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My second chapter of the sticky sweet alphabuglacy!

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  1. 1. Sticky Sweet Chapter 2 Welcome back to my alphabauglacy. Of the sticky sweetness that is candy. When last we left off, our heir had gotten abducted, and our spares were training toddlers Being a looser, Aero didn't spin a single training desire... Come'on Aero! Your sister is a romance sim and she spun at least one desire. Kennedy is awesome, too bad I won't let him have anymore kids no matter how much his want panel spams it.
  2. 2. Airhead: “Look dude, I told you that I got abducted the other night. Why the flip would I lie about this? I'll bring in some gnarly photo's to prove it after I give birth. .... No the baby won't be the same green I am, with my dad's skin I'm not even sure it'll be green dude. Yeah.. Right... Bye.” Having some trouble with your boss? Airhead: “Yeah like dudette, how can they believe in plantsims but not aliens?” Well to be fair they have seen a plantsim. Airhead: “But still this is like totally uncool.”
  3. 3. Airhead: “Whoa, getting bigger! This pregnancy thing is like so awesome.” Glad you think so, nonplantsims tend to have a much harder time at it. Airhead: “Don't see how, this thing is like such a breeze man.” Plantsim pregnancy's really are the easiest I've had to deal with, really tempted to keep all the females from here on out plantsims if I can finagle it, but nah, this is a candy alphabuglacy not a plant one.
  4. 4. Airhead: “Ow ow ow, I think something is wrong with baby!” Squea! And nope, you're just in labor. Airhead: “Why's it gotta hurt?!” You didn't think all of it would be easier did you? Never mind that, it'll all be over soon, just twirl and pop the baby out of your plumb bob.
  5. 5. Aww look at that, rainbow eyes, guess we know which Airhead inherited from his dad. Airhead: “She's adorable, and green.” Was she worth it? Airhead: “Like totally dudette.” Hmmm, looks like she lacks both nose and ears, excellent Airhead: “She needs a name.” How about we name her Bit O Honey? Airhead: “Sounds like a fitting name for my sweet little baby.”
  6. 6. Willy: “Alright! A fridge.” -snickers- Waited for you to get home to buy it. You also have a granddaughter now. Willy: “Alright, granddaughter got you to give us a fridge!” -snorts- Way to have your priorities straight.
  7. 7. Birthday time! Whee! Grow her up so we can see the damage. Airhead: “Hey dad, don't alien dad's have black hair?” Willy: “They're supposed to...” Blinks in confusion at his blond granddaughter. “Maybe she's special though.” Airhead: “Of course she is, she's my little Honey.”
  8. 8. Bit O Honey here is a Virgo with a personality of 10/1/9/5/6, or very neat and active, very shy, and moderately playful and nice. I'm sure we'll get a better shot of her face later. For now her face is very alien, with her daddy's eyes. Looking at her wants panel, my theory on what they want to learn being based on their personality is holding out, she wants to learn to walk and go potty but not to talk.
  9. 9. She learned to potty so fast that I missed taking pictures of it. Willy though get's the pleasure of teaching her to walk. Both adults spun all the teaching wants, and neither is permaplat. Airhead got potty, and is at work now, Willy is taking walking and will let Airhead teach his own daughter how to talk.
  10. 10. Willy: “See Honey, one foot in front of the other like this. Thatta girl.” And Willy is so good at this, I'm guessing he missed the fact that he couldn't teach any of his children any of these skills.
  11. 11. -snickerfits- Having a bit of a helmet problem Willy? Willy: “Me and my head of razor leaves shall get this last skill point!” Sure Willy, just get it quick.
  12. 12. Airhead: “Come on, say bottle, bottle.” Honey: “Uh uh!” Look at want panel, do not want. I rarely have my shy children spin up the desire to learn to talk Airhead, you're fighting an uphill battle here. Airhead: “Ignore the crazy dudette and say bottle little Honey.”
  13. 13. Yoga for the win! Airhead: “I'd like to see you do this crazy dudette.” I have, it is hard, but makes you feel awesome. I'll admit I've never manged to do that pose fully though... Hmmm I need to get back into some Yoga. Especially since I cannot remember the name of that pose no more.
  14. 14. Airhead: Grumbles about crazy dudettes. You need those skill points, even if you never actually want them. Sheesh, lousy knowledge sim never even spins up follow up skill desires. Airhead: “Maybe if I thump myself on the head enough...” Now there's something our teacher never even tried to teach us. Wonder if it's real yoga.
  15. 15. -chuckles- You get water from fixing the shower? Airhead: “Of course dudette, don't you see all this water spraying everywhere? And you wonder why I call you crazy?” Well no I don't, I'm just amused by it.
  16. 16. Birthday time! And the verdict is... Oddly cute in my books. With an ok outfit. Which is good, because they can't afford to replace it just yet. Even though both her dad and grandpa are making a respectable amount of money. Honey: “I'm tired, where's my bed?” Just give me a moment Honey.
  17. 17. I give you a house! Or rather just a basement for now. I likes basements, and it has all the needed rooms.
  18. 18. Basement living at it's finest, kitchen, large bedroom, bathroom, and living room area. Her room is the only room with out a total flower theme, and there are even flowers along the top of the wall paper and her bedspread. But at least it's pink instead of green, right?
  19. 19. Anyways, walls down so you can see it better. I love basements, always one of my favorite part of building.
  20. 20. And see, we have our founders picture on a wall now.
  21. 21. Honey: “Hey dad, can you help me with my homework?” Airhead: “Sure kiddo. Now then, homework is lame, because it just is. So is teachers and school, the only reason my darling girl is going to your sucky establishment is because if she doesn't the man'll get us and take her away. In essence, you're lame, the man is lame, she should be able to stay home and become one with plants!” Honey: “Err... Thanks dad...” Next time I'll just ask grandpa or do it myself.
  22. 22. Alon Wheeler: “So how about winter Mr. Wonka.” Airhead: “I'm a plantsim, I don't like cold. Don't like school either, but private school is less boring than public.” You guessed it! Both dad and grandpa wanted Honey in private school, so head master time and I spaced out on photo's till now... Err, he chose a bad topic, but they had a good convo... No shmooze points though...
  23. 23. Alon: “Our school isn't world class yet, but it is still a very fine school. I sadly am the only head master at the moment.” Willy: “What sort of special classes do you have.” Airhead: Mumbles about the man and establishments. Willy: “Ignore my son, he didn't get dropped on his head enough as a toddler.” Glares at Airhead while kicking him under the table. Honey: Nods mostly listening wide eyed.
  24. 24. Alon: “Well we've got a new science lab on the helpfulness of bugs. Like lady bugs, they can help to keep plants pest free.” Willy: “Hmm, we'll need to invest in some of those eventually. Pests are needed to create plantsims so it'll have to wait I'm afraid.” Honey: “I like bugs.”
  25. 25. Alon: “You do Miss. Wonka?” Honey: “Yes, they're some of my best friends next to Daddy and Grandpa.”
  26. 26. Alon: “My best friend is the art teacher. She's also one of the favorite teachers in our school. I'm sure she'll be one of your best friends too.” ● Airhead: “Haha, man, I bet you want her to be more than friends right right?” Wink wink. ● Honey: Ignores her dad and flashes Alon a smile. “I hope so, I like making friends, it's just hard to meet them is all.” ● Alon: “I'll be glad to have such a delightful and bright child in my school.” ● We got in with a score of 93, 47 tour 46 food, and no schmooze. Don't know why I can no longer get schmooze points from good conversations and good dinner conversations. Nor why the headmaster just stands in place after the tour and won't try to go watch tv anymore... Maybe one of my new expansions messed with something. I'll try giving the tour last next time.
  27. 27. Honey: “I love you Mr. Cuddle Muffin.” Aww isn't she cute. Always nice never mean to her Mr. Cuddle Muffin.
  28. 28. Honey: “Yes! I got an A+. Daddy's not home and I don't want to bother Grandpa while he is gardening so I'll just stand here and cheer quietly to myself.” -chuckles- Ok, you do that.
  29. 29. ● Cearra: “So kid, how about that sun?” ● Honey: “Shh, watching tv, and the Dudette left the walls down.” ● Dudette huh? Guess that's as good a title as any, and whoops my bad.
  30. 30. Love the pirate outfit. Airhead: “Told you Space Pirate is an awesome goal to shoot for.” It annoys me that your vernacular doesn't fit squarely into any hole. Airhead: “Best way to beat the man.”
  31. 31. Willy: “You! You've poked me for the last time on our dime.” Vyn: “What do you mean I'm a good nanny.” Willy: “BS, you've been doing nothing but poking and insulting me all day.”
  32. 32. Willy: “Now get out before I call the cops, and don't let me see you again!” Vyn: Sputters, “Why I never!”
  33. 33. Vyn: Sniffles, “I can't believe he fired me...” Well maybe you shouldn't of been so mean to him. Only reason a fight didn't result was because you were still on the job. -glares at evil nanny who made my founder cry several times, while pondering ways to off her-
  34. 34. It's not like she needs a nanny anyways. Her dad and grandpa are never at work at the same time anymore, and she's about to grow up. Willy: “Good throw Honey, heads up I'm throwing it back to you.”
  35. 35. Airhead came home from work sick with a cold. I was in such a tizzy that I forgot to take pictures till now, and even then I forgot to hide the plumb bob. I made him rest in the green house as long as I could stand. I didn't notice the Airhead is healthy pop up, but he hadn't coughed in a while so I sent him to use his dad's career reward. Which is perfectly safe just so long as they have eight or more logic skill points. He only had the option to sell the virus so I guess he's all better. Even so, don't scare me like that Airhead! I don't know what I need to keep up to get plantsims healthy again. Airhead: “Wasn't in the plans Dudette, so wasn't in the plans.”
  36. 36. Plantsims, “Plants love me?” action is both cute and annoying. Cute because, well just look at that, sad Willy is cute. Annoying because they do it all the freakin time! Willy: “They don't love me... Meh, check on my grandkids will ya?”
  37. 37. Can do! This here is Rily as a child. While I wasn't looking he brought Honey home on the bus and befriended her.
  38. 38. And here we have Ty. You can better see his mother's eyes in this picture. He also brought his cousin Honey home. I thought she was shy? Why are they both bring her home?
  39. 39. Poor kid, even though she's left the toddler years behind her still most of her meals are of the liquid variety. Honey: “Eggplant tastes funny.” Eggplant gives you skill points, and fills your hunger, so drink up while I feel sorry for you.
  40. 40. Elderfied Willy yay! I'm actually starting to hate basements, I never realized how difficult it is to take decent pictures in them. Willy: “You also forgot to take a picture of me becoming permaplat, can I retire now?” D'oh! Willy's lifetime want was to become a Mad Scientist, which he accomplished a while ago. You can retire just as soon as you use up your vacation days mister. Willy: “Right'o.”
  41. 41. Honey: “Hello Mr. Cuddle Muffin how has your sleep been? You think Dudette should stop taking stalkerish pictures? Me too, let's hug now though.” D'awww, she's adorable, and hey! These aren't stalkerish these are documentory. Honey: “Mr. Cuddle Muffin, I, and my lack of outgoing points disagree.” You're always playing with Mr. Cuddle Muffin and never with your doll house how come? Honey: “I like cuddles more, now don't change the subject Dudette.”
  42. 42. Moving on! She's always so good about putting Mr. Cuddle Muffin down so he faces the wall. Honey: “Of course don't want anyone to walk off with him.” Right. Anyways, she is much loved by both the adults in the house. Willy: “Want to Dance with your old Grandpa Honey?” Honey, proving that once again you don't have to be cute to be adorable.
  43. 43. Dad and grandpa are both constantly spinning up wants for this girl. Airhead: “One last tickle before the sparkles.” Honey: Giggles trying to escape the tickling.
  44. 44. Finally we get a halfways decent picture of teenified Bit O Honey. That outfit isn't too bad, except for the boots, the boots ick. Honey: “Using my full name? I guess it is a bit of a special occasion. I don't like the outfit, it's ugly, needs more pink. Can I go buy a new one.” Yup special occasion. No sorry no new outfit yet. We need to save up that money to buy your grandpa a community lot so you guys can sell all this food you're growing. Honey rolled popularity... How does that fit her? Gah popularity with one outgoing point. Her lifetime want is... That is not a popularity lifetime want, I'm sorry but no popularity sim wants to become a mad scientist. -re-rolls that- Ah that's better... and worse. Twenty simultaneous best friends... Only sim I've ever done that with is Puck Summerdream, and he was born to be popularity. I'll do my best girl but I make no promises.
  45. 45. Annnd here we go! Business time. We got a little store with some area to grow out back. A strip of planting area and one tree to help them grow more food. Willy's Farmstead, should be fun! FYI best of business is the first expansion I ever got, and Seasons the second and last. I may get others eventually but I doubt I'll like any of them as much as I like these two.
  46. 46. A little peek inside the store. Not much yet, just a little grocery stand thinger, and two display cases for their fruit and vegetables. Airhead: “So how about them tomatoes? Looking mighty fine for having been sitting in my dad's pants for about a week don't they?” Random Elder Townie: “Hmm, yeah I guess they do.”
  47. 47. Doesn't Willy look delightfully grumpy to be working the cash register? Willy: “I'm going to ring you up, this is my first time so it's going to take a while missy. You though are going to stand there patiently and like it! Or else.....” Random Townie: “Err, ok old man.”
  48. 48. So I decided to get a flower arranging bench while they're here and put Airhead to work getting a gold flower arranging badge for them snapdragons. Which also means more things to sell!
  49. 49. They kinda ran out of stuff to sell and I'm not ready to send them home. So I sent them to the community lot to tend the trees till they bear fruit and to fish between tending.
  50. 50. Which quite frankly took a while. Willy: “Catching anything good Airhead?” Airhead: “A bite here and there Dad, but no golden trout yet.”
  51. 51. Finally though, success was found. Just another day or so and the apple and lemon treas bore fruit as well. Willy: “Hehehe, free food free food. This is awesome. I do miss Honey though.”
  52. 52. As you can see, business is going quite well. Here we are letting Willy take a break from manning the cash register and selling to restock. Willy: “Stupid customers buying stuff so I have to restock. How can that idiot in the back ground be lost?”
  53. 53. Here is Airhead, taking a break from arranging flowers to tend the tree. Airhead: “Which isn't much of a break dudette, especially at night. There's a sun lamp in there!” Your dad is being a grumpy old man. Airhead: “Oh yeah... Yay I get to be outside!”
  54. 54. Finally we return with a level eight business and a gold flower arranging badge. In celebration Honey gets something other than eggplant juice to eat. Honey: “Isn't this the lobster that we fed the headmaster?” Uh, yeah, is that a problem? Honey: “Nope just checking, and pointing out how long it's been since I've had solid food.” You can buy new clothes tomorrow! Honey: “Awesome! Pinkness here I come!”
  55. 55. I meant after school Honey. Honey: “Can't hear you, getting rid of stupid pink for awesome pink.” You're going to miss your school bus and you're in private school it won't matter till after school anyways. Honey: “I can just walk to school, and... shuddup.”
  56. 56. Honey: “Hmmm yes I think this'll do.” What did you pick out? Honey: “I'll show you after school.”
  57. 57. Community Lot Register Teen: “That'll be two hundred simolinens.” Aww but I wanna see now that we've got it. Honey: “Here you go. I don't want to be late to school Dudette, walking is one thing lateness no.” -sulks- Your dad would be fine with being late to school. Honey: “Not my dad.”
  58. 58. See school bus gone. Honey: “See me walking to school.” -sniffs- They grow up so fast, look at her being all responsible and going to school on time. Umm, why yes I am a bit bi-polar at times why do you ask?
  59. 59. Honey: “More eggplant juice? I thought we were done with this because I didn't roll a career life time want.” Nope, sorry Honey but you are getting a job, we need a candy machine! And, I'm to busy trying to fulfill your lifetime want to try and earn those skills the old fashion way. Honey: “Hmm, eggplant juice meal replacement, verses time to make friends... Bottoms up!”
  60. 60. Back to the store for a bit to earn some more cash and get rid of more inventory! Also, maybe a level ten business, please? Willy: “We'll see.”
  61. 61. Airhead: “Yo! Well Dressed Goopy Clone, you want to like buy a rose because they'll bring you fame, fortune, girls, and best of all they'll help you defeat the man!” WDGC: “Yes yes! I'll buy one, no a dozen no three dozen!” Willy: “Hehe, my son is a good sales man.” Why yes, yes he is Willy.
  62. 62. We got a good review, and business is booming even more than usual. Good times I tell ya, good times.
  63. 63. Finally! Honey: “I look good don't I?” Yes lil' Bit yes you do.
  64. 64. Willy: “Ok Honey before you come to the business I need to give you some perception rewards. Now see, seeing what people want, and knowing how to get them to buy what you want them to is like an art.” Honey: Nods eagerly, soaking it all in.
  65. 65. Before she'll even think about selling to people though, she insists on cleaning the shower.
  66. 66. Honey: “So Mr. Badly Dressed, how would you like to purchase a fish that's been sitting in this display case for over a week?” I don't think that's a very good sales tatic... Mr. BD: “Hmm, it does look good.” Honey: “Don't knock it if it works Dudette.” Sims, they make no sense.
  67. 67. Willy: “You really want this rose!” Mr. BD: “I do! I do! Give me a dozen!” Willy: “Heheh, too easy.” You're not even trying anymore. Willy: “Nope, don't need to, do I?”
  68. 68. Honey is taking her turn at gaining that gold badge. Where her dad preferred green with occasional forays into white and yellow, she much prefers pink with occasional forays into white and red.
  69. 69. Another day been home and back again, and look pie! I personally don't know a single farmers stand that doesn't sell eggs, poultry, and jam. We can't do that normally, but we can sell turkey, omelets, and pie. We've also got Honey's flowers selling alongside her dad's left overs as well. Note; once they gain a badge they stop making what they were making and start with the next most expensive thing, it seems a waste not to sell what's already been made though. … No it's not raining inside, that graphic just covers everything for some reason.
  70. 70. I missed the badge but here's the proof, Honey earned her gold flower arranging badge! Aero: “Awesome job Niece, too bad I never think to buy those while here, just the other flowers and food stuff.” Honey: “Thanks Aunt Aero. Maybe I'll convince you to actually accept me showing you something someday.” Aero: “Haha, good one!”
  71. 71. And how does she celebrate... By washing the windows.
  72. 72. Willy is sadly going senile. There's no one loitering and yet he insists on walking around shooing nonexistent people away before he'll go home. Deleted him and tried to have someone else go home. Nope.... Pulled out batbox, nuked off lot loiters that did it!
  73. 73. Dora is constantly heartfarting Willy, and I feel bad about never letting him have romance, even though he was a good little knowledge sim and never rolled the want to flirt, unlike some sims.... -stares hard at Airhead- So! I had Willy call her up and check her out. Three bolts! No common turn on's, hot diggity. Willy's turn on's are glasses and plant sims. Willy: “Flora, I really like the way you beat up other sims, makes me think you'd be excellent for Nanny hunting.” Dora: “Oh Willy.” Swoons. Never noticed that before... Why's there a mail carrier in the kitchen?
  74. 74. Hmm, might be David Ottomas I suppose. Willy: Ignores ramblings. “Psst, Dora did you hear about Sandy?” Dora: “No what?” Willy: Whispers. Dora: “Teehehe, really?”
  75. 75. Another night of stargazing, another night of sending Willy to use spo... Wait no no not grow a plant baby! You're supposed to use spores of happiness! Arrrrg! Willy: “Well would you look at that, another adorable baby girl.”
  76. 76. Grrr, darnit Willy. Smug Willy: “What? She's adorable isn't she?” -sigh- Yes she is, now go put her in the green house and then come back to spore your son's sunshine back up.
  77. 77. And here she is dancing to some music. She also gave me the chance to use an awesome name that I didn't find until after gen b was on it's way. I give you Abba Zabba. She's a scorpio with a personality identical to Willy's. Little bit of trivia, Abba is actually one of my favorite names to use, I've always given at least one Monster Rancher Monster and one of my Pokemon the name. Only much later did I find that it was the name of one of my parents favorite bands when I was little, and even later I found out that it means father in Hebrew, I think. Which is fitting because until now it's always found it's self upon boys.
  78. 78. We take a break from your regular scheduled legacy to bring you spares growing up. First up is Rily, growing up in an okish outfit that will never get changed. He rolled Romance like both his parents.
  79. 79. Next we have Ty. Who grew up in something slightly better than his cousins managed He also rolled romance. Now we return you back to your legacy still in progress.
  80. 80. Airhead: “Sitting in the sun and the sprinklers to skill is fun huh sis?” Abba: “Whee music!” Airhad: Chuckles as he gains a mechanical point, while thwarting himself out of aspiration points by not rolling a single fragging want for them.
  81. 81. Honey: “Aren't you just the most adorable little aunty ever! How about I take you in to have a bath and then we'll make best friends?” Abba: “Whee water!” Her water is full she doesn't need a bath put her down or socialize no baths. Honey: “But she's a toddler and so dirty and so needs a bath.” No she's a plant sim plant sims don't get dirty. Honey: “But I must clean her!” Put the toddler down! Honey: “Fine.” Sulks putting Abba down finally.
  82. 82. I can't get enough of watching her dance, she's so adorable. If I didn't tell her to do other things this is what she'd be doing constantly. To bad I don't have the proper expansion for smustling, I'm sure she'd be wonderful at it when she grows up. Abba: “I was born for the music lady.”
  83. 83. See Willy told you we'd let you retire when you used up those vacation days. Willy: “About time, I want to work on maxing all my skills ya know.” Ah yeah... See the thing is, I'm lazy, the garden needs tending, and you have a business to run. I'll work on it, but I make no promises about letting you become permaplat again. Willy: “I don't like the sounds of that...”
  84. 84. Now here we have Abba all grown up. Abba: “I'm gorgeous, I want six grandkids.” Yes you are, and sorry not happening you aren't heir so you only get one child and one grand child. Abba: “Aww fine but can I have a first kiss and fall in love.” Sure just move out. Yes Abba here rolled family, it seems that removing that better life time want hack did fix the inappropriate rolling glitch.
  85. 85. Abba: “Whee I'm moving I'm moving!” Honey: “Aww do you have to Abba? I'll miss you.” Abba: “I want kids so yes. I'll phone stalk you though I promise! Honey: “It's a deal then!” None of my other plant sim spawn had any friends when moving out, and here Abba had two sims wrapped around her pinky finger as a toddler.
  86. 86. Bye Abba, Honey and Willy will miss you. Which is more than can be said for the other spares. Abba: “Just take care of my family while I'm gone, ok?” Will do little lady, now go find a husband.
  87. 87. And here we are back at the store while Willy trys to impart the perception benefits to Airhead. Willy: “And that's the art of checking out moods.” Airhead: “Uh huh, ok Dad...” Willy: Sighs, “We really should just give the business to Honey.” But we don't know that she'll be heir yet, Willy could still get pregnant again. Willy: “Not likely, and even if he does it's highly unlikely that you'll get a better sim for your plots than Honey.” It's still possible though.... Willy: Remains unconvinced. Airhead: “Yo dudes, not cool talking about me as if I'm not here.
  88. 88. And the store gets a make over! We now have two more rows for plants, five more trees, a pond, more room inside, and even a few things for sale that they didn't produce. I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of the new layout inside.
  89. 89. I didn't make it out in time to catch the gold badge, so here's proof that Honey got the gold gardening badge the hard way. Honey: “Soon I'll have friends all over the world, and our small little grocery store will become nationwide. With your help of course little egg plant.”
  90. 90. Because I haven't been having her dad and grandpa spore her enough, Honey gets to meet the energizer! Honey: “Oooooh this is sooooo fun aaaahhh!”
  91. 91. Ah ha! I finally did it! I caught some one's badge, it's just a bronze one but so what I did it! Honey: “Hmmm, now I wonder if I can get a silver restocking badge.” Honey, seriously, what the hell is wrong with your dad! He never wants to get badges even after getting an old one. While you, true you rarely roll wants to get skill points, but you're a pop sim and want to advance your badges! Well not entirely true, he wanted a bronze fishing badge but then didn't care to get the silver fishing badge. Honey: “I don't think he likes being knowledge, or maybe he just doesn't like spring.” ...Ya think? Honey: “I dunno, maybe? I gotta get back to restocking now though.”
  92. 92. Willy had a want that just would not go away, so I had him invite Dora to a community lot. First thing they autonomously did was this. Willy: “Oh Dora I love you old townie smell.” Dora: “Oooh, hush Willy and kiss me more.” They're somehow adorable..
  93. 93. Willy: “Want to hear about Sandy again?” Dora: “Yeah, teehee, go on.”
  94. 94. Dora: “I'll just slip on in here and umm help him with his cufflinks yeah that's what I'm doing.” -fails to point out the camera watching their every move in there-
  95. 95. CLRT: “Whoo yeah! Get it on old people!” -snickers- Some one was peeking at the security camera.
  96. 96. Dora: “Nothing to see here young lady.” CLRT: Snickers, “Sure old lady.”
  97. 97. Willy: “Alright, I got me some woohoo, and Dora likes my outfit, think I might buy it.” Well, it does look good on you, and I am getting tired of the plant sim out fit, so go ahead. Willy: “You also can't always tell whether it's me or Airhead.” .... Quiet you.
  98. 98. Willy: “Dora, even though I'm glitching into my mad scientist outfit, and you probably don't have long to live, will you marry me?” Dora: “OhMyGosh! Yes yes!”
  99. 99. They do look adorable together though don't they. Especially at this angle where it's so hard to see the mess that is Dora's face. Willy: “Hey that's my fiance you're talking about.” I'm breeding for messy faces remember. Willy: “The word you used was interesting...” Dora: “Just smile for the camera Willy.”
  100. 100. Wanted to do a day time wedding, but also wanted to have all the kids in attendance. Since Airhead's and Dora's schedules conflicted I had to go night time instead. Dora: “Oh I'm so excited!” Willy: “Me too my love.” This is slide 100 though. So tune in next time for a wedding or two, more telescoping, and the birth of Abba's child!