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    Eating well Eating well Presentation Transcript

    • EATING WELL By Emiljana Melo When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no "Ill start tomorrow." Tomorrow is disease. ~Terri Guillemets
    • HEALTHY DIET• Eat whole foods, plant or animal product that remains as close as possible to its natural state• Eat fruits and vegetables• Eat local, seasonal organic foods• WE NEED PROTEIN• WE NEED CARBOHYDRATES• WE NEED FATS
    • YOUR SHOPPING LIST• Grains• Lentils and beans• Fresh Fruits• Fresh Vegetables• Frozen Vegetables when fresh ones are not available• Poultry, Fish• Beef, Pork, lamb, duck and other meats• Seeds, nuts• Dairy products-cheese, yogurt, milk• Free-range eggs
    • DIETING• Low-calorie diet- very unhealthy• High- carbohydrate, low-fat diet, may be healthy for some individuals, however nutrition diets say that carbohydrates are very important and a primarily• High-Protein, Low – carb diet, this means to eat bacon, and steak but not get the other things we need, also unhealthy
    • EATING DISORDERS• Anorexia nervosa- incessant pursuit of thinness, an intense fear of gaining weight, a distorted body image, and a refusal to maintain a normal body• Bulimia Nervosa-episodes of binge eating, excessive amount of food in a brief period of time, feeling out of control and unable to stop TWO EXTREMES
    • THE BEST WAY TO STAY INSHAPE AND ENJOY EATING• EXERCISE• It makes us feel, strong , confident, it makes us have much more energy• It helps preventing the heart disease and loss of bone mass• It doesn’t have to be hard, our bodies are designed to move so lets move it
    • TOO MUCH of ANYTHING ISBAD• Too much exercising is bad too• We want exercise to be a habit, sometimes it becomes addiction• In 1990s, health care professionals identified the female athlete triad as a syndrome with three interrelated components: disordered eating , amenorrhea , osteoporosis• A healthy person is the one who eats right, and exercises right
    • DISCUSSION QUESTION• Really what kind of motivation do we need to eat right, and exercise right, how do we know what is right, and how about if we are too depressed to follow that and let go sometimes, then what do we do to take it back and be healthy again, basically my question is in this crazy busy life where do we have time for that????