do not pack in checked baggage
  • Plan and prepare well. – and an important part of that plan is to have make sure your family has our number. If it is the only thing you do…make sure you have the MFRC number. We are there 24/7 – originally designed as the one stop shop for military families. One number people can remember and access as a starting point for any number of reasons – information, support, resources . So for you single members, make sure your parents have it in case they need to get information, and for you married folk, make sure it is on the fridge.
  • Know what resources are there if you need assistance
  • Deployments can be very isolating for those who don’t have strong support networks Lots of ways to get connected
  • Deployments can be very isolating for those who don’t have strong support networks Lots of ways to get connected
  • Under operational command of chief of maritime staff Read in full Note: The Ship has two rates (HA/RA) while under CEFCOM: Outside Maritime Exclusion Zone 3/1, Inside Maritime Exclusion Zone 4/2
  • CBI 209.834 DCBA Aide Memoire $200 is used for Tune-up, Safety check, minor brake work (receipts required)
  • New DCBA Aide Memoire covers Custodial and PMV Storage. If single with housemates you are not entitled.
  • Briefly explain Operational Command and how it relates to benefits. For example, while under OPCOM CMS you are only entitled to SDA and while under OPCOM CEFCOM you are entitled to benefits under MFSI.
  • CBI 209.335, DCBA 419 for greater than 24 hr deployment Completed on CF52 provide amount paid, dates of caregiver employment, and name and telephone of caregiver. What is the rate of reimbursement?
  • , your minutes accumulate, but once the deployment is over you lose all the minutes. Use it or lose it! There is a 1800 number for when you are in a foreign port, speak to whomever is responsible for your phone cards onboard for more info. NOTE: Phone entitlement for CEFCOM Ops is 15 min for every 3 Days (CDIO 1.3-11.P)
  • DCBA 407
  • Reference DCBA 407
  • CBI 10.3.04 Full table if you have more points than 36. One point for every calendar month of service. For partial months member must have 10 days to receive point.
  • DCBA 419 Note: The Ship has two rates (HA/RA) while under CEFCOM: Outside Maritime Exclusion Zone 3/1, Inside Maritime Exclusion Zone 4/3 Reference: DCBA Msg 407 Outside the MEZ under CEFCOM Comd: Taxable HA Level 3: $500.00 Risk Level 1: $167.00 Total: $667.00 Inside the MEZ under CEFCOM Comd: Non-Taxable HA Level 4: $666.00 Risk Level 3: $500.00 Total: $1,166.00
  • DCBA 419 Note: The Ship has two rates (HA/RA) while under CEFCOM: Outside Maritime Exclusion Zone 3/1, Inside Maritime Exclusion Zone 4/2 Reference: DCBA Msg 407 Outside the MEZ under CEFCOM Comd: non Taxable HA Level 3: $500.00 Risk Level 1: $167.00 Total: $667.00 Inside the MEZ under CEFCOM Comd: Non-Taxable HA Level 4: $666.00 Risk Level 3: $500.00 Total: $1,166.00
  • DCBA 410 – Rates for 2008/2009 OPS FSP, HA, and RA DCBA 413 DCBA 414 – OP MOBILE Received HA 4 RA 3 for various areas of operations. Verify and Update risk level. Need to recaculate: HA Level 3: 500 Level 4: 666 Risk Level 1: 167 3: 500
  • DDIO Chap 12 Annex F Mission leave is not to be taken in mission area. If not all mission leave is used you can apply for special leave in lieu of mission leave upon your return. No need to apply for the SML it should be granted automatically as part of re-integration Based on a 7 Day work week CEFCOM has approved the granting of 3 day SML per month. CDIO will be amended to reflect the following: All Missions: 2.5 Days SML Missions with 7 day work week: 3 Days SML
  • CBI 10.21 -must be taken during time of deployment - CEFCOM has set a requirement that HLTA will only be granted to members who are expected to be in theatre 120 days. TF Comd will restrict leave for mbrs not expected to be in theatre for 120 days. -cannot be used for BF, GF, or Friend. Must be NOK,married, or common law -not authorized during the first 30 days or last 30 days of deployment, unless waiver sought THE THIRD LOCATION RATE IS THE AVERAGE COST OF THE MOST ECONOMICAL RETURN AIR FARE AS OF 01 JUN FOR THE MOST DIRECT FLIGHT BETWEEN THE POST OR MISSION AND THE CITIES OF HALIFAX, QUEBEC, OTTAWA, EDMONTON, VANCOUVER AND VICTORIA BASED ON A 60 DAY ADVANCED BOOKING. 01 JUN IS USED BECAUSE IT REPRESENTS THE HIGH SEASON AND COINCIDES WITH THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF OTHER TRAVEL RELATED ALLOWANCES. THIRD LOCATION RATES WILL NO LONGER BE ANNOUNCED TWICE A YEAR HLTA/RHLTA: Mbrs cannot make own bookings all bookings must be done through UNIGLOBE has there are specific requirements that must be met with bookings. UNIGLOBE has a MOU and will bill the military directly and there will be no cost to the member. Mbrs have the option of booking own Third location or they can use UNIGLOBE again mbr will only be responsible to pay any amounts that are over the third location to UNIGLOBE.
  • CANFORGEN 075/02 5 days to adjust back to Canada + 2 days for personal admin SLTA again DDIO Ch 12 Annex F Re-deployment leave breakdown in the following order and can not be spit: Dis-Embarkation: 7 days. If not utilized immediately it will be lost SML – In Lieu: Any unused SML based on days in Theatre Short – If granted by TF Comd Ann – If granted by home unit
  • Transcript

    • 1. HMCS REGINA Pre-Deployment Briefing Pt 1: Legal Pt 2: Military Family Resource Centre Pt 3: Medical Pt 4: Postal Pt 5: Pay & Benefits
    • 2. Part 1: Briefing on Legal Issues HMCS Attorney, Wills Power of REGINA Personal Legal Issues LCdr Heather Fogo Office of the Assistant Judge Advocate General (Pacific Region) 2
    • 3. Discussion Points Power of Attorney (POA) Wills SDB Beneficiary Form Travel Authorization Letter
    • 4. Power of Attorney (POA)Allows a person (the donor) toappoint someone 19 years of age orolder (BC) to be their representative(the attorney), for the purposes offinancial transactions or businessarrangements on his/her behalf
    • 5. Power of Attorney The financial or business arrangements could include:  Insurance for car or home  Bank loans  Mortgage payments  Buying or selling property, including cars and houses  Pay issues NB: It does not give the attorney the power to make health care decisions
    • 6. Duties of the Donor Give clear instructions, help the attorney understand what the donor wants done Make sure it will be accepted by the institutions where it would be used Complete any other documents that the attorney cannot do (i.e. statutory declarations)
    • 7. Duties of the Attorney Must act in good faith Follow the instructions of the donor Perform transactions with due skill and care Cannot delegate the power of attorney Must respect the title (ownership) of the donor’s property and money Must keep proper accounts/records
    • 9. Termination of POA Terminating events Enduring POA Revocation by the Donor
    • 10. WILLSWhat is a Will? The written statement by which a person instructs how his or her estate should be distributed after death
    • 11. Why You Need a Will From the death of a person dying intestate until administration is granted … the personal estate and effects of the deceased person are vested in the court…. s.3 Estate Administration Act If one dies “Intestate” then province uses formula to distribute estate
    • 12. Wills• Basic CF Will is adequate for: First marriage Single members Simple finances No children
    • 13. Wills Suggest you get a Will from a Civilian Lawyer if: Second or subsequent marriage Home owner RRSPs, trust funds, stocks etc. Children Wish to have several persons as beneficiariesWill Kits May or May Not be Valid
    • 14. Need to Re-Do Your Will? You should re-do your Will when: Newly married (previous will is invalidated by marriage) Children are born Death (of executor or beneficiary) Change of life circumstances
    • 15. Supplementary Death Benefit (SDB) Beneficiary Review SDB Beneficiary form – changes in circumstances (i.e. marriage) will not automatically change SDB beneficiary
    • 16. Travel Authorization Letter Is proof that you consent to your child traveling with a spouse or another person May be required to cross US or other borders with children Can be signed by any commissioned officer
    • 17. Part 2: Briefing on the MFRCActivities and services for family members Sandra Pinard Deployment Coordinator
    • 18. Your Community, Your Resource Centre“offering programs and services unique to the military lifestyle. ”
    • 19. Key to Successful DeploymentsResearch shows that families that arewell prepared, know where to turn incase of emergencies and have strongsupport systems deal most successfullywith deployments.
    • 20. The MFRC’s Top 3 Tips1. Plan well - Ensure your family knows how to contact us2. Learn about the available resources3. Get connected
    • 21. Plan and Prepare • Financial, Legal and Household • Use the checklists provided • Pick up a MFRC Magnet • Single members – give the MFRC contact info to your loved ones.
    • 22. Know what resources are available Check out the HMCS REGINA Handbook Check out the Information Tables Find out about Upcoming Activities Check out the MFRC website :
    • 23. Get Connected Join the REGINA Family Network Your Network volunteer: Kim Attend the weekly Drop In Coffee Sessions Find out about fun activities – connect with others like yourself. “Helping another is always the best way to help yourself”
    • 24. Upcoming Activities Father’s Day BBQ – June 23 Formation Fun Day – July 7 HMCS REGINA Meet and Greet – July 11 (CPAC) Drop In Coffee Sessions (every Wed & switch between Esq and Colwood) Deployment Dinners – once a month in EsquimaltJoin the REGINA Family Network to receive emails and updates onactivities and information from the ship.
    • 25. REGINA Sunday Sessions Dates will be posted on the MFRC website12–1pm Lunch1–2pm Network Planning Session2–3pm CO’s Presentation3–4pm Adult WorkshopFree on-site childcare from 12:30pm – 4:30pm
    • 26. Get your Military Family Identification Card (MFID) Military Member must be present to sign the card Cards for Married or Common Law Children 13 and older Contains Member’s SN, gives you access to the Base and services, and the MIL Discount Program
    • 27. Top 4 Service requests by loved ones of Deployed Members1. Free Mail drop off2. Staying in Touch Calls (anywhere)3. Networking Opportunities4. Respite Childcare
    • 28. Deployment & ChildrenComplete the “Pre-Deployment activitieswith your children.Two options for offering your childsupport throughout the Deployment - Onsite Children’s Workshops - At Home Children’s Workbooks withvirtual support for the “at home” parentvia the web.
    • 29. Single Members We haven’t forgotten you! Services Provided SIT calls for parents – wherever they may be Newcomer activities Postal services and VTC Pet care and car storage advice during deployment
    • 30. Contact Esquimalt MFRC 24-hours a day / seven days a week (250) 363-2640 Or toll-free anywhere in Canada 1-800-353-3329 www.esquimaltmfrc.comThe Esquimalt MFRC is on Facebook and Twitter!!
    • 31. Esquimalt MFRC Locations Signal Hill – (just up the hill from the Canteen Road Parking Lot) Lampson – (Lampson St School in the same building as the Base Language School) Colwood Pacific Activity Centre (CPAC) – open evenings and Saturdays.
    • 32. Part 3: Briefing on Medical The Health Care Plan, Immunizations MEDICAL BRIEF WO JR HOBBS 32
    • 33. Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship REGINA Purpose is to familiarize themselves as to the medical capabilities of HMCS REGINA. WO John Hobbs, Physician Assistant Qualified the following • Advanced Cardiac Life Support • Advanced Trauma Life Support • Minor Dental restorations • Advanced Airway Management • X tours of Afghanistan with lots of trauma experience.
    • 34. Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship REGINA Medical Capabilities Small trauma and resuscitation bay Limited Narcotics carried X 4 bunks for patient holding X 1 Sea King helicopter if available due to • Weather • Mission
    • 35. Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship REGINA Most common medical conditions encountered Sea Sickness Viral Illnesses due to enclosed living conditions Lacerations / contusions
    • 36. Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship REGINA What happens when a member gets hurt? Initial treatment from myself or my Junior Cpl G. Dureau. If life threatening: treatment as per protocol then immediate if possible to closest medical facility to deal specifically with the members condition. Non life threatening: initial treatment with the intent of getting them back to work as soon as possible.
    • 37. Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship REGINA If a member is taken to hospital how does that work? If it is urgent then via Sea King If non urgent and can wait until we hit port then via ground transportation. Does a member of the crew go with them? Depends on the condition of the casualty, if it is non urgent then most likely a member of the crew will accompany. If urgent my Junior Cpl G. Dureau will accompany.
    • 38. Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship REGINA How is the family notified Thatis a Chain of Command decision, I give the Command Team medical options and decisions. This is a non medical decision that the XO and CO
    • 39. Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship REGINA If I want to do an HLTA with my family member, do I need any special immunizations”  Yes, depending on where you and your spouse wish to take an HLTA you will both be required to have your immunizations current. If travelling to RSA or Sub Saharan South Africa you will need Yellow Fever. We do not routinely vaccinate for such. If visiting countries who have malaria you will be required to take anti-malarials during and after your stay. Requires blood testing if taking Primaquine.
    • 40. Part 4: Briefing on Sending MailHow to get a package to a deployed member POSTAL BRIEFING FOR PERSONNEL DEPLOYED ON 0PERATIONS AIR LAND OR SEA
    • 41. This presentation is to familiarizeyou with the two options you haveto send mail to deployed personnel.1.Canadian Forces (CF) morale mailservice 2.Canada Post
    • 42. CF MORALE MAIL DROP OFF POINTSMFRCSignal Hill and LampsonMon to Fri 08:30 to 16:30 hrsCPACMon to Thur 07:30 to 21:00 hrsFri 07:30 to 18:00 hrsSat 08:30 to 16:30 hrsFMO Office and Naden MailRoomMon to Thurs 08:30 to 15:00 hrsFri 08:30 to 12:00 hrs Note: Wrapping paper, tape and addresses are available at alllocations.
    • 43. WEIGHT AND SIZE FOR MAILTHROUGH CF MORALE MAIL SERVICEThe maximum weight for parcels is 20 KgsBY ORDER OF OS LOG SERVICES NDHQOTTAWAOversize and overweight parcels will notbe accepted.
    • 45. THE CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS FOR HMCS REGINA PERSONNELAye Missew Sender’s123 My StVictoria BC V9A 7N2 addressTel-765-4567Contents: Smith A.Pte 123 (Mess #)Chips HMCS REGINANewspapersBooks PO BOX 17000 STN FORCES VICTORIA BC V9A 7N2Description of Addresseecontents
    • 46. MAIL SENT THROUGH CANADA POSTProcess at any Postal outlet.Postage is required on all items, letters andparcels. ****Pending Government legislation.This option offers special services, insurance,registered mail, etcAll items which are time sensitive ie:Xpresspost ,Priority courrier etc, are effective onlyuntil it arrives in FMO Ops.Mail will be sent via CMTT from FMO to the ship
    • 47. CF MORALE MAIL SERVICENo special services available with this service; i.e. insurance, registered mail.In order to place claim for damaged or lost mail throughAJAG you require:Proof of content.Proof of delivery to a Military Post Office i.eOriginal receipt of the item and CPC trackingNumber. (Recommended for high value item)
    • 48. LAST MINUTE INFORMATIONCanada Post will continue providing freedelivery of letter mail to deployed troopsthrough 2012.
    • 49. MAIL GOING THROUGH CANADA POST John Doe Return address 123 My St Victoria BC V9A 7N2 Bloggins B.PO1 123 (Mess #) HMCS REGINA PO Box 17000 STN FORCES VICTORIA BC V9A 7N2 Address ee Canada Post Custom Declaration is OBLIGATORY ! MAKE SURE YOU
    • 50. CANADA POST CUSTOMS DECLARATION Sender: Destination: Same as Same as on parcel on parcel x Description of contents $20.00 *NCV Sign here *NCV = No Commercial Value
    • 51. PROHIBITED ITEMS Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products;Weapons and replicas, explosives;Corrosive liquids/solids, flammable liquids/solids;Batteries; pornographic material;Knives;Compressed gases (aerosols);Drugs and narcotics (including prescription drugs);Perishable itemsSupplementary restrictions according to host country.Note: Batteries are permitted if in original sealed packaging
    • 53. Duty free exempt on parcels from theatre; $60.00 per family member.Duty free exempt on parcels is as follows. Ex: Cpl Smith sends a parcel to his family which consists of 3 gifts for his wife and 2 children… 3 person family x $60.00 = $180.00 duty free So if the parcels’ gifts total $230.00 in value, the addressee might be liable to pay duty on the difference: $230.00 - $180.00= $50.00
    • 54. YOU CAN CONTACT FMO AND MFRC:FMO (250) 363-2176MFRC (250) 363-2640
    • 55. Part 5: Briefing on Benefits & Allowances Plus information on Leave Travel Allowance BENEFITS & ALLOWANCES HMCS REGINA OP ARTIMUS 55
    • 56. Benefits and Allowances Prior to departure Under command RCN (before theatre) OPCOM CEFCOM (OP ARTIMUS) Under command RCN (after theatre) Once alongside in Esquimalt
    • 58. PMV StoragePMV Storage: Commercial facility: actual reasonable costs Not claimable for non-commercial On the return, up to $200 before taxes required for roadworthiness (safety checks, brake cleaning etc) once out of storage. Receipts required. One vehicle
    • 59. Custodial Expenses For single members or married service couples where both are away for service reasons can not claim if in SQs $275/mth (with receipts) can be paid to ensure the security of vacant residence (extra insurance costs, lawn mowing, minor maintenance, snow removal, etc) Commercial service only
    • 60. RCN Operational Command Normal Sailingunder CANFLTPAC Command 60
    • 61. Family Care Assistance Financial support for childcare services for SERVICE COUPLES (both deployed) or SINGLE PARENTS who have dependants less than 18 yrs of ageTB regulations: Max $35/day with declaration Max $75/day with receipt For amount spent after what you normally pay NON-TAXABLE
    • 62. Benefits under OPCOM RCN Normal Pay, PLD, Sea Duty Allowance 10 Minute Phone Calls Every 3 Days Foreign Service Compassionate Travel Allowance
    • 63. OPCOM CEFCOM OP ARTIMUSOnce CEFCOM takes command, they willadvise the Task Force Commander what rate of benefits is.The financial benefits depend on where in theatre. 63
    • 64. Risk Allowance The intent of the Risk Allowance (RA) is to compensate for the risks associated with a specific post. When at level 3 or above, pay and allowances are tax free to a monthly maximum (Currently $8401).
    • 65. Risk AllowanceLEVEL AMOUNT I $161 TAXABLE III $482 NON TAXABLE
    • 66. Hardship Allowance The intent of the Hardship Allowance (HA) is to compensate for the living conditions existing at a specific post. Replaces Sea Duty Allowance as they both compensate for the same thing. If a member would loose money by going on HA, can elect to retain SDA instead (consider HA Bonus future trips)
    • 67. Hardship Allowance LevelsTaxable and non Taxable (Cdn $) III $482.00 IV $642.00
    • 68. Hardship Allowance Bonus 7 - 12 points 20 % 13 - 18 points 30% 19 - 24 points 40% 25 – 30 points 50% 31 – 36 points 60%i.e. 7 mths op experience @ HA 3 = $88.20 (20% x $482)
    • 69. Operations Foreign Service Premium Is an allowance payable to the member: a. in recognition of service on operations; and b. to cover expenses not specifically covered by other allowances and benefits.
    • 70. OPS FSPPoints LEVEL Amount0 to 6 1A $7457 to 12 1B $81113 to 18 1C $87819 to 24 1D $94425 to 30 2A $101131 to 36 B $1051 etc,
    • 71. OPCOM CEFCOM (Big Box) OPS Foreign Service Premium (min $745/month – taxable) Hardship Allowance Level 3 (Provisional) (min $482/month – taxable) Hardship Allowance Bonus (for qualified members) Risk Allowance Level 1 (Provisional) (min $161/month – taxable) 15 Minute Phone Calls Every 3 Days Home Leave Travel Assistance Foreign Service Compassionate Travel Allowance
    • 72. OPCOM CEFCOM (Little Box) OPS Foreign Service Premium (min $745/month – non taxable) Hardship Allowance Level 4 ($642/month – non taxable) Hardship Allowance Bonus (for qualified members) Risk Allowance Level 3 ($482/month – non taxable) 15 Minute Phone Calls Every 3 Days Home Leave Travel Assistance Foreign Service Compassionate Travel Allowance
    • 73. OP ARTIMUS In-Theatre BenefitsPoints (0-6) (7-12)OPS FSP 745.00 811.00HARDSHIP - LEVEL 4 642.00 642.00HA Bonus (7-12 = 20%) 0 133.20RISK - LEVEL 3 482.00 482.00TOTAL 1,869.00 2,068.20
    • 74. Mission Leave Annual leave is not taken during tour Mission Leave is usually 2.5 days/month To be used in conjunction with your HLTA Travel days are not included in mission leave If leave is denied for operational reasons, special leave may be granted on return.
    • 75. HLTA When proceeding on authorized special leave, reimbursement for transportation expenses for the return journey between member’s post and:  the member’s home  the member’s previous place of duty A reverse HLTA where the NOK comes to you (no stop overs, and 3 day rule) If the CO authorizes a Third Location HLTA, then the benefit is an allowance, not a reimbursement
    • 76. After OPCOM CEFCOM Back to normal sailing 76
    • 77. Benefits after OP ARTIMUS Normal Pay, PLD, Sea Duty Allowance 10 Minute Phone Calls Every 3 Days Foreign Service Compassionate Travel Allowance
    • 79. On return home Disembarkation Leave (7 days) SLTA as applicable Convert Unused Mission Leave to Special Leave (if applicable)
    • 80. Special Leave in lieu of Mission leave For days on OP ARTIMUS: 31-45 3 46-60 4 61-75 5 76-90 6 91-105 7 106-120 8 121-135 9 136-150 10 151-165 11 166-180 12 181–195 13 196-210 14
    • 81. Special Leave in lieu of Mission leave  Reckoned in working days  Normally consecutive  Must have served at least 30 days in AOO  Formula currently being reviewed