Women violence and abuse


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Women violence and abuse

  1. 1. WOMEN VIOLENCE AND ABUSE By Emiljana Melo
  2. 2. UNDERSTANDING ITO A man’s act of violence against woman may seem to result from his psychological problems, or from sexual frustration, childhood abuse, drug or alcoholO It is about power and control, our culture assigns superior positions to menO Many men have been taught that violence is the way to control
  3. 3. “ Little by little , he isolated me frommy friends, he convinced me to quitworking, he complained about how I keptthe house, he kept track of the mileage onthe car to make sure that I wasn’t goinganywhere. Eventually, when the beatingswere regular and severe, I had no one toturn to, and I felt completely alone ”
  4. 4. Reactions to TraumaO Self-blame and feelings of shameO Fear, terror, and feelings unsafeO Anger and rageO Anger turned inward, depression and suicidalO Self-harmO IsolationO Spiritual CrisisO Dissociation
  5. 5. Regaining our LivesO The violence was not our faultO We made the best choices we were able to.O There is no right way to feel or healO We deserve supportO We need to give ourselves time to heal
  6. 6. What to do if being batteredO Stay as calm as possibleO Try to shield yourself, especially your head and stomachO Do the best you can do get the least surgeryO If you can call 911
  7. 7. All violence, all thatis dreary and repels,is not power, but theabsence of power.Ralph WaldoEmerson
  8. 8. SOME FACTSO Women and girls with disabilities experience high rate of violenceO We may be physically depended on batterer for daily careO Immigrants or refugees in the US may encounter systematic barriersO The Violence Against women act(1994)- expanded access to legal relief and other servicesO www.ourbodiesourselves.org –Great website to get information
  9. 9. WARNING SIGNSO Destructive criticismO IntimidationO Dominating youO DisrespectO Overly jealousO Blaming you for everythingO Isolating from friends and familyO Making angry gesturesO Destroying objectsO Sexual ViolenceO Physical Violence
  10. 10. Examinations needed after RapeO A verbal history of the sexual assault and related medical concernsO Examination and treatment of any externalO Treatment for prevention of pregnancyO Information about AIDS/HIVO Examination and treatment of any external injuriesO A pelvic Exam
  11. 11. ENDING THE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMENO Speak out against the messages in our societyO Teach and model nonviolenceO Intervene whenever we see the seeds or expression of violence against womenO Work to maintain a strong network of services for all of us
  12. 12. “ Imagine a world free fromgender-based violence: where homesare not broken into fragments; wheretears are no longer shed fordaughters raped in war, and in peace;where shame and silences break intonew melodies; were women and mengain power and courage to live totheir full potential. Into such a world, Ipray, let the twenty-first centuryawake “
  13. 13. Discussion Question?Violence is as American as cherry pie.H. Rap BrownDo you agree with this quote?