Auspcious It Ain't, Chapter 2


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Auspcious It Ain't, Chapter 2

  1. 1. Hello! Welcome back to Auspicious It Ain’t, a Nickle & DimedChallenge. The challenge was originally created by Yamx, and has been reposted on Mod The Sims byAmalia81. The challenge is to have an unskilled single parent raiseat least two children to adulthood. There is no scoring; keepingyour head above water is about as good as you can hope for.Last time, the Toddler (Genevive) became a Child, and the baby(Beaudelaire) became a Toddler. Nobody starved to death or gottaken by the Social Worker, so all in all it’s been a rousing success.Let’s see if we can keep it up!
  2. 2. One note before we start: I would like to apologize for the fact thatmany of these pictures were taken at night. Beaudelaire napsduring the day and doesn’t sleep through the night -- and when he’sup, everyone’s up. Genevive has school during the day, and sinceYgraine has finally figured out that when they sleep, she sleeps,not much happens during the day.
  3. 3. Now that Genevive is a Child, she and Ygraine can help keep eachother’s Fun and Social meters up with a nice game of Red Hands orfour.
  4. 4. It doesn’t always work as well as you’d think.GENEVIVE: Mom, will you help me with my homework?YGRAINE: I’m potty training your brother, sweetie. (gesturesvaguely to her left) Ask Ralph, okay?GENEVIVE: Who? (suspiciously) You’re not seeing invisibletelepathic ninja rabbits like Dad, are you?YGRAINE: : Er, no. Of course not. Don’t be silly. I’ll help youafter I’ve trained your brother. And fed him. And cleaned thekitchen and the bathroom.GENEVIVE: I’ll take care of the kitchen and the bathroom.
  5. 5. Which she did, because Genevive is pretty cool. Only five Neatpoints, but she often acts like she’s got eight or nine. The familywon’t need a maid with her around. (Just as well, since they can’tafford one.)
  6. 6. True to her word, Ygraine taught Genevive how to study.
  7. 7. She also taught Beaudelaire how to go potty…
  8. 8. …and how to talk.
  9. 9. Although it did take rather a lot out of her.Pop quiz: Is the green stink cloud coming froma) Ygraineb) BeaudelaireAnswer:c) Both of them
  10. 10. Because Ygraine is getting more skilled at juggling everything,Beaudelaire actually got a bath in fairly short order.
  11. 11. Ygraine even managed to get the bills out of the mailbox, and not amoment too soon! Paying them used up about a quarter of thefamily’s bank balance, so getting a job soonish would probably bea good idea…
  12. 12. It won’t be while there’s still a small child in the house, though.Childcare is not cheap.Although Genevive does a marvelous job of helping out.GENEVIVE: See? See how this had four corners and that has fourcorners? Put it in there.BEAUDELAIRE: Corner fit?GENEVIVE: Yes, the corner will fit. You just have to turn it.
  13. 13. Genevive usually puts the leftovers away too.Although I have downloaded and usually use MogHughson’sSimply Leftovers mod, which allows a group meal to be put awayas individual plates, I am not using that functionality in thischallenge. It drastically reduces the chance of spoiled food andclouds of flies, so I’ve decided it isn’t really fair.
  14. 14. The family was so functional this time around that Ygraine evenmanaged to get dressed briefly, for the first time in four days.Of course, then she had to repair the tub, but that’s a small price topay for looking sharp, right?
  15. 15. And since I am now out of pictures, I will leave you with a cutepicture of Beaudelaire being put to bed by his mother.You don’t get to take many pictures in this challenge, what withthe whole trying-not-to-let-anybody-starve-or-be-removed thing…Until next time, Happy Simming!