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CLIF Notes November

  1. 1. CLIF NOTES FOR THE FORT DRUM COMMUNITY November 20121. AMERICAN RED CROSS (ARC) CHERYL DEAN ASSISTANT TRAINING - FREE PROGRAM - We are accepting applications for our 2013 Dental AssistantTraining Program. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age with a dependent ID card or retiree ID card and acompleted application turned in to Fort Drum Red Cross prior to 1 December 2012. You may stop by the AmericanRed Cross Office, RM B1-35 in Clark Hall M-F from 0730-1600 to pick up an application. New VolunteerOrientations: Will be held on 7 November 2012 in the American Red Cross Office, RM B1-35 in Clark Hall at 1300,please call to sign up or stop by our office. Get to Know Us: Do you know how to start an emergencycommunication message for your loved one? To find out these answers and more, call the American Red Crossoffice to request a "Get to Know Us" brief for your next FRG meeting! Like us on Facebook: American Red CrossFort Drum!2. ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE (ACS) CATHERINE FERRAN www.drummwr.comResilience Training: 9 November, Module One, 0930 – 1430, ACS. To make a reservation, please call 772-0470/2848. Class is open to all Family members and DoD / DA Civilians. 2A. ARMY EMERGENCY RELIEF (AER) DIANE HUPKO 772-6560diane.r.hupko.civ@mail.milAny unit/FRG looking for classes or more information is more than welcome to contact AER at 315-772-6560/2855and they will be happy to accommodate their requests. A Spanish speaking AER slide presentation has been createdto ensure that all members of the community have access to the AER program information. Assistance is alsoavailable with the help of a Spanish speaking translator. 2B. ARMY FAMILY TEAM BUILDING/ARMY FAMILY ACTION PLAN KIM HILL 772-6710 Call 772-6710/9229 to make reservations for Army Family Team Building (AFTB) classes: AFTB Level II: 14 - 15 November, 0900-1600, ACS. Fort Drum Annual AFAP Conference: 29-30 January 2013, The Commons. Teen Conference: 13 - 15 November, ACS. Remember AFAP issues can be submitted all year round. Look for the AFAP issue boxes throughout post and submit your suggestions today! The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is a very rewarding process that allows all members of the Army team, active duty and retired, Family members, and civilian employees the opportunity to voice concerns and raise issues to Fort Drum and Army leadership. Please contact 772-6710 if you are interested in being a delegate. 2C. ARMY VOLUNTEER CORPS (AVC) LORI STARR Management Information Systems (VMIS) -- The Army has designed an online volunteer managementtracking system. If you are a volunteer, by AR 608-1, you MUST be registered with this system prior tovolunteering. Visit and click on Volunteer Tools and you will be guided through thesystem to register. Volunteer of the Month Ceremony: 15 November, 1030, The Commons. Please come outand show your thanks and support to our wonderful Fort Drum volunteers. 2D. EMPLOYMENT READINESS PROGRAM (ERP) AMANDA THOMPSON 772-9611amanda.e.thompson.civ@mail.milBuild Your Own Business: 14 November, 0930-1130. Employment 101 Workshop: 6 & 19 November, 0930-1130. Federal Employment Workshop: 8 November, 0930-1130. “Negotiating Job Offers” Workshop: 21November, 0930-1130. NEW: Workshops at the SFAC: Federal Employment Workshop: 14 November, 1300-1500, SFAC Classroom. NEW: “Resume Start to Finish” Workshop: 20 & 26 November, 0900-1200. Toreserve your spot for any of the above classes please contact the Employment Readiness Office. All classes willbe held at Army Community Service. For assistance with employment issues please call to make a one on oneappointment. Employment Readiness can assist you with: Employment orientation, resume writing, cover letterwriting, Federal Employment System, interviewing skills and job searches. Please call for more information or tomake an appointment. 1
  2. 2. 2E. EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY MEMBER PROGRAM (EFMP) SHARON CHAPLE 772-5476sharon.w.chaple.civ@mail.milEFMP is designed to assist Soldiers and Families with Family members that have special needs. These needs can befor any Family member and may include educational, continuous medical, physical and/or mental disabilities. EFMPSupport Group: 2nd Tuesday of each month, 1130-1300. EFMP Autism Support Group: 2nd Friday of each month from0900 – 1100. Respite Care: Please call EFMP for information on this program that provides Families support serviceto all Family members enrolled in the program. 2F. FAMILY ADVOCACY PROGRAM (FAP) MARTILA SEALS 772-6929Martila.j.seals.civ@mail.milAnger Management: 20 November, 1330-1530, ACS. Blended Families Workshop: 16 November, 0900-1200, ACS. Couples Communication: 9 November, 0900-1200, ACS. Conflict Resolution: 27 November,1330-1500, ACS. Mandatory troop trainings are completed upon request. To register for Family AdvocacyProgram classes please contact Dani Reed at 772-4244 or Michelle Hoffman at 772-2685. 2G. FINANCIAL READINESS PROGRAM (FRP) JUDEE KELLY 772-0050Judee.k.kelly.civ@mail.milDave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is now underway with one of our largest classes ever! Classes aresponsored by the Chaplain’s Office and supported by FRP. Home Buying Class: 8 November, 0900-1130,ACS. Budget Management and Checking Account Management: 19 November, 0900-1200, ACS.1st Term Soldier Financial Readiness Training: Every Wednesday from 0830-1600 being taught at the USO.You may attend the whole day or any part of the day as a walk-in. ALL spouses are welcome to any of ourtraining events or classes. 2H. MILITARY AND FAMILY LIFE CONSULTANT (MFLC) MFLC LEAD 212-6919mflcftdrum@gmail.comMilitary and Family Life Consultants (MFLC) offer problem solving, solution focused counseling to Service members,civilians, Families, couples, and children. Consultants help military service members cope with normal responses tostress resulting from Army life, deployment and reintegration. Among other topics, MFLCs address communicationskills, stress management, grief and loss, workplace stress, decision-making skills, and forming strong Families. Theyanswer their phones from 0800-2000 and offer same day appointments. MFLC conversations are off the recordexcept for the mandate to report and secure help for those in danger. No referral is needed, they meet after dutyhours, and it’s free. Walk in appoints are available at ACS Mon.-Fri. from 0730-1630. 2I. MOBILIZATION AND DEPLOYMENT (MOB/DEP) JENNIFER EICHNER 772-2848/0470jennifer.e.eichner.civ@mail.milPlease call to make reservations for classes and to reserve childcare for the following: Key Caller Training: 13November, 1000-1100 or 1400-1500, ACS. NEW: Deploy Your Resilience: Lunch chat group for Family memberspreparing for deployment. First meeting will be 19 December, 1130-1300. Plan to come for as long as you can. Ifinterested in joining, please contact the Mob/Dep office. 2J. OUTREACH SERVICES OFFICE (OSO) SARAH LYNCH 772-5374sarah.l.lynch.civ@mail.milACS Outreach focuses on three main areas to help Soldiers and Families develop a sense of self reliance aswell as a sense of belonging to the community. The focus areas include education, prevention and directservices. Outreach evaluates the unit’s needs, coordinates services and delivers ACS programming to Soldiersand Families. 2K. RELOCATION READINESS PROGRAM (RELO) SCARLETT SHARKEY 772-6566 DRUM Family Welcome Tour: 27 November, leaves from Army Community Service Building (P-4330) at 0930 and returns by 1400. Children Welcome. Reservations required by calling 772-6556/6557. Lending Closet: Borrow basic household and infant/toddler safety items at no cost for up to 30 days. Citizen and Immigration Assistance: Available for spouses and children of Active Duty Service Members, DoD Civilians and Retirees. Call 772-6553 to schedule an appointment. Overseas Orientation Brief: 15 November, 0930-1100 at ACS. Mandatory Briefing for Soldiers PCSing to an overseas assignment and spouses encouraged to attend. International Spouse Support 2
  3. 3. Group: 28 November, 09300-1200, ACS. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Classes offered to any DOD ID card holder ages 18 and older. Classes are Free and held every Tuesday and Thursday 0900-1200 at ACS during the school year, to register for the class call 779-7220. 2L. SOLDIER & FAMILY ASSISTANCE CENTER (SFAC) JOHN DIETRICH Fort Drum SFAC: Provides non-medical social services to Soldiers and Families assigned to the 3-85th INFWarrior Transition Unit and Soldiers and Families who have a Soldier being cared for at other Military TreatmentFacilities that still live in the Fort Drum area. The SFAC provides services at the SFAC facility (11042 MountBelvedere Blvd). For more information please call the SFAC at 315-772-7781. 2M. SURVIVOR OUTREACH SERVICES (SOS) THOMAS CLEGG 772-6357 Fort Drum Survivor Outreach Services honors Soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for the security of ournation by supporting and caring for their survivors. The Army is committed to providing sustained support to survivingFamily members to ease their loss and help them through a very difficult time. The Fort Drum SOS Service areaencompasses the North Country through the Northern Adirondacks to the Vermont Border and has identified 160surviving Family members to date. Efforts are ongoing to verify the contact information and outreach to theseFamilies. SOS facilitates support groups where Families and individuals can share feelings, concerns, thoughts,resources, and information in a safe and understanding setting. Maintain personal contact with Survivor Families withphone calls, cards, and mailings as well as other forms of electronic media. Offers onsite professional financialcounseling to assist Families in adjusting to their unique monetary circumstances following the loss of a loved one.Coordinates and provides information on special memorials, grief camps, special events and opportunities forSurviving Families to gather together with others.3. BETTER OPPORTUNITIES FOR SINGLE SOLDIERS (BOSS) MICHELLE RODEN Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS), Bldg T-2190 Nash Blvd., and Jack T. Sweet Complex, Bldg P-10207.BOSS hours of operation are 1100-2300, Wednesday through Sunday, closed Mondays and Tuesdays. 1BCT and10th CAB BOSS Meetings will be held on 6 November. 1BCT will be at 1000 and 10th CAB at 1100. 2BCT and 10thSBDE BOSS Meetings will be held on 13 November. 2BCT will be at 1000 and 10th SBDE at 1100. All BOSSRepresentatives are invited to participate in the meetings at Nash BOSS Center. Here you will learn about upcomingevents that BOSS is hosting or supporting, volunteer opportunities and an opportunity to bring up and quality of lifeissues. Chili Cook-Off will be conducted on 11 November at 1400 at the Nash BOSS Center. Do you have anawesome chili recipe? If so, come have fun at the first BOSS Chili Cook-Off. We have an array of prizes to thewinning chefs. Categories include First through Third Place, People’s Choice Award (voted on by attendees), BestDecorated Booth, and Most Unusual Recipe. Contact the BOSS Office at 772-7807 for more information. Movie Nightwill be conducted 16 November at 2000. What movie do you want to watch? Stop by the BOSS Centers, either atJack T. Sweet or Nash Blvd., to vote for what movie you want to watch. You have until 9 November to vote. Freepopcorn at the movie. A 5K Run/Walk will be conducted 17 November at 0800. Runs will start at Magrath SportsComplex and are open to active duty military assigned/attached to fort Drum Family members, retirees, reservists andDoD civilians employed on Fort Drum. Register at race site starting at 0730 the day of the event until beginning ofrace at 0800. Dogs are welcome. Please remember to bring your NYS registration and leash if you bring your four-legged friend. Home for the Holidays will be held on 22 November, 1100-2300. BOSS invites you to feel at Home forthe Holidays on 22 November to the Nash BOSS Center where they will open their doors to an old fashionedThanksgiving. To start off the Thanksgiving holiday, BOSS will host a fun game of flag football in their side yardstarting at noon. Once the game is over, come inside to warm-up by watching the football games on the many bigscreen TVs. Gaming, billiards and Cyber Café will be available for keeping in touch with friends and Family. Roastturkey with all the traditional side dishes will be offered starting at 1400. The BOSS Center is your home away fromhome throughout the holidays. Shuttle service will be provided from Jack T. Sweet BOSS Center to Nash BOSSCenter from 1100-2200. Madden NFL 13 Gaming Tournament will be conducted 29 November at 1900 at Jack T.Sweet BOSS Center. The BOSS facility has gaming systems, controllers, and big screen HDTVs. All we need isyou!!! Compete against the best gamers on Fort Drum while playing the newest games. Winners receive prizemoney. Open to Active Duty Soldiers and Spouses only. Free snacks and beverages will be provided. Call theBOSS Center at 772-7807 for more information. 3
  4. 4. 4. BOY SCOUT TROOP 26/CUB SCOUT PACK 26 ERNEST SCRIBNER/ RHONDA PITTS 222-3153/ Scout Pack 26 accepts boys ages 5-10 to join the ranks all year round. If you have questions please do nothesitate to contact Rhonda Pitts at 757-620-1768 or send an email to CHAPEL CHAPLAIN DARRELL THOMSEN Command Chaplain 772-5591: A chaplain is always as close as a phone call away. After duty hours,call 772-5647 and ask for the duty chaplain. Family Advent Wreath Workshop: 17 November 1000 Po Valley Chapel(P4405 Po Valley Road) Come and learn the tradition of making and using an Advent Wreath as a family. All suppliesand embellishments are provided. Projects for the children. Catered Brunch. Registration required by 9 November.POC Carol Burke 772-4451. Religious Education 774-4002: Protestant Sunday School for age 3 through adult isheld in the RSO modular buildings (corner of Oswego and Fourth Street W) every Sunday morning (except DONSAweekends) from 1100 until 1200. Registration is ongoing; forms available at Chapels or RSO offices. CatholicReligious Education Programs Pre-School through Adult is held at the RSO modular buildings (corner of Oswego andFourth Street W) every Sunday morning (except DONSA weekends) from 0930 until 1030. RCIA will be held onWednesdays at 1730 at Riva Ridge Chapel. Catholic Sacramental Programs are ongoing; information on all programscan be found by contacting the Religious Education Office at 774-4002 or 772-5591. Family Life 772-5540: Daytreatis a day-long workshop for couples that is held quarterly. Call the Family Life Chaplain to see when the next one isscheduled! POC CH (MAJ) Rick Cantrell. Military Council of Catholic Women 772-0160: MCCW is open to allwomen from the Fort Drum Catholic community. Childcare will be provided with advanced reservations at belowemail. Childcare will be in building 427A on 4th Street. Daily Mass will follow at North Riva Ridge chapel at 1215.POC Jenna 504-234-8934. Protestant Women of the Chapel 772-5591: PWOC- Protestant Women of the Chapel:All women, military and/or spouses, and their children are invited to be a part of PWOC. Bible Study Classes run 0930- 1130 at the Religious Education Buildings, located at 427 A 4th Street W on Old Post. Watchcare is provided forchildren ages 5 and under who are not yet primary school age. POC Judy West at or 315-777-4774.6. CHILD, YOUTH & SCHOOL (CYS) SERVICES KARIN S. SIKIRICA 5th and 6th Grade Basketball - Registration: 29 October – 2 January, Fee $40; Season 7 January – 13March 2013. Days: Monday and Wednesday 1730-1930 and Saturdays from 0900-1300. Girls Basketball (Ages10 - 12) – Registration: 29 October 2012 – 2 January 2013, Fee $40; Season 7 January – 13 March; Days:Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1730-1930 and Saturdays 0900-1300. Wrestling – Registration 7 November 2012– 12 January 2013, Fee $45; Season 12 January - TBA 2013. Days: Tuesday and Thursdays 1800-2100. YouthCenter: 9 November – Youth Center Grand Opening at 1600 – with special events continuing to Midnight; 10November – Skate Jam from 1500-1800, cost $3.00 for members and $5.00 non- members; 12 November –Holiday, closed; 16 November – Midnight Sports from 2000 - Midnight, cost $3.00 members and $5.00 non-members; 22 November – Holiday, closed; 24 November – Karaoke from 1700-1900. Parent and YouthOrientation is required of all members within 30 days of member registration. Orientation will be on 19November from 1800-1900. HIRED! Apprenticeship Program – Teens, 15-18, interested in working may applyfor an apprenticeship through the HIRED! Apprenticeship Program. Teens will work in selected FMWR Facilitiesfor 12 week terms. Training is provided. Youth must register with CYS Services to qualify. HIRED! Contact772-0281 or 772-6719 for more information. 6A. SCHOOL LIAISON SERVICES (SLS) MICHELE CARLTON/TERRI SPENCER 772-3214/ Teacher Conferences may bring half day schedules, please plan appropriately for any child care needs. Firstquarter marking period grades will be out in November. We highly recommend that you utilize the ―parent portal orschool tool‖ program to access/view site and view your child’s grades, absences, etc. in each subject on a daily,weekly, or anytime basis. The tool used varies from school to school. Some schools host Family Nights throughout thewinter months as well as open houses for middle/high school in November. Both venues provide a chance to interactwith your child’s teachers. The month of November also offers special events to include band concerts, bi-country andall-state competitions for the music students, and Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) – ArmedForces Qualification Test. Please contact your local school for more information. 4
  5. 5. 7. COMMAND SAFETY OFFICE (CSO) ERIN THOMPSON Command Safety office is offering free Winter Driving and Snow Blower classes Tuesday, 20 November and 4December 2012. The winter driving classes are at 1400-1500 with the snow blower class starting at 1530. You mayattend either one separately or both together. All classes are held at M-10283. Please sign up in advance by calling315-772-9026/3022. It is always a good idea to have a professional HVAC person check your heater and duct work toensure everything is working properly. Ensure you have a working carbon monoxide detector in the house as well assmoke alarms by all your sleeping areas. Change your batteries at daylight saving time to ensure you have freshbatteries for the winter season. With two major holidays hot on our heels, we want to remind everybody to considerfood safety as you prepare meals for your Families. Proper storage, cooking, and handling will help prevent foodpoisoning. The USDA uses 4 simple rules: cook, separate, clean, and chill. Ensure you cook your meats to thesuggested temperatures, separate foods that can be eaten raw and those that must be cooked to consume. Washyour hands, cooking and prep surfaces frequently, and chill foods such as pumpkin pies and salads with mayonnaiseto avoid bacteria growth. Look for the Thanksgiving Safety presentation on the Fort Drum Website. Have a HappyThanksgiving!8. COMMISSARY PATTY MUSHTARE, ASSISTANT STORE DIRECTOR COMMUNITY RECREATION DIVISION KENNETH LOPEZ 9A. PARKS & RECREATION EUGENE SPENCER 772-4010 Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday, 0900-1700. Equipment rental and outdoor gear is available for rent. Daily, weekend, and weekly fee schedules are available. Plan your out of state vacation at Parks & Recreation. Discounted tickets and hotel accommodates for out of state vacations are offered around the United States. Order or reserve through us and save money. Hotel accommodations are completed when you stop in. Some tickets are ordered and have at least a 14 day turn-around time, so plan ahead and save money. Plan your cruise or foreign vacations at a discounted rate. Grab your spouse and head off for a few days or two weeks filled with adventure. RV/trailer/camper storage lots are available for $20 per month. Lots may be rented with a six month payment up front, or full payment if deployed. Don’t forget to take your skis to Parks & recreation and get them tuned up for the upcoming season. We also have new skis to rent this winter. Check with Parks & Recreation for discounted ski lift tickets. If you’re having a party Parks & Recreation has inflatable bouncers and popcorn, snowcone, and cotton candy machines for rent. It is not too early to book your Santa, Frosty, and Elves costumes for your holiday parties. Walt Disney World’s Military Salute 2012; four theme parks, four days for only $156. Please contact Parks & Recreation for more information. Join our Hiking Club as we hike some of the biggest peaks in the Adirondacks. Look for more trips to New York City and off Broadway plays in Syracuse and local theme parks. ATV Ride is scheduled for 3 November. Must have ATV Safety Course. Maximum of 12 riders per trip, $40/machine. Trip to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City will be conducted 21-23 November. Cost for the trip is $150 for adults and $75 for children 10 and under. Price includes transportation and two-night lodging at the Holiday Inn Express on Staten Island. Trip is limited to 38 persons. Sign-up by 7 November. Ron White ―They Call Me Tater Salad‖ at the Turning Stone Casino will be held on 29 November. Trip will depart from Parks and Recreation with the show at 2000. Cost is $100 which includes transportation and lodging. Trip to Whispering Pines Hideaway to go bird hunting. There is pheasant, chukur partridge, bobwhite quail, Hungarian partridge, mallard ducks, and wild ducks during respective seasons. Cost is $60/person, 4-person maximum. You can bring your own hunting dogs or borrow one for the day at a cost of $65. Call 772-5169 to set-up a date for this adventure. Reserve one of our brand new campers for rent. Call 772-8222 for more information. 9B. ADVENTURE TRAINING EUGENE SPENCER 772-4010 Skeet/Trap Range is open for the season. Range fee rental is $5/hour and shotguns are available for rent at $10 per day. Archery Range (Indoor/Outdoor, weather permitting) is now open for the season. Range fee rental is $5/hour Bows are available for rent at a cost of $10. Woodsball/Paintball will be open daily. Price is $30 for equipment, $40/2,000 rounds of paint. Located behind Parks & Recreation. Snowmobile Safety Classes will be held on 16 & 30 November at 0900. Class is mandatory to participate in WAQ snowmobile rides. Sign-up early. 5
  6. 6. Cost is $5/person. Must be 18 years old and have proper ID. Call Parks & Recreation for upcoming AdventureTraining classes and trips. Call 772-4010/8222 for more information. 9C. REMINGTON PARK EUGENE SPENCER 772-4010eugene.w.spencer2.naf@mail.milRecreational Vehicle (RV) Campground and Cabins are available. The RV campground has campers in placeavailable to rent as well as open spaces for visitors to bring their own campers. Adirondack style cabins are alsoavailable and are fully equipped with a kitchenette, sitting room, and sleeping accommodations for up to six. Whilethere check out scenic Remington Park with its wilderness hiking and biking trails, playgrounds, beach and picnicareas. Dog Park Kennel Play Area is located at Remington Park just before Hillside Lake Lodge. The large fencedin area is designed to give pets a place to run with adult owner/handler. Open daily from sunrise to sunset. CallRemington Park at 772-4765 for more information and reservations. 9D. MCEWEN LIBRARY ALLEN GOUDIE 772-9099allen.r.goudie.naf@mail.milHours of operation are Monday-Friday, 0900-2000; Friday, 0900-1800; Saturday, 1030-1800. Closed Sundays andFederal holidays. ―Dress a Turkey Contest‖ will be conducted 1 November – 15 December. Dress up or color ourcartoon turkey. Entries will be displayed in the Library and contest winners decided by popular vote. Entry formsand complete rules will be available at the Library beginning 1 November. Entries will be accepted 1-30 November.Winners will be decided by popular vote 3-15 December. Open to all ages. Used Book Sale will be conducted 2-5November. On Friday and Saturday the prices will be adult books 50 cents, children’s books 25 cents, movies andCD’s $1. Monday will be all you can fit in a bag for $1. Come early for best selection, come late for best prices.Cash only and please bring small bills or change. Volunteers are needed to work the sale. Set-up on Thursdayevening and take down on Monday afternoon/evening. If interested in volunteering email Wendy or stop by the Library. Anyone wishing to donate used books for the sale may bringthem to the Library circulation desk. Proceeds benefit MWR activities. Reminder - no sale on Sunday as we areclosed. Nicole Garnsey of Feed the Soul, nutrition counselor, speaker, and diabetes educator, will be at the Libraryon 7 November at 1300 to discuss her common sense approach to healthy eating as she empowers you to makebehavioral modifications and lifestyle changes to your very best each and every day. Pre-register at the circulationdesk, 772-9099. Kathy Taber-Montgomery will read and sign her book ―We Live in a Zoo‖ on 10 November at 1330.The book tells the story of a young boy’s view of learning to share with and relate to multiple siblings, furry andfinned Family members. Ms. Taber-Montgomery is a military spouse who lives in Adams, NY, and works on FortDrum. This is her first book and she will have copies available for sale. ―Learn to Live Gluten Free‖ with KatherineRobertson (RN, MSN) will be at the Library on 14 November at 1300. November is Gluten Free Awareness Monthand she will discuss getting gluten out of your diet and what to look for on labels. Special Story Time for NativeAmerican Heritage Month will be held on 30 November, 1000-1100, in the Library meeting room. Dr. Laurie Rushand Heather Wagner from DPW/Environmental, Cultural Resource Section, will tell stories with crafts and games.Children’s Story Time for Preschoolers is offered Tuesdays and Fridays, 1000-1045. Fort Drum Archaeology Clubmeets the last Friday of the month at 1800 in the Library meeting room in association with DPW Cultural ResourceSection, 774-3848. Would you like to know more about the history of Fort Drum? Do you like metal detecting? TheFort Drum Archaeology Club is for you! Sign-up for our mailing list to be sure you get notices of all library events.Forms and details are available at the library. Materials checked out from another local public library, or anotherArmy library, can be returned here. We will ship them back to the library you borrowed them from. Spanishlanguage books are now available for children and adults. Large print books are now available at the Library. TheLibrary offers fax services, photocopiers, and printing for the public. Fax is $1 per page (International fax is $2 perpage). Photocopies are 10 cents per page and printing is 5 cents per page. CASH ONLY. Boxed paperback booksare available for units on maneuvers, exercises or deployments exceeding 10 days. E-mail address to renew books,or for interlibrary loan or reference is Call 772-47235 for an appointment to pick-up. Call 772-9099/6005 for more information on many great programs. 9E. AUTOMOTIVE SKILLS CENTER MIKE GRAVELINE 772-5785michael.e.graveline.naf@mail.milHours of operation are Tuesday-Friday, 1100-1900, and Saturdays, 0800-1600. Equipment/Services available areregular bays, vehicle lifts, paint booths, body bays, welding bays, wheel balancing, tire changing, and towing.Propane Service is offered with all tanks meeting applicable safety requirements, Tuesday-Friday, 1100-1800,Saturday, 0800-1500. Center reserves the right to refuse filling any tank that does not comply. Safety OrientationClasses are free and is required to use the Automotive Skills Center and is offered Tuesday-Friday, 1200-1730 andSaturday at 1000. Wrecker Service is available for on and off-post towing to and from housing. Off-post towing 6
  7. 7. costs are determined by distance, Tuesday-Friday, 1100-1800, and Saturday, 0800-1500. On post jump starts and lock services are also available. Services are offered Tuesday-Friday, 1100-1800, and Saturday, 0800-1500. Basic Brakes Class will be held on 8 November at 1700. Class will go over the basics of disc and drum brakes, ABS system, and the difference between inner and outer bearings and hubs. Emissions Class (mandatory class to use Auto Crafts emissions testers) will be held on 15 November at 1700. Class teaches how to use emissions tester that checks check engine lights will save you time and money. Welding Class (mandatory class to use Auto Crafts welding equipment) will be held on 29 November at 1700. Winter hours for the Car Washes, Memorial Drive and First Street will be Monday – Friday, 0800-1900, and Saturdays, 0800-1600. Resale Lot is open April 1 through November (weather permitting). Must have valid plates, current registration and insurance. Cost is $10 for 30 days. Located in front of the Firestone building. Call 772-5785 or 783-5784 for more information. 9F. SPORTS BRANDON DOHERTY 772-6661 The Sports Office has moved and is now located at Bldg. M430A, corner of Lewis Avenue and MWR Drive on South (old) post, Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 0800-1630. Rosters for all sporting events are to be turned in to the Sports Office by the cut-off dates. Basketball Championships are scheduled for 10 November, 0930, at Monti Physical Fitness Center. Open to active duty military assigned/attached to Fort Drum, Family members 19 years and older, retirees, reservists and DoD civilians employed on Fort Drum. Rosters due NLT 7 November. Individual Bowling Tournament will be held on 17 November, 1300, at the Pine Plains Bowling Center. Open to active duty military assigned/attached to Fort Drum, Family members 19 years and older, retirees, reservists and DoD civilians employed on Fort Drum. Sign-up one half hour prior to start of tournament. Turkey Bowl Football Tournament will be held on 17 November, 0900, on the Magrath Sports Complex field for Monti fields depending on amount of teams signed up to participate. Open to active duty military assigned/attached to Fort Drum, Family members 19 years and older, retirees, reservists and DoD civilians employed on Fort Drum. Rosters due NLT 14 November. Contact the Sports Office at 772-6661/6663 for more information. 9G. MAGRATH SPORTS COMPLEX ALLEN JANSSEN 772-9672 Magrath Gym is closed for renovations except for the pool and gymnasium area which is now the exercise and weight room. Locker rooms, sauna, showers, and running track have reopened. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 0530-2200, Saturday, 0900-2200, and Sunday, 0900-2100. 300/500 Club (Bench Press), Swim for your Life, and Run for your Life, Monday-Friday, 0900-1100. Classes offered for November are Gravitron on 13 November, Free Weights on 20 November, and Circuit Training on 27 November. Call 772-4584 for an appointment. Health Management Program is an assessment to get individuals into a fitness, lifestyle and nutritional program. Cost is $10. Receive a personal exercise and nutrition report. Conditioning Center Instruction is offered, first come, first serve basis. Orientation offered on every piece of equipment in Conditioning Center covered on a weekly rotational basis every Tuesday at 0900. Ab concentration, circuit training, free weights, stretching and core training. Fitness Instruction includes equipment skill qualification, free weights, cardio respiratory equipment, body composition, exercise prescription and programming. Call 772-4584 for an appointment. 9H. MAGRATH SPORTS COMPLEX POOL AGNES CURRIER of operation are Monday-Friday, 0600-1330, Saturday and Sunday, 0900-1600. Call the Magrath SportsComplex for reservations and more information. 9I. MONTI FITNESS CENTER NANCY MARTEL 772-4936Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 0600-2100, Saturday and Sunday, 0900-1700. Staff are available to assist inweight and cardio equipment usage upon request. Please make inquiries at the front desk. Aerobics Fitness Classesare free and are Monday-Friday, morning and evening classes. Classes offered are, Zumba, Zumba Toning, CardioFit, Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Piloxing, Spin, and Spin Sculpt. Call 772-4936 for class schedule. Battalion and BrigadeLevel Organizational and Family Days can be reserved at the Monti Physical Fitness Center. Personal Trainers arenow available, initial consultation to include goal setting and basic information costs $10. After initial consultation eachone hour session will cost $25, specials and promotions will also be offered. Trainer will focus on strength training,cardio, weight loss, pregnancy, and post pregnancy. Participants must be ID card holders and 18 years of age andolder. Trainer is available Monday-Friday, 1730-2100, and Saturday and Sunday, 0900-1700. Pavilion Rentals are$25 plus $25 cleaning deposit per pavilion rental. Monti Fitness Pool Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 0830-2030, Sunday, 0900-1600. Lap Swim: Mon – Thu 0630-2030, Fri 0630-1200 & 1530 – 2030, Sat Closed, Sun & 7
  8. 8. Holidays 0900–1100. Physical Therapy/Pregnancy PT Swim: Mon – Fri 0630 – 0830. Open Swim: Mon – Fri 0830–2030, Sat Closed, Sun & Holidays 0900-1600. Wave pool and slide will be offered on Sunday afternoon based onmanpower. Please Call on Sunday Morning 772-4807/4936 for hours. Free swim lessons are offered to Soldiers onlyby appointment. Please call for information about American Red Cross Lifeguard certifications. 9J. FUNCTIONAL FITNESS CENTER RANDY GILLETTE 772-4806 Functional Fitness Center is scheduled to open on 16 November with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 1300.10. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) ELIZABETH DEJESUS CINTRON ICE Is your opportunity to tell Ft. Drum how we are doing- what you like or what you dislike about our products and services or just to say thanks for a job well done. Use your Smartphone to visit the Ft Drum ICE Site with the above QR code. Or log on directly at and type ―Drum‖ in the search box at the top of the page to tell us what you think because your voice will make a difference Today! 11. DIRECTORATE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES (DES) GREG FERGUSON 772-1077 PLEASE CHECK YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS! DES Emergency and Non-Emergency phone numbers: Foremergencies on the installation – dial 911 from any land-line. That call will go directly to the DES Dispatch Center. Ifyou dial 911 from your cell phone, that call will go directly to the Jefferson County Dispatch Center. Advise thedispatcher you are calling from Fort Drum and they will redirect your call to the DES dispatch center. Currenttechnology does not allow for the separation of cell phone calls on or off the installation. For non-emergency calls forservice – Police 772-5156/5157. Fire Prevention/Training 772-3372/4420/4702. Director – 772-5721. Police Chief –772-4483. Fire Chief – 772-3547/4420. Physical Security Chief – 772-3105. TIP Line - DES, in cooperation with theAntiterrorism Officer, operates an anonymous tip line, 774-8477 (TIPS). This line is allows personnel to reportsuspicious activity in an anonymous manner. Please ensure community personnel are aware of this phone line.CURFEW - Garrison Policy Memorandum #11-18, Fort Drum Curfew for Minor Children. The curfew applies tominors, defined as 17 years of age or younger, who live or work on, travel to or visit Fort Drum. The curfew hours arefrom 2200hrs - 0500hrs Sundays through Thursdays and from 2400hrs - 0500hrs Fridays and Saturdays. This meansthat minors meeting the age defined in the policy cannot be outside the home unsupervised during the timesmentioned above. The Directorate of Emergency Services Law Enforcement Division will be enforcing this Policy.Violation of the policy may result in an appearance before the Juvenile Disciplinary Control Board.12. DIRECTORATE OF HUMAN RESOURCES MARY COOPER 12A. ARMY CAREER AND ALUMNI PROGRAM LORRIE GULER 772-3284 ACAP services are available to Family members if the sponsor is registered with ACAP. Service members are eligible for services when within 18 months of ETS or 24 months of retirement. Service members may register for services by visiting the ACAP Center in Clark Hall or by calling 772-3434/3286. In addition to offering pre- separation counseling, Department of Labor Employment Workshops, and VA counseling, the following events are scheduled for November: Small Business Development Center—26 November; Advanced Interviewing Seminar— 22 November; Financial Planning Seminar—19 November; Education Seminar—26 November. Watch the ACAP bulletin board,, or LIKE us on Facebook at for changes. Remember, spouses may use ACAP services once the Service member is registered with ACAP. Although sponsored by ACAP, these seminars are open to all (space-available basis for those not ACAP clients). The resume and interview seminars build on the basics which are presented in the DOL Employment Workshop. Spouses are encouraged to accompany the Service member to the preseparation counseling, employment workshop, and VA brief. Call the ACAP Center at 772-3434 or Lorrie Guler at 772-3284 for information or to reserve a seat. 12B. EDUCATION CENTER JOE AGRESTI of Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits to Spouse or Children - End of Reduced Additional Duty ServiceObligation (ADSO). The benefit of no or a reduced ADSO for senior Servicemembers transferring their Post 9/11 8
  9. 9. education benefits is running out. The original bill reduced the ADSO linked to the transfer for Servicemember whohad 17 years or more of creditable service on 1 Oct 2009. The Army G1 has announced that this policy will end on 1Aug 2013. After that date, all Servicemembers will be held to a four year ADSO regardless of their qualifying years on1 Aug 2009. The ADSO starts on the date the request is approved, not 1 Aug 2009. Requests for transfer of benefitsare made through MILCONNECT at Servicemembers whopreviously transferred their benefits can confirm their ADSO at the same site. Proctored College Examinations andthe Education Center: The Army Education Center has stopped proctoring College examinations at the direction ofACES leadership. Options for any college student requiring a proctored examination are: The McEwen Library isproviding proctor services at the Library. For proctor information, contact the Library Staff at 772-9099. Ask for Allen orWendy. Columbia College of Missouri, Fort Drum is proctoring other college examinations for a fee. For information,contact the CC staff at 775-0128. New Army Education Center Annex: P10450 5th Armored Div Dr (formerly 1stBCT/3-85 Inf Dining Facility) is now the home of the Army Education Center Annex and Jefferson Community Collegeoffices. The Annex offices are open daily from 0900-1630. The Annex will be available for limited classroominstruction after 1 October 2012. Coordination for all Education Center classrooms will be centralized though theFacility Manager, Room 134, The McEwen Library and Education Center Building P4300, 772-6881 National Test Center at the Education Center: Columbia College at Fort Drum isthe sponsor for academic credit by examination through their National Testing Center. For schedule and feeinformation contact Columbia College at 315-775-0128.13. EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (EEO) OFFICE BARRY DUBOIS EEO Office provides services to current Civilian employees, former Civilian employees, and applicants foremployment. Complaints: If you feel you have been discriminated against in an employment matter based on yourrace, sex, age (40 or over), national origin, color, religion, genetic information, disability (mental or physical) and/orreprisal for previous EEO activity, please contact the EEO Complaints Manager at 772-6565. ReasonableAccommodations: If you are an individual with a disability (physical or mental) who needs an accommodation toperform the essential functions of your job, to overcome architectural barriers, or to apply for federal employment,please contact the EEO Special Emphasis Program Manager at 772-4090. Schedule A – Special Hiring Authority:If you are an individual with a targeted or more severe disability, you may apply under Schedule A for non-competitiveplacement into a Federal position at Fort Drum or other Department of the Army installations. To qualify underSchedule A and be considered for employment, you will need to submit a Resume or RESUMIX application, alongwith a Certificate of Disability. For more details, you may contact the EEO Special Emphasis Program Manager at772-4090.14. EXCHANGE (PX) ELIZABETH BEHAN 772-6103BehanE@aafes.com15. FAMILY AND MORALE, WELFARE AND RECREATION HAL GREER 772-5685www.drummwr.comFamily Nights on Tuesday’s at the Commons from 1700 -1900; 13 November-Cover all Bingo, cover your bingo cardand win a turkey with a hot dog and hamburger buffet; 20 November-Craft Night, enjoy making crafts to take homewith a taco buffet; 27 November-Carnival Night, bouncy night with a pizza/pasta buffet.16. FORT DRUM MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY HOMES (FDMCH) MEGAN KLOSNER www.fortdrummch.comAs we approach winter weather we want to remind our Residents that 1 November-1 April parking on the streets isnot permitted. We also have a new and improved Resident Guide available online on November 1st! An updatedlayout and a few new policies make this the best Resident Guide yet! It can be found at A reminder for Residentswith regular trash pickup on Thursday, 22 November and Friday, 23 November, your pickup will be pushed to thefollowing day due to Thanksgiving. We invite our Residents to four days of fun! We will be hosting Craft Week fromTuesday, 13 November through Friday, 16 November. You can visit a community center on those days from 1630-1730 for an exciting craft for the kids! Please visit Crescent Woods on Tuesday, Adirondack Creek on Wednesday,Rhicard Hills on Thursday and Monument Ridge on Friday. Feel free to visit our website or give your communitycenter a call for details. 9
  10. 10. 17. FORT DRUM-WATERTOWN SQUADRON 406 CIVIL AIR PATROL 1LT ROBERT ORMSBEE 921-5348rormbsbee27@frontiernet.netThe Civil Air Patrol is open to boys and girls (cadets) ages 12-20 and adult members 18-up. The squadron cadetslearn leadership, customs and courtesies, drill and ceremonies, and emergency services. Adults can teach andmentor cadets or perform emergency service missions, primarily search and rescue. The squadron meets in buildingM431A, South Post, Fort Drum, every Friday 1800-2000. There are also various activities throughout the year such asfield exercises and training events that take place on the weekends. Anyone that is interested can stop in and visit orrequest information by email.18. HOUSING BILL BAMANN off-post housing rental market continues to have less than 2% available rentals being reported from the area’slargest apartment complexes. As of 22 October 12, there were 75 adequate rental units available for rent off-post inthe largest 34 apartment complexes. These apartments range from one to four bedroom units available. The rentalmarket changes daily- please check with the local apartment managers for a current availability status. Theapartment guide containing more information on the features of these apartment complexes can be viewed on the FortDrum web page for contact information: Moreavailable suitable rentals can be found online at (Automated Housing Referral Network). AHRN.comcontains current listings of homes and apartments for rent or for sale by owner updated daily. Due to the high marketdemand, check back often for changes and be prepared to move fast when apartments become available. FortDrum continues to work closely with off-post officials in getting new housing projects started. There are currently some1,100 new apartment units under construction and another 500 or so that could start by next spring. The CreekwoodApartment complex in Watertown has just begun occupying the first units, with more availability coming throughout thefall. We expect over 1,200 new rental units will be opened in late 2012 through 2014. Information on available homesfor sale can be found at: There continues to be hundreds of homes for sale from $50,000-$175,000within a 30 mile radius of Fort Drum in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties. For assistance with an existinghome mortgage issue, the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) is a federal program of the United Statesset up to help eligible home owners with loan modifications for their home mortgage. For more information, go to: The DoD Homeowner’sAssistance Program (HAP) is also available to assist military homeowners with mortgage issues. Go to the followingwebsite for more information on HAP: The Army Community Housing Office (room A2-54) at Clark Hall is always available to assist Soldiers with any off-post Housing issues. Call 772-6883 or 772-9397 toschedule an appointment.19. MEDDAC COL THOMPSON OUTLINES FLU VACCINE AVAILABILITY -- Effective immediately, U.S. Army Medical Department Activity(MEDDAC) flu vaccination clinics and hours are as follows: Guthrie Family Medicine Clinic provides Walk-inInfluenza vaccinations for Family Members and Retirees who are TRICARE beneficiaries, Monday through Thursdayfrom 0900-1200 and from 1400-1600, and on Fridays from 0900-1200. Eligible Department of Defense civilianemployees and Guthrie clinic healthcare workers can receive their flu vaccine at the Occupational Health Clinic, onTuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1300-1500.; Active duty Soldiers will receive flu vaccinations by unitappointment. Please consult your chain of command for more information. Pregnant women are at high-risk forillness caused by influenza and the OB/GYN Clinic in Watertown will be providing flu vaccinations during its scheduledpatient appointments. Contractors on Fort Drum are not eligible to receive the vaccine through MEDDAC, but areencouraged to obtain it through their personal healthcare providers or the local Public Health Department. Remember,getting a flu vaccine is the first and most important step in protecting against influenza. For updates andinformation, please call the Flu Hotline at 772-5044. NORTH COUNTRY MOTHERS GROUP OFFERS ON-POSTSUPPORT TO NEW, EXPECTANT OR EXPERIENCED MOMS -- Each Wednesday from 1000-1130, the PreventiveMedicine Army Public Health Nursing (APHN) staff sponsors a ―North Country Mothers Group‖ at the AdirondackCreek Community Center on Fort Drum. The program strives to foster a military community of healthy and resilientFamilies through comprehensive public health primary prevention efforts, and encourages Soldiers and their spouseswho are new, expectant or experienced mothers to network with one another. The NCMG also provides breastfeedingsupport, and raises awareness of local community resources. All active duty and military Family member moms areeligible to attend the group. Participants presently range in age from 21-32 years old, though new moms of any ageare invited, and infants are mainly between newborn and 12 months old. For more information or to register, pleasecall Brenda Hewitt, RN, at 772-6404. 10
  11. 11. 20. OFF THE BEATIN PATH GIFTS CHRIS RYAN 774-0253OTBPGiftshop@gmail.comOTBP Holiday Sale 3 December, 1700-2000. New items: 10th MTN Afghan, LeRay Ornament, MilitaryMountineers Statue Ornament, and small lunch box basket with laser 10th MTN lid. Order your holidayornaments and gifts early, some take time to get in. Memorial/in honor of bricks available all year, cost is $25.00per brick and it is a great Christmas item for many to remember their time here at Fort Drum. If schools aredelayed or closed, so is the store.21. PARENT TO PARENT ALISON FISHER 777-4496Ptop.drum@militarychild.orgThe Parent to Parent program provides informative and interactive parent workshops to groups or organizations in thelocal community. Workshops run from 20 minutes to an hour. We can tailor workshops to meet your group’s needs.Participants receive high quality resources and materials which will assist them in their role as their child’s bestadvocate. This months featured workshop is “Time Management: Decreasing Stress – Increasing Success.”What is Time Management? It is traditionally defined as: A range of tools and techniques used to manage timewhen accomplishing specific tasks, projects, and goals. However, it can also be defined as: The skillful handling oruse of time as a resource. The second definition is so positive… it refers to time as a resource. When we see time asa resource, we have a conscious awareness of its value. It also means that we can use the time we have as abenefit! As the first definition states, time management is simply a set of skills or tools. Time management is notmagic or hocus-pocus. It’s not a gift that some of us possess and others do not. It is something we can learn. In fact,helping our children learn time management skills will benefit them throughout life – no matter what path they choose.Call Parent to Parent to book this workshop for your group now. Upcoming Workshops Open to the Public: StoryTime with Parent to Parent. Children begin their journey to becoming readers on the day they are born when theyhear the first spoken words around them. Reading is the foundation for all learning. When you read to them at ayoung age they are hearing vocabulary that you don’t usually use in your home. Kids who are read to daily aretypically better readers. Mem Fox, a renowned storyteller and reading expert says that before they are ready to read achild needs to hear 1,000 stories. So join Parent to Parent for this free story time workshop and receive parentresources as well as enjoying a story and a craft with your child. McEwen Library, Fort Drum, 20 November from1000-1100, Turkey Time! McEwen Library, Fort Drum, 4 December 1000-1100, Reindeer Fun!22. SPOUSES’ CLUB AT FORT DRUM (SCFD) MARY JANSEN, PRESIDENT Craft Fair: 17 November 2012, 1000-1600, Monti Gym. Admission is $5.00 at the door. Vendors and FRGs are invited to participate in this event. Please contact for information. 8 November 2012: Monthly event at Dirty Harry’s, located by the Outdoor Recreation Building and Firestone on Iraqi Freedom Road, 1800 hours. Cost is $15.00, RSVP is required through Membership. 1 December 2012: Christmas Tree and Wreath Auction @ The Commons, 1800 hours, RSVP is required through Membership.23. SWIM STRONG AQUATIC CLUB (SSAC) POC: JAYNE BERNABE 315-www.swimssac.orgSwim Strong is growing! SSAC is a Level 2 USA Swimming team right here on Ft Drum. Practices are held atMagrath Pool on Monday-Friday evenings (some Saturdays). Length of practice, practice days and costs varyaccording to your athletes ability. Our coaches will asses which of the 4 groups your athlete will be placed in. Formore on skill levels, prices and registration information, please visit our website at: You cancontact our Head Coach, Barry Eyestone, by clicking on the "CONTACT US" tab. We offer a discount for multipleswimmers in your family and a two week trial period to make sure SSAC is right for you! You may join us at anytime during the 2012-2013 season. We are looking for qualified (part time) swim coaches to help with the 2012-2013 season. Use the CONTACT tab on our website to contact Coach Barry Eyestone.24. THRIFT SHOP MELISSA REXROAD 772-7189thriftshopfd@hotmail.comNext Saturday OPENING is 1 December. The Fort Drum Thrift Shop is your one stop shop to get rid of all yourUnwanted Items or Acquire more Treasures! OPEN Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 0930-1400. TakingConsignments Daily 0930-1230. We accept donations 24hrs a day in our NEW DONATION SHED located by thestores Main entrance. **Are you PCSing? Are your closets and storage rooms busting at the seams? Do you justhave too much junk in the house that you want to remove? Would you like to make some extra MONEY whileclearing it out? If you said YES to any of these questions, then you need to head on over to the FORT DRUM 11
  12. 12. THRIFT SHOP! What is a PCS appointment you ask? A PCS appointment allows you to do 1 LARGEConsignment Drop Off of 70 items and youll be assured your consignment check will be forwarded to you! **ForSale Specials, Consignment Info or Donation Info call 315-772-7189 or visit us on the web or LIKE US on Face Book at Fort Drum Thrift Shop. We offer "Secret FB Sales" on ourFB page for those of you who are bargain hunters. The Thrift Shop is in need of VOLUNTEERS, if you have anyfree time during your day we would love to have you join our team! We offer merchandise discounts and first pickof new merchandise all while gaining retail experience as benefits of being a Thrift Shop Volunteer! If interestedin joining our team please stop in at anytime and speak with a member of management.25. USO - FORT DRUM KAREN CLARK -or- usoftdrum@uso.org14 NOV - Matador Mania: Ride the bull and have a hot dog on us on at the Commissary at 1130! 16 NOV -Holiday Hoedown: Free for active duty and Families 18+, dancing and food at The Commons, from 1900-2330.22 NOV - Thanksgiving Day: Spend it with the USO from 1200-1700 with food, games, and football! BallroomDancing, every Tuesday from 1900-2100. Game Night, every Thursday at 1700. Salsa Dancing every Thursdayat 1900. Deploying soon? Give the gift of story-time every night with your children. Schedule United ThroughReading by calling 315-777-8006. Also available to bring to your unit! Interested in becoming a USO Volunteer?Register at, then attend one of the orientations: 7 November at 1400 or 29 November at1400. Questions? Contact Molly Manning, Volunteer Coordinator,315-777-8006 or VETERINARY CLINIC CPT JULIE PAIGE BROWN 772-4262 Treatment Facility: 315-772-4262. Hours of operation: M, T, W, F 0830 to 1600. (Closed Thursdays).Internal and external parasite prevention is strongly recommended year-round, but it is even more importantduring warmer months (including September/October!), when insects are more active. Fleas and ticks (whichcarry Lyme and other diseases) are prevented with a monthly topical medication. Heartworms (carried bymosquitoes) and intestinal parasites are prevented with a monthly oral medication. For “high risk” outdooranimals (such as those that go hunting or hiking), we also offer Leptosporosis and Lyme disease vaccines.REGISTRATION / LICENSING: All dogs and cats living on Fort Drum MUST be registered with Fort Drum VeterinaryServices, within 45 days of arrival at Fort Drum. Dogs must also be licensed with the State of New York, with the townclerk where the animal lives. Pets living on Fort Drum must be licensed with the city of LeRay. This requires proof ofa current rabies vaccination. MICROCHIPPING: Fort Drum requires that ALL dogs and cats living on post must bemicrochipped. This ensures the return of your pet if lost (on post or off). Walk-in microchip clinics are held on Fridaymornings from 0900-1100. MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS: We are normally booked 3-4 weeks in advance – so forurgent medical care, we encourage you to pursue off-post treatment with a civilian vet. You MUST have anappointment for vaccination, ―sick call,‖ and health certificates. As soon as you find out you are traveling OCONUS,please contact us to ensure your pet meets the requirements for your destination. (For some countries, the pet healthcertification process takes several months). SURGERY: We offer spays, neuters, mass removals, and dentalcleanings. It is VERY beneficial for female puppies to be spayed before their first heat (6-7 months of age); this maymean taking them off-post for the surgery, since our waiting list is 5-6 months long. LOST PETS: If you lose your peton Fort Drum, please check this website: To arrange pick-upor drop-off of lost/found pets, call the Stray Facility (NOT the Vet Clinic) at 772-2072, or the MPs after hours. FOODMISSION: Veterinary Services ensures food safety for all Dining Facilities, MWR facilities, AAFES vendors, theCommissary, and TISA. If you have any questions regarding this portion of our mission, please contact SFCChristopher Lovrien at 772-4276.27. VOLUNTEER SUPPORT FUND (VSF) KARYN MINTZ 646-7080volsupfund@gmail.comWondering who we are? The Volunteer Support Fund provides reimbursement of childcare costs so people likeyou can volunteer within the Fort Drum community! Check us out on FaceBook: search Volunteer Support Fundfor Fort Drum. Don’t forget about the 22nd Annual Craft and Antique Show on 17 November at Monti Gym from1000-1600. VSF will be sponsoring the Elf Room where you can drop off your kids (age 3-12) for an hour to do acraft for $3 and take a picture with Santa for $5. All proceeds will benefit the NCSC scholarship and communityoutreach and the Volunteer Support Fund!! 12