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Sr coming to a screen near you

  1. 1. Agricultural College the rural sector-Skills Recognition for2 Campuses-Hunternear you…coming to a screenAnd Riverina Hunter campus is a largeWell right here, today commercial farm
  2. 2. ➠ Full time residential students-youth market➠ Trainees➠ External students-online➠ Short courses➠ Skills recognitionApprox 450 graduates per year4000 short course participants
  3. 3. Agriculture in Australia does not havea strong culture of training High level of skills and knowledge acquired on the job. Enter or
  4. 4. We have been doing Our approach:skills recognition Skills recognition isthrough an done the candidate since 1996. college staffIt is viewed as the for most adult education. We go to the This comes from candidate & have the view that . adults are not (Freire, 1996).
  5. 5. ➠Pre interview work➠ On site interview at place of work➠ Post interview
  6. 6. We have embraced different technology toimprove the interview processGradually moved from paper based to digitalpresented in an . No more hard copy filesThe is stored on a shared,password protected drive accessible by thevalidators and principal.
  7. 7. So lets go back in time… In the beginning, interviews were . Evidence was collected, taken back to the office to copy, originals returned in the mail.
  8. 8. Then we got a . Farmers were impressed!! Written notes were takenA digital camera was used to take a photo ofthe candidate
  9. 9. Some bright spark suggested a scanner instead of the copier. Farmers were even more impressed!!Notes were takenon a laptop
  10. 10. Along came .Farmers werestunned!!
  11. 11. We started to usethe totake photos ofevidence.No more copier ORscannerStart of the digital ageLife was never thesame again
  12. 12. Computer gotmore high tech.Mini laptop withwireless keyboard.Notes recordedon the go anddigital photosadded postinterview
  13. 13. Then came the . Bye bye camera. The farmersThis is where werewe are today speechless
  14. 14. Paper caseBoth are time consuming to collate.The digital case takes more time in theinterview as photos are labeled as theygo using iPad apps. Digital case
  15. 15. Candidates photo DeclarationsSummary info Farm descriptionCV & quals Photo IDEnrolment form Unit information & evidence in each folder
  16. 16. The e-portfolio created iPad Photos tagged PDF forms are usedby College staff NOT the during the interview & during the interview &candidate added to the case added to the case Case is completed & e-portfolio is created using Adobe Acrobat Professional XIt is put on a common Validators use a digital Validators are notifieddrive (on a server) and is signature to approve & that the case is readypassword protected principal is notified Principal reviews & approves with digital signature
  17. 17. • Collecting everything digitally & then printing it!• E-portfolios was the logical next step• It can move between assessors from their desktop• We can give the candidate a copy of the completed case
  18. 18. Pros Cons• No printing & storage • Significant investment in• Ease of movement new technology & staff between validators development• Candidate receives a copy • Workplace interview• Ability to use other forms takes longer of evidence-video & audio • Risk of losing data
  19. 19. • Everyone still learning & getting used to the idea• No major tech failures• Jury’s out on whether it saves time
  20. 20. Skills Recognition forthe rural sector-coming to a screennear you…Thank you