Gamestorming Meets Quiet


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kickoff session for CMS Expo

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Gamestorming Meets Quiet

  1. 1. GamestormingMeets QuietTuesday, 14 May, 13
  2. 2. Tuesday, 14 May, 13For all of the obvious reasons, CMS Expo is one of my favourite conferences. John’s anticsaside, this conference is one of the best opportunities I’ve had to talk about contentmanagement systems anywhere on the planet. Most other open source conferences that I’vebeen to are not focused on content management systems. There’s a lot of topics beingcovered and it’s difficult to find your tribe. The first year I came to CMSX I most stuck aroundwith my tribe ... because I’m really bad at beginnings. But the second year I was able toactually step outside of my tribe. I walked up and down CMS alley and talked to people aboutthe problems they were solving with their systems. I made amazing connections.
  3. 3. Tuesday, 14 May, 13This is actually a big deal for me to step outside of my tribe. I’m not great at networking. Ilove the bits in the middle of a conversation--but I find the beginnings (and endings) quitedifficult.
  4. 4. cowslipperswobblytableHTML5stickerthe king ofdenmark, 14 May, 13This is a typical photo of how I experience conferences. This is at DrupalCon Chicago. I’m promoting HTML5 with my friendMorten during my session. I happen to be wearing cow slippers.Photo by: @Andrew_Jarvis.
  5. 5. Tuesday, 14 May, 13This is a typical shot of me at a technical conference. This is in 2004 in Bordeaux. I’mcompletely content to be surrounded by my friends while hacking away at solving the world’sproblems.
  6. 6. Tuesday, 14 May, 13Although I’m sure I used to be ENFJ. Times change, I guess.
  7. 7. 1/3 to 1/2 of thepopulation areintrovertsTuesday, 14 May, 13
  8. 8. introverts: people whoseenergy tends to expandthrough reflection anddwindle during interaction, 14 May, 13
  9. 9. introvert != shyTuesday, 14 May, 13
  10. 10. blah blah blah networkingblah blah blahTuesday, 14 May, 13I’m not particularly afraid of people, I just find networking to be awkward andexhausting....BUT...
  11. 11. Get out of your tribe, 14 May, 13Last year at CMSX I really started to enjoy myself when I stopped trying to solve my ownproblems and started trying to make connections for other people. I recognize this isn’t verypractical for most people. But if I could give you just one gift or one mantra for thisconference, it would be this: get out of your own tribe.
  12. 12. how so?Tuesday, 14 May, 13
  13. 13. Move one business to the left, 14 May, 13I grew up attending trade shows with my mom. You’d sit in your booth for the week and doyour best to pitch your business. And over the course of the week you’d come to know thepitch of your next door booth pretty well. In fact, by the end of the week you were pretty surethat you could close more sales for them than you could for yourself.
  14. 14. GamestormingMeets QuietTuesday, 14 May, 13
  15. 15. GamestormingGamestorming is a set of practices forfacilitating innovation in the business world.A facilitator leads a group towards somegoal by way of a game, a structured activitythat provides scope for thinking freely, evenplayfully.Tuesday, 14 May, 13
  16. 16. extroverted morning people?raise. your. hands.Tuesday, 14 May, 13
  17. 17. Susan Cain:The Power of IntrovertsTuesday, 14 May, 13
  18. 18. this is a hijacking.get out your pens.Tuesday, 14 May, 13So instead of limiting myself to this one little time slot, I’m going to hijack the conference. Sothe kickoff will be a series of brainstorming/gamestorming exercises that will result in"props" (cue cards) that you can use as conversation starters for the remainder of theconference.
  19. 19. wtf?Tuesday, 14 May, 13Im aiming to give people (1) permission, (2) props, to (3) venture outside of their tribe so thatthey may (4) find amazing new ideas and connections.
  20. 20. Gamestorm Structureexploreopencloseexperiment(imagination)examine(observation & analysis)Tuesday, 14 May, 13Object of play: The key is the shared experience on the first day: people need to feel liketheyre “in it together” and know that the person theyre about to talk to will have a potential"prop" that they can talk about. This is especially great for introverts and people who areuncomfortable networking. It also gives people a way to cut *out* of a sales pitch by saying"Im trying to solve this thing on my cue card. Do you have any ideas?"
  21. 21. What is your biggestCMS-related problem?Tuesday, 14 May, 13
  22. 22. If you could representthat problem as ananimal, what would it be?Tuesday, 14 May, 13
  23. 23. List 3 questions youwould like to haveanswered today.Tuesday, 14 May, 13
  24. 24. If you had a magic wand,what would you change?Tuesday, 14 May, 13
  25. 25. How will youmeasure your ROIfor CMS Expo?Tuesday, 14 May, 13share your metric with the table
  26. 26. Identify your personaltheme for theconference.Tuesday, 14 May, 13Meet new people? Solve old problems? Find new vendors?
  27. 27. challenge:five good ideasTuesday, 14 May, 13Create space to receive five good ideas that you will take away from the conference. Thereare post-it notes on the table. Take five. Each time you get a nugget of information over thecourse of the conference CAPTURE IT. Then add your post-it note to the WALL. Think of it asa job board of ideas. You can use words if you want. But don’t limit yourself. Draw a picture ifit suits the idea.
  28. 28. Find the people whocan solve your problemsand the problems of“one business to the left”.Tuesday, 14 May, 13
  29. 29. For more info...• Gamestorming• The Power of Introverts:http://www.thepowerofintroverts.comTuesday, 14 May, 13