Auspicious 3


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Auspicious 3

  1. 1. Hello! Welcome back to Auspicious It Ain’t, my attempt at aNickel & Dimed Challenge. There’s no scoring in this challenge --it’s pass/fail, and so far I’m passing. Barely.However, I do have something of a dilemma now. You may recallthat when the first chapter came out, I told you all about howYgraine and Beaudelaire had recently come out of the hospitalafter being admitted for threeps.* So what’s the dilemma?*“Threeps” is a disease that unravels alien Birth Queen DNA and will flat-outkill any purebred Birth Queens. This is why the aliens are so interested incoming up with a viable human-alien crossbreed. But you knew that.
  2. 2. The threeps seems to have not been as complete as previouslythought. See Beaudelaire’s neck and scalp?
  3. 3. This is hugely exciting from a scientific standpoint: the firstevidence that threeps might be reversible! It’s the first documentedspontaneous reversal, and rest assured that Ygraine andBeaudelaire will be poked, prodded, tested, and measured untilthey are sick of the sight of anyone in a white coat.Not that they will be paid for it, of course, and it doesn’t make theprevious hospital bills go away, but… SCIENCE!
  4. 4. Genevive never manifested any Birth Queen DNA, and she neverhad threeps. This is good, of course, and means that she will not bepoked, prodded, tested, and measured.Unfortunately, that also means that she’s often the only member ofthe family with enough free time to do chores around the hou -- er,trailer.
  5. 5. After the spontaneous remission, Beaudelaire’s birthday washardly worth taking note of. In accordance with ancient traditionand Eaxian programming, it took place in the bathroom.I wouldn’t shake Beadelaire’s hand just yet if I were you. I knowwhat he was doing ten seconds before the sparklies began.
  6. 6. Now that the kids are old enough to care for themselves, Ygrainehas found a job. Although it would have been awesome to find hera job as a Test Subject, jobs in the Science track are against therules. Instead, she has a job in the Gamer track. This also soundsawesome, until you realize that her job is to insert and eject a gamedisk, over and over, and to time how long it takes the console toperform both tasks.
  7. 7. Ygraine bought a gently-used table and chairs to celebrate. Nowthe kids can do their homework together!
  8. 8. All that studying pays off, too.GENEVIVE: Mom! Mom! I got an A+!YGRAINE: Wow.GENEVIVE: An A+, Mom! An A+!YGRAINE: In a minute, honey.
  9. 9. YGRAINE: But I have a job now! I’ll get my first paycheck at theend of the week. Can’t you wait until Friday? Please…?
  10. 10. Ygraine is mostly functional. She’s able to knock out many choresbefore the carpool comes, and both kids are big enough to help outnow.
  11. 11. They largely keep themselves amused, and sometimes even bringhome the right kind of friends.**The blond girl in the ponytail is Winifred Tsvirkunov from 100 Days ofAwesome. The family may not make a big deal of it, but they are filthy rich.
  12. 12. The biggest problem with the kids isn’t really their fault. You see,the bus leaves at eight in the morning. Ygraine sees the kids off,does a few chores, and heads out in her car pool at nine.
  13. 13. The bus gets home at three p.m., like all buses in everyone’s gameeverywhere.Unless they have some sort of hack or mod, I guess.
  14. 14. Ygraine gets home at four.The game has so far only given me a warning about Beaudelaire --I suspect that Ygraine came home before it could warn me aboutGenevive -- but the Social Worker is a real threat in this house.
  15. 15. Everybody needs a good splurge with their very first paycheck, andYgraine was no exception. To celebrate Mom’s new job, the familypainted the hallway and main room. Sure, the walls and the carpetmake an unusual combination, but it goes great with the linoleumin the kitchen.YGRAINE: What are you doing? Why are you doing yourhomework on the floor? I bought you a table and chairs!GENEVIVE and BEAUDELAIRE: Yeah, yeah.
  16. 16. Although that might not have been the best investment. You see, Iplace a breadfruit tree on the lot.The tree caught on fire, as breadfruit trees do, and refused to goout.I decided to sell the breadfruit tree, but the rules state that you canonly sell something to upgrade to a better one.The breadfruit tree costs $270, so I upgraded to a $275 tree.
  17. 17. Which promptly caught on fire.I was able to direct Ygraine to a safe distance away from the fire sothat she wouldn’t burn to death like a couple of Sims I had once.**See Already in Progress #10, part 2
  18. 18. Unfortunately, that “safe distance” was exactly where lightningwas next scheduled to strike.I suppose there’s a reason this story is called “Auspicious It Ain’t,”huh?Until next time, Happy Simming!