Auspicious It Ain't, Chapter 4


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Auspicious It Ain't, Chapter 4

  1. 1. Welcome back to Auspicious It Ain’t, the pass/fail hardshipchallenge that I am currently passing… barely.To recap, Ygraine is a divorced single mother raising Genevive andBeaudelaire on a very limited income. She is restricted to only afew career tracks and she is forbidden from earning more than onepoint in most skills. The children have no such restrictions, butthey are still children.Yes, I am aware that both “Genevive” and “Beaudelaire” aremisspelled, but at least I got “Ygraine” right. Shall we proceed?
  2. 2. The rotation got off to a good start: everyone was up, bathed, anddressed in good order. Ygraine and Beaudelaire were both ratherlow on Fun, but Red Hands is wonderful for fixing that… not tomention that it’s free.
  3. 3. Later that same day, Ygraine got promoted thanks to a good chancecard…
  4. 4. …and Beaudelaire came home with an A+ report card.See? Red Hands before the carpool really does work!
  5. 5. Now, I don’t know if you read the popup in that screenshot ofYgraine’s promotion, but it gave her work hours… after the kidsare home from school.Genevive is a sensible girl, and she called for a nanny right away.(This is allowed under the challenge rules provided the family canafford it.) She then encouraged the nanny to watch TV instead ofharming anything, and took care of herself and her brother.TALK SHOW HOST ON TV: Zeeshan… you ARE the father!ZEESHAN ON TV: No! I ain’t! I cain’t be! My wife’ll kill me!AUDIENCE ON TV: (shrieks of delight)
  6. 6. Fortunately for the family’s bank account, Genevive transitioned toTeen that same night.In the bathroom, naturally.GENEVIVE: Thank you for your help. We won’t be needing youanymore.NANNY: But now where will I watch Who’s Your Daddy?
  7. 7. Genevive then proceeded to fix the sink, because she’s kind ofawesome like that.Also, Ygraine had already earned her one Mechanical skill point.For those who are interested in such things, Genevive is a PleasureSim who likes Charismatic and Athletic people, as long as theyaren’t too Logical.
  8. 8. Ygraine came home shortly thereafter, having been fired thanks toa bad chance card.
  9. 9. The next day, I had Ygraine take the first job in the paper: EMT.Her new work schedule gave her the day off, but secure in theknowledge that she had a good paycheck due to start coming in,Ygraine paid some bills and settled in to enjoy the free day.
  10. 10. She spent plenty of time in the garden, for one thing. Gardeningraises Fun and is quite useful. I will admit, though, that itsusefulness is more of a long-term thing than a short-term one. TheRossi family will eventually save money on their grocery bill, butright now it costs them a fair amount of time.
  11. 11. Not that Ygraine grudges it. In fact, if her face is anything to go by,she’s probably humming to herself.
  12. 12. Ygraine used her previous promotion bonus to spruce up thekitchen a bit and to buy the family a dartboard. This made new-minted Pleasure Sim Genevive very happy indeed.
  13. 13. She also dropped rather a lot of money on a sewing machine. I’mnot entirely sure why I thought this would be a good idea. Yes, itwould help Ygraine to earn her one allowable Creativity point, andyes, it’s against the rules to sell easel paintings, so an easel wouldnot help the family budget. But an easel costs one-third the price ofthis sewing machine. I think that I was thinking that it was alogical investment for a family on a budget, since it would allowthem to make their own clothes.I don’t have Free Time. They can’t make any clothes, or any othercraftables either. And according to the rules, I can only sell an itemto replace it with a more expensive one, so we’re stuck with it.
  14. 14. Even worse, about two hours before the carpool was due to pickYgraine up, I realized that EMT is in the Medicine career track.Ygraine is not allowed to take a job in the Medicine career track.I had her quit the job immediately (pictured above). Since Ygrainedidn’t actually go to work or get any benefit from being in thetrack, I think I can say that I haven’t lost the challenge. Still, it wasa whole day wasted when she could have been working.
  15. 15. At least the kitchen looks nice, right?I’ll have to see about getting Genevive a job next rotation. Notonly will it help with the finances, but it could help withscholarships. Genevive wants to Go To College, but the rules saythat she can’t unless she earns at least $2,500 in scholarships. Thatcould be tough…And that’s all I have this time around! You don’t get many chancesfor pictures in this challenge. Until next time, Happy Simming!