Film trailer the dark knight screen shots


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Film trailer the dark knight screen shots

  1. 1. Analysing The Dark Knight- Screen Shots- Narrative StoryFilm Trailer
  2. 2. Screen ShotsThis is an extreme long shot of the character. Thisallows us to see the environment he is in. We wonderwhy he’s standing on the edge of a building. That factthat he looks like a dark silhouette creates suspicionfor this character. It connotes the film genre action asyou feel he may jump off.This high angle birds’ eye view shot looking downon the town worries viewers slightly. Itemphasises how high up a character ispositioned. It also provides a location shot as wecan see where the film is set. The dark lightingimplies a possible dark story line.The shot shows a what looks like an ordinaryman jumping off a building. The birds’ eye viewshot shows just how high he is making viewersworry for the characters safety. The blue lightingrepresents the dark coloured costume Batmanwears.
  3. 3. Screen ShotsAn institutional reference appears in the centre of thescreen drawing emphasise to it. A blue colouredsmoke can be seen connoting mystery. The Batmanlogo outline can be seen around the institutionalreference. This links to the main character and thename of the film.Once again a high angle shot is used to set thechange of location. It feels like we’re flying over itmuch like what Batman could do putting viewersinto his position. We start to understand thatheights isn’t a problem for this character.This scene clearly indicates the location of this film. You cansee the American flag in the background suggesting the filmis set in America. The medium shot shows a man dressed ina smart suit showing there will be some serious elements inthe film where possibly members of authority get involved.This suggests the antagonist may affect Americas state ofequilibrium.
  4. 4. Screen ShotsThe close- up/ medium shot from behind the Joker is the firsttime we see him. His dark coloured suit represents his darkpersonality. His scruffy hair connotes he doesn’t look afterhimself well or his personal appearance. We wonder whothis person is and why he’s entering an office. The cameraangle and slight tracking movement positions viewers as ifwe’re following him like sidekicks.This is a shot of a car breaking through awindow. This connotes the genre action again.The dark lighting emphasises the dark criminalaction. The light situated above the car highlightsit in this shot drawing attention to it.This is the first time we see the Jokers face in the trailer. Theclose- up shot places viewers close to him allowing as to geta good look of his unique appearance so we can spot himthroughout the trailer and film. A shallow depth of field isused to make all of the viewers attention on him; not thebackground. Emphasise is made towards his eyes and lipsespecially with exaggerated make- up. He’s wearing whitepaint on the rest of his skin. We like the unique twist of the
  5. 5. Screen ShotsThis long shot of the street allows us to see just how manymembers of the police force are in this one location. The fact wecan see a lot strongly suggests the antagonist is not only targetingthe protagonist but effecting members of the public who now needprotecting. It also shows the amount of panic which is happening. Ifthe police force are panicking then viewers will defiantly feel slightlyworried for the safety of other characters. This shot also stronglyconnotes the film genre action.This is a medium shot of an explosion. Thispositions viewers close to the action making usfeel a bit weary of the situation. The yellow andorange colours are bold amongst the black andwhite. Yellow and orange connote danger.An extreme shot is used to show another explosion.The camera is in the sky looking down on the actionmaking it feel as though we’re watching the actionfrom a helicopter recording the incident. From here,we can see the huge scale of the explosion. Theexplosions represent the genre action really well.
  6. 6. Screen ShotsThe over the shoulder shot feels as though we’relistening into the characters convocation. The factthey’re wearing suits once again represents a seriousside to the film. It shows the characters acting upperclass which may attract a upper class audience to seethe film.This long shot of Batman allows us to see his uniquecostume. The dark costume, lighting and locationcould connote that he has a slightly bad side to him orthat he’s a mysterious character because he tends tohide and not make a big thing about himself in theBatman costume. The fact he landed on a car createsshock because it shows the protagonist ruining a car.This is a medium shot of the Joker allowing us to see hisunique facial make- up and costume. We can also see a gunwhich strongly connotes the genre action is featuring a lot inthe film. A slight shallow depth of field is used with the Jokerin focus drawing emphasise towards him making him moreauthoritative than the people in the background. The peoplein the background are shown panicking showing he is a
  7. 7. Screen ShotsThe two shot shows the Joker leaning towards the womanand her leaning backwards. This shows that the Joker is aconfrontational character who will do anything to get his way.Again, we can see his unique facial make- up. The shallowdepth of field draws emphasise on the two characters. Thefact that the woman is positioned slightly closer to thecamera rather than the Joker places viewers on her side asif we want to back her up even though we don’t really knowthe situation.This is an extreme long shot looking down on the manstanding on the edge of a building. The extreme long shotallows us to see the location of the character and realise justhow high this man is. It puts viewers on the edge of theirseats because we are worried for the mans safety andwonder why he is there. The dark lighting once againportrays this mystery man.The slightly low angle shot looking up at the manbehind the lectern gives him authority suggesting heis going to say something important. Viewers arepositioned inside the film feeling like we’re in one ofthe seats in the room as we can only see otherpeoples heads as well. The scene suggests that thedisruption has caused authority to gather to try to
  8. 8. Screen ShotsThis shot focuses on Batman on his bike and the flames.The bright flames stand out because the rest of the frame ismake up of dark colours. This connotes danger. The facethat we can’t see any other cars etc. suggests the streetshave been cleared due to the disequilibrium. Therefore, theBatman is emphasised. The fact he is shown speedingfurther suggests the main genre for this film is action.This shot is taken from roughly the same height asBatmans eye level on his motor bike making this apoint of view shot. The lorry turning just about fits inthe frame. The fact it is positioned in the centre of thescreen draws emphasise to this dramatic action. Itshocks the viewers and once again worries them forthe safety of the main characters.The close- up shot draws emphasise to the rebelliousaction which can be seen. Just before this, we see theBatman logo in front of the light. The fact thatsomeone has smashed it with an axe connotes arebellious action and showing their hatred towards thecharacter. This shows viewers that the situation is soserious that someone is rebelling.
  9. 9. Screen ShotsMuch like towards the start of the trailer, the Batmanlogo starts to fade in linking to the main protagonist asthis is his trade mark. The title of the film appears incapital letters making it stand out boldly. The darkcolours reflect the word “Dark” in the title and themysterious Batman and the dark personality of theJoker.Using the same coloured font, the releasedate, a website and institutional referencesappear on screen providing viewers withinformation they may want is they have beeninterested in the trailer.A high angle extreme long shot shows Batman glidingin the city. It makes the location clear for viewers andshows what Batman can do. This makes us think backto the other shots we saw of a man standing on theedge of a building making us think that was him.
  10. 10. Narrative Structure of The Trailer The trailer takes clips throughout the narrative. At the start of the trailer you kind of see a state ofequilibrium by seeing the city continuing normally. A disruption starts to become noticeable when we start tosee lots of police out in the streets. After we see the Jokerfor the first time a clip shows a car crashing through awall. This shows how the disequilibrium is effectingothers. It becomes obvious the disequilibrium is caused by theJoker by showing him with a gun. We see how authorities meet to try and resolve a newequilibrium but we never see a state of new equilibrium.This leaves audiences wondering how the film will end. Itleaves viewers almost hopeless as they wonder how anew equilibrium will occur.