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  • These are the Advanced Skills covered in this presentation.

Technology Toolbox   Prezi Technology Toolbox Prezi Presentation Transcript

    • How to Navigate through the Toolbox
    • What is WMS Technology Toolbox
    • What is Prezi ?
    • Using GMail Accounts
    • Wireless Presenters
    • Closing Thoughts
  • Navigate your way through the Technology Toolbox! The Home page is like a Table of Contents. Each chapter is linked so that if you click on it, the slideshow will jump directly to that section. The action buttons at the bottom of the screen can also help you move through the Technology Toolbox. Clicking on the left arrow takes you to the previous slide, the home icon takes you back to the first slide to use the table of contents, and the right arrow takes you to the next slide.
  • What is WMS Technology Toolbox?
    • Just like a handyman’s toolbox, your technology toolbox contains the tools you need to solve problems.
    • WMS Technology Toolbox is your place for technology tips and tricks that you can add to help you with integrating technology into instruction.
  • What is Prezi?
    • Are you sick of using of PowerPoint for presentations? Do you want to try something new with students?
    • If so, then try Prezi. Prezi is a web2.0 tool that can be used for presentations. Prezi uses one big canvas that allows you to zoom in or move around while being able to see the “big picture” or overview.
    • To start your own or see examples, go to .
    • Prezi Features
    This is the Transformation Zebra. This is 3 tools in 1. You can quickly move, scale, or rotate any object or text. This is the Prezi menu. Use this tool to quickly add text, pictures, videos, lines, etc. You can also use this to put it in Show mode.
  • Prezi Click on Try Prezi to go through a tutorial walk-through of Prezi. To make your own Prezi from scratch you’ll need to set up a free account with your e-mail address.
  • Prezi Click here to go to my blog post on Prezi. There is a video that will show you an example of how easy it is to make a Prezi. You can also check out the comments that students left regarding their thoughts on Prezi.
  • GMail Accounts
    • To make a Prezi from scratch you need to sign up using an e-mail account.
    • How would you make this work with students?
    • You can use your GMail (Google Mail) account. GMail does not recognize anything after a plus sign. Students could sign up for a Prezi account by adding a plus sign and their name to your account.
    • For example:
    • My GMail account is
    • A student could use
  • GMail Accounts
    • Click here for more information on using GMail accounts with students.
  • Wireless Presenters One piece of technology that is a must-have for teachers that use PowerPoint or Prezi often is a wireless presenter. The one I have is pictured on the right. It is allows you to move away from the computer and still go through the slide show. Most are plug and play, so installation is not required. They usually cost between $10-$40, so it is a reasonable purchase if you plan on using presentations for class notes or instruction.
  • Closing Thoughts
    • A handyman may not use his wrench or hammer everyday, but they are still good to have for when the situation arises. Not every tip found in the technology toolbox will be useful on a daily basis, but adding these tools will help you when the time comes.
    • If you have any questions, would like further assistance, or would like to collaborate with me on an assignment integrating technology, please contact me
    • If there is something you would like me to cover in a future edition of WMS Technology Toolbox, please let me know that also.
  • WMS Technology Toolbox Please send me your feedback: [email_address] x64438