Research and planning trailer reseach


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Research and planning trailer reseach

  1. 1.  The genre of my movie trailer will be action/comedy.I have chosen this type of genre because I am most interested in this genre, from the feedback given from peers, I believe this is the appropriate genre, also I have watched many movies related to this genre and I am confident that I am able to create my own
  2. 2.  While researching trailers, I looked at variety of genres, romantic comedy was one of them, by looking at a wide variety of genres I was able to understand what to include and the things which should be avoided in terms of convention Audio- The conventions of this trailer follows a typical romantic comedy based on its audio, when speaking to each other and show a lot of emotions, it is evident that in the trailer that the two characters meet up in New York city and fall in love, the sounds and music used in the trailer are related to the genre, they provide love songs to illustrate the love between the two characters Shot types- The shots used within the trailer are predominantly closes up or extreme close ups, this is show the love and passion for each other, in other words the emotions for each other, another shot which is used a mid shots, this is to show the body expression.
  3. 3.  Advertising technique- Tv, Magazine, Internet, Cinema, these are the most common ways of advertisement Target audience- The predominant target audience of this genre would be females, the age range would be 15+, it would mainly appeal to a female because the plot of the story would interest the female more than males as it includes scenes where they both fall in love, however some male viewers may watch it with their partners or wife. Impact on audience- the main impact is to attract attention from viewers, the trailer itself gives away a lot of the storyline, but this is with most romantic comedies. This is done because it wants the viewer to get interested instantly and they want to know how the film will end. Within this trailer they have used the applicable convention which is of a romantic/comedy genre, however based on the convention I am unable use any of the aspects as it is not related to my chosen genre. On a whole by analysing a romantic comedy I am able to understand the conventions used, and the importance of including the accurate conventions for my own trailer.
  4. 4.  Structure- The first starts off by showing the production company and cuts straightaway and shows a established shot of a city, just before the cut, a quote appears on the screen stating “bad relationship”, this gives a hint to the audience, of what they will expect when watching the movie, just before the final scene it shows the two couple in love, this again makes the audience more excited about the film, is the relationship going to last or not? The producer has used a mixture of scenes, some more excited than other, but the trailer gives the audience a good idea of what the film is going to consist of, from watching the trailer I can identify what the storyline is going to be as they have shown two sides to the relationship, the ending is predictable,this is a romantic movie where they fall in love and a happy ending
  5. 5.  Audio- The conventions of this trailer follows a typical action/sci-fi genre, it includes all the marvel character, in the trailer we see director fury telling his team about the attacks they are facing, and how they can become and defeat the counterpart. As the scenes progress, we hear more screaming which is to show the anger. In some part its constant action, this again grips the audience and leaves them on the edge of the seats and then it will pause suddenly and a voice over will take place Shot type-The shots used in this trailer include a birds eye view of the sky scrapers, this is shown because they want to show the devastation caused by asgard, they also use wide shots when the public are running away for safety after the attacks, they also use pans shots to show each character this is show the body and facial expression of each character. Most of the shots are fast paced and move from one to another
  6. 6.  Advertising technique- Tv, poster, cinema and magazine Symbolic codes- in this trailer, each character have their own dress code, for e.g. iron man, red metal plated body armour Target audience- The predominant target audience would be male, this is because a lot of fast paced action is involved and may not interest a female viewer, however the movie consists of female character, this may interest female viewers, the age range would be 13+, this is because they are action heroes and at this age they may take inspiration from them. Impact on audience- the trailer has a big impact on the audience, the trailer shows some of the action scenes which gives the audience something to think about, they do not give away too much of the storyline because it would not give the viewer anything to think about when it comes to watching the full film.
  7. 7.  Structure-The scene starts off with a birds eye view shot of the town, it fades out slowly onto the next scene, the following scene shows the residents running, they have used slow motion effect, this is used so that the audience can almost feel the tension building. Just before the final scene all the characters come together as one and the camera pans around them.In the trailer we see some of the main parts of the film but it is shortened so that they do not give away the story, but it allows the audience to have some idea of what this film is about , some of the scenes will make the audience jump out the seats in excitement as it includes lot of thrills.From the trailer I can see a storyline appearing as the trailer gives away the critical part of the film, it allows the audience to have some idea of what will happen at the end.
  8. 8.  Audio- The conventions of this trailer follow the typical horror genre, the character speak clearly this is because, It is presented in the style of “found footage”, from cameras set up by the couple in an attempt to photograph what is haunting them. As the trailer progresses,the character use low tone or whisper to each other, this is because they have seen or heard something, also more screaming is involved to make the viewer jump out the seat, alongside this more silence is involved this again is used to shock the viewer Shot type- a close up shot is used to show the emotions of the two characters, at times when she wakes up suddenly the camera is close up,this is used so the viewer is can almost like there with the. Also some of the shot are slow paced. This again is used to catch the viewers attention
  9. 9.  Advertising technique- Tv, poster, billboard and cinema Symbolic codes- the symbolic codes used in this trailer include; ghost or demon is present in their home, the sudden movement of the characters, this is to show the horror. A blurry effect is used on the camera to show secrecy, so when something sudden happens it scares or shocks the viewer, the lightning used in the trailer is again dark as it is in the bedroom and the lights are off, darkness suggest mystery and fear, these effects are important as they create anxiety. Target audience- As it is a horror, the age rating would be 16+, this is primarily due to the content used as well a some of the language, this would not suit a younger audience as some scenes are disturbing. Impact on audience- The trailer has a big impact on the audience, it advertises films which will be exhibited in the future at the cinema, knowing the trailer will be short, its gets the reader thinking ands adds more interest
  10. 10.  Structure- The first scene shows the production company, it fades over, at first it shows the two characters who seemed to be normal,but just before the first cut we as an audience are awakened by the sudden movement of the character, this has a big impact on the audience as it unexpectedly happened, as this point adrenaline rush is kicking in and you are unaware if what is going to happen next. The trailer gives away certain parts of the film, but not all, the scenes which are shown create suspense and make the audience move out the seats,but want to continue watching the movie, In this trailer it is slightly harder to know the full storyline but know to some extent.
  11. 11.  I chose this trailer as it shows a good representation of an action/comedy trailer, for e.g. Some scenes will include action and others comedy. This makes the film more interesting as it is a combination and the viewers will see two sides to this movie, in the trailer it provides a hint of what to expect, I will take inspiration from this, the trailer shows the two detectives, working out why the triads have kidnapped the generals daughter, I will use the same theme in my trailer, as with most action/comedy movies, they follow the same storyline where something goes wrong and it ends in happiness,
  12. 12.  Audio-The conventions of this trailer follow a typical action/comedy genre Shot list-shots are close together at a fast pace to show a lot of action all in one which makes the audience jump out the seats in excitement, this is something which needs to included in a action/comedy genre. The shot types that are included in the trailer include a wide shot where it shows the surrounding and the characters movement, other shots include profile shots where the camera focuses on the face, this shot takes place while they are driving. The camera shots that could be used with this type of film would be track cameras, these could potentially follow the cars when on pursuit of a criminal for example, this will also help the viewers feel the speed of the car, low angles would be used to help enemies/criminals look more daunting and lastly
  13. 13.  Symbolic codes-within on the trailer the common symbolic codes include struggle, injuries between the characters and how they overcome them challenges, the lighting is very clear, high key lighting would be used as it’s a comedy and upbeat. However in some scenes where the enemy can be scene, they have used dark lighting, this is to show the comparison between who is good and who is bad. Structure- the scenes are all fast paced, in the first scene it shows the police team stacking money while the triad is on the phone,then a first cut appears, the two characters are introduced and a brief background into their roles and what the viewers will expect, the scenes are chosen at random and put together to make it more effective. Target audience- the target audience of this movie would be 13+, this is based on sequences of action/violence and shootings, and for language,some scenes can be disturbing for younger viewers.
  14. 14.  The trailer has a big impact on the audience,as it creates interest and makes you want to know what happens at the end of the movie, the trailer gives hints and clues which attract attention, personally I believe this trailer has a big impact on the audience as it includes a mixture of action and comedy which has been conglomerated to make a effective trailer.