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Talk About Tech in Edu


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Talk About Tech in Edu

  1. 1. Let’s Talk About Techand Our Role in the School Library<br />“What we need to remember - it is not about tech, it is about innovation, creativity. It is not an option”<br />,+2009+-+7:00+PM+EST<br />
  2. 2. Technology In Education Is Still The Hot Topic<br />The following slides are mostly the result of November 17th Twitter conversations (tweets) marked with the hashtag #edchat<br />The two slides about barriers and solutions for TLs were constructed from recent comments on the UnquietLibrarian Blog<br />
  3. 3. Talk About Attitude<br />tech knowledge isn&apos;t one of the main things I look for in a teacher. Willingness to experiment and learn is. [Administrator]<br />start with 1 new thing, try it out, not overwhelming with the multitude of opps available which causes shutdown<br />It&apos;s about a way of thinking, not a way of using tools<br />#edchat on Twitter<br />
  4. 4. Talk About Time Management<br />Just start with something small. An IWB tip or trick, web resource that will extend, enrich, or reinforce a concept.<br />I learned a long time ago that it isn&apos;t time, it&apos;s priority. If it&apos;s a high priority you will find the time<br />Time is a big factor. In our school it often boils down to that.<br />#edchat on Twitter<br />
  5. 5. Talk About Tools & Techniques<br />For me, wiki allows me to share with teaching colleagues/parents/students on their time (like blog) <br />NMHS_Principal also has his tchrs subscribe to his delicious acct too. <br />Animoto is bombproof. Effective way for reluctant teachers to successfully dip toes into tech integration<br />Being on your toes and staying current and using new techniques is part of professionalism<br />#edchat on Twitter<br />
  6. 6. Talk About Working w Students<br />How can you prepare students to be successful & NOT integrate tech into daily classroom learning?<br />Decided to send out a tech site of the week each Monday.<br />We formed &quot;tech angels&quot; group of tech-savvy stdnts 2 yrs ago... they know how to plug audio cords & orient SMART boards.<br />Students are already finding the technology without us - I think this is more about their &quot;school&quot; experience being more relevant<br />What if students provided PD for new tech on occasion?<br />How do we encourage positive mistake making with our students? Model it for them, of course<br />Nothing is more &apos;urgent&apos; than helping our learners in the best ways possible.<br />#edchat on Twitter<br />
  7. 7. Talk About Working with Colleagues<br />Need integration of ideas btweendepts tech, curriculum, library media, professional development, administrative teams with respect<br />Show & Tell! Show a colleague a tech tool you love and tell them all about it! <br />We&apos;re starting Tech Thursdays w teachers during common prep period to share tech resources - sharing encourages reluctant teachers<br />See what those teachers are passionate about first then helping them develop a sense of understanding in how tech can aid<br />From research on adult learners - they need hands on, handouts, & talk time during the workshops - don&apos;t feed them too much new info<br />#edchat on Twitter<br />
  8. 8. More Talk About Working with Colleagues<br />We can mentor, invite them to join Twitter or a ning or attend a webinar, hold wkshps, start a tech club 4 new tchrs<br />ALL school employees (not just teachers) were invited 2 learn new tech tools<br />for those less willing -match up with colleague/friend who uses tech more to mentor trying out a tech project<br />Use tech in prof dev ; admins modeling use; invite teachers to visit classrooms using tech; hold showcases<br />Whatever it is in education- tech, new books, new lesson plan model- it all requires showing RELEVANCE for buy-in<br />tchr initiative plays a huge role in this - no one &quot;taught&quot; us this stuff, we figured it out. reward the tchrs who TRY!<br />
  9. 9. Talk About Developing Our Own Skill Sets<br />TECH use for Teachers has to go past your hours of 9-4 you have to use it at home and in your daily life<br />If students deserve differentiated instruction, then so do our teachers! <br />Seeing is believing!<br />Let&apos;s not pretend that tech is always easy to use.<br />Build your posse<br />Don&apos;t just show us how to use it, show us how to apply it.<br />It&apos;s not about technology integration anymore. It&apos;s about effective teaching practices. That includes technology.<br />#edchat on Twitter<br />
  10. 10. Talk About Barriers<br />Obstacles and roadblocks to change that may explain why school librarians may not cultivate a personal learning network:<br />• basic internet access (or restricted access)<br />• aging collections<br />• fixed scheduling<br />• no paraprofessional support<br />• outrageous student to library staff ratio<br />• test scores dictate instruction<br />• money to travel to conferences no longer exists<br />• filtering reigns<br />• they may face administrators who don’t support them<br />• teachers with no time to collaborate<br />• few obvious opportunities to develop whatever a PLN is<br /><br />
  11. 11. Talk About Solutions<br />keep our focus on what is best for students<br />identify the problems and campaign for effective solutions that will provide the best possible learning environment for our students<br />grass-roots advocacy and effective marketing of our library programs.<br /><br />
  12. 12. End<br /><br />