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Selling Hopes and Dreams - DrupalCamp Toronto


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Selling Hopes and Dreams - DrupalCamp Toronto

  1. 1. Selling Hopes and DreamsEmma Jane
  2. 2. • emmajane• uid: 1773• First look at the Drupal code base: 2003ish. I stole the i18n table structure.• First Drupal site “for pay”: 2006ish.• First Drupal socks: 2007.• First DrupalCon conference: Szeged in 2008.• First Drupal book: 2009.• First Drupal core patch: 2010. Removed the “welcome” screen.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Drupal Trainer Register now. Class starts December 1.
  5. 5. I am a process junkie. process
  6. 6. For years I soldprocess to process-loving companies. selling
  7. 7. Times changed. pivot
  8. 8. Then I soldempowerment andcontrol to woman-ledbusinesses. empowerment
  9. 9. Times changed. pivot
  10. 10. Now I sell hopes anddreams toentrepreneurs. dreams
  11. 11. Most open sourcecompanies I knowsell skills. sell skills
  12. 12. In a recession,people don’t buyskills. don’t buy
  13. 13. In a recession,people outcomes
  14. 14. A recession forces you tobuild and sell valuableoutcomes not a grocerylist of skills. value
  15. 15. The value of theoutcome you buildmatters. outcome
  16. 16. If you are focused ontask-based skills, youare not sellingoutcomes to clients. focus
  17. 17. “I need to learn Drupal right away.”“Take this workshop. It’s about theming for Drupal.”“I don’t have time. I told you I need to learn Drupal.”“Okay, what about this workshop on Panels and Views?”“Look. I don’t have time. I need to learn Drupal.”selling training
  18. 18. “I’m about to lose myhouse. Please helpme pay themortgage.” real story
  19. 19. New buyers are notqualified to have anopinion on features. features
  20. 20. Note: if your clientcan’t install Drupal,they are a “newbuyer.” not an expert
  21. 21. Buyers know whatoutcomes will savetheir job or house orreputation. benefits
  22. 22. Right product for theright market. outcome
  23. 23. Change the productor the market untilyou find a pair thatclicks. pivot
  24. 24. To new markets: selloutcomes andbenefits, notfeatures. outcomes
  25. 25. Answer the question:who cares? I care.
  26. 26. But most companiesstill sell process andskills. process
  27. 27. Your process mightpay your mortgage,but does it pay yourclient’s? pay
  28. 28. Clients who don’twant to plan, haven’tbought your process. mismatch
  29. 29. Process-based salesis a luxury. It is notfor recessions. luxury
  30. 30. A recession forcesyou to get reallygood at marketing. marketing
  31. 31. To excel atmarketing, you mustknow the value ofwhat you’re offering. excel
  32. 32. You must know whatpain you will takeaway from yourprospects. pain
  33. 33. In the open sourceworld we tend to sellfeatures. features
  34. 34. Experts buy features.Proprietary softwareusers aren’t expertsat open source. experts
  35. 35. An IT team who’sinvested in theircertification doesn’twant your features. investment
  36. 36. Newbies buysolutions toproblems. problems
  37. 37. Converting someoneto open sourcerequires “benefit”language. benefits
  38. 38. My transition toselling benefits wasrocky. transition
  39. 39. I asked my targetmarket questions. target market
  40. 40. When you askpeople questions.They lie. people lie
  41. 41. To learn the truth,ask people abouttheir fears, hopesand dreams. truth
  42. 42. You need to ask theright questions. questions
  43. 43. “What training doyou need?” wrong
  44. 44. “How does Drupalmake you feel?” better
  45. 45. “What is preventingyou from buildingexceptional Drupalsites?” winner
  46. 46. “What are you doingwhen you wish youwere having a rootcanal instead?” id pain
  47. 47. Build Your Dream Web SiteSite Building ExtravaganzaResponsive Web Design 3 workshops
  48. 48. Selling Hopes and DreamsEmma Jane HogbinDrupal Trainer and