Auspicious It Ain't, Chapter 5


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Auspicious It Ain't, Chapter 5

  1. 1. Hi! Welcome back to Auspicious It Ain’t, where I am only justmanaging to pass this pass/fail challenge. I don’t seem to makevery good budgeting decisions. Or very good career decisions.Rather like real life, actually. (sigh)But I absolutely cannot take any credit (blame?) for Genevive’souterwear. Since she Grew Up in the summer, this is the first I’veseen of it, and it’s pretty hilarious.And now, on with the show!
  2. 2. You may recall that last time, I accidentally got Ygraine a job in acareer track that she wasn’t allowed to be in. Fortunately, she hadnot yet gone to work, and I had her quit. First thing this rotation,she found a new job in the Culinary career. There’s always roomfor a good dishwasher!Of course, the day she took the job was one of her scheduled daysoff, so no money came in yet again.
  3. 3. Lucky for me, though, Genevive is under no career-trackprohibitions, and she was able to find an after-school job as fileclerk for a law firm.No, I’m not sure which one. Probably Dewey, Cheatham & Howe.**Note to my non-American readers: If you don’t get that joke, just ask. I’ll behappy to explain it.
  4. 4. I had to adjust my usual playstyle again when the family ran out offood in the fridge. Normally, I’d just sell the fridge and buy a newone, since new fridges come fully stocked. Alas, such shortcuts areagainst the rules of this challenge… although I’m not sure theycould have afforded a new fridge anyway.After the delivery fee and all the groceries they could afford, therewere a whopping fifteen Simoleons left in the bank.
  5. 5. Genevive rolled the Want to Gain a Skill Point, and since the kidsin this challenge are allowed to deliberately skill, I sent her to dosome sewing. (It builds Creativity.)Now, as you can see, I have a cc sewing machine because I don’thave Free Time. Something I had completely forgotten about wasthat this particular sewing machine pays out money for every sooften you use it. I wouldn’t mind that so much, since you can sellcrafted items off the Free Time machine, although it’s against therules to do so.
  6. 6. However, this sewing machine pays out $1,000 for every hour ofuse. That defeats the whole point of the challenge, so I stoppedGenevive working on it right away, and nobody will use it again.(grumbles) And I can’t even sell it, because you’re not allowed tosell things unless you’re upgrading to a nicer one. I’d have to buy a$3,000 piano to get rid of the sewing machine.(sigh) Say hello and goodbye to the fountain I bought with thesurprise $1,000. I tucked it away in Beaudelaire’s inventory, sonobody will get any good out of the money.
  7. 7. The following morning, the tomatoes were ready for harvesting. (Ifonly they’d been ready a day earlier!) I had Ygraine stock thefridge with half of them and sell the other half, but now that I thinkabout it, I think that perhaps she shouldn’t have sold them. It’s notexplicitly forbidden, but after some consideration, I think itprobably comes under the same heading as any other make-and-sell-able item.
  8. 8. Unfortunately, I can’t take back the money Ygraine earned for thetomatoes, since the family already spent it on a trip to The TackyFlamingo.* Genevive and Beaudelaire enjoyed the bowling, and Ilearned that Children will pick up the bowling ball with both handsand then roll it at the pins.*A venue owned by my (un)Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge family.
  9. 9. A strategy that seems to have worked out very well forBeaudelaire.
  10. 10. Ygraine, meanwhile, enjoyed a good long soak in the hot tub.The Tacky Flamingo has a Cheap admission price, but at $15 perperson per hour, the money from the tomatoes was gone prettyquickly. Perhaps we could call this a wash, if I promise not to do itagain ever?
  11. 11. Although I don’t know if it truly is a wash, considering…OLD ADAM SHANKEL, WITH THE NIFTYMUSTACHE/SIDEBURNS COMBO: Are these your children,madam?YGRAINE: Yes, are they a problem? I’m so sorry! We can leave…OLD ADAM: No, no, not at all! They have very pretty manners,the little chap in particular. How old is he?YGRAINE: He’s eleven.OLD ADAM: Eleven! A very good age indeed. I have agranddaughter who is eight.
  12. 12. YGRAINE: That’s nice.OLD ADAM: Do you think your son would like to be betrothed tomy granddaughter?YGRAINE: I -- Golly, that’s an unusual question, I --OLD ADAM: Provisionally, of course. The children would need toagree to the match themselves within a reasonable timeframe,perhaps three days after your son reaches Adult? I should mentionthat my granddaughter will be a woman of property.Old Adam has a habit* of doing things like this, actually…*See, for instance, “(Not) Heiress Rose” or “Oh Joy, Oh Rapture Unforeseen”in Ruth’s (un)Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge.
  13. 13. Being betrothed (provisionally, of course) doesn’t seem to havemade much of an impact on Beaudelaire. On day two of therotation, he was out there planting more tomatoes. He seems toenjoy gardening.
  14. 14. And this would be why I’m planting more tomatoes even thoughYgraine really can’t make any money off them: they’re healthy andfilling and stock the fridge up nice and full!I personally wouldn’t put tomatoes in my cereal, but then, I don’tcare for tomatoes.
  15. 15. Against all sense, Ygraine has decided that the family needs a dog.It’s not like pets cost anything to feed. Or need chew toys if youwant intact furniture. Or rack up lots of money in vet fees.Nah, pets are basically free entertainment. Right?This little charmer is only a stray, and her relationship withYgraine is not quite high enough to be adopted yet, but I have highhopes.
  16. 16. Genevive went off to her fist day of work with no fuss, and sheseemed to enjoy herself. Or at least her Fun meter wasn’tcompletely red when she got home…
  17. 17. With the money from Genevive’s first day on the job, the familyfixed up her bedroom. The bed, bedding, and dresser are muchmore grown-up (and expensive, as per the rules) than the race carones that used to be there. A coat of paint, a new carpet, and someinexpensive paneling add to the sophistication of the room. Thepennant from ISI -- where Genevive will be going to college, if shehas any say in the matter -- is the finishing touch.
  18. 18. Of course, Genevive does still have to share with her little brother.
  19. 19. I’m not sure if this makes sharing less of a problem, or more. Atany rate, Beaudelaire has aged up to Teen, in better outwear thanGenevive managed.For those who are interested, Beaudelaire is a Fortune Sim wholikes charismatic girls who wear makeup, as long as they don’t goand spoil it all by being too logical.Which is me out of pictures again. I think I may have mentionedhow hard it is to find the time to take them?
  20. 20. Just one last question before I go: Do you think Beaudelaire has elfears? (If he does, I can’t think where he got them…) Or is this justa flaw in the hair mesh?Until next time, Happy Simming!