Social Studies Test 10,11


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This test is on Caricom. Questions take multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, matching and true and false formats.

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Social Studies Test 10,11

  1. 1. Vere Technical High School <br />2562225-142240<br />Prepared by Mr. D. Gooden<br />DateJuly, 2009Subject NameSOCIAL STUDIESGradeClass10 & 11Examination Time____________________<br />Student Name: _____________________________________<br />Instructions<br /><ul><li>In this test you are required to answer ALL questions. Do not worry about failing or passing. This test is only geared at seeing how much you remember from the Social Studies sessions that were held. All questions are based on CARICOM.
  2. 2. The first part of this test has 12 multiple-choice questions.
  3. 3. The second part of this test has 10 true and false questions
  4. 4. The third part of this test has 5 short answer questions
  5. 5. The fourth part of this test has a crossword puzzle that you will complete.
  6. 6. REMEMBER: This is a test to see how much you remember. Do not worry about failing!!!</li></ul>Multiple Choice<br />Circle the correct answer for each question:<br />Carifta came into being on:<br />a) May 1, 1968<br />b) July 1, 1968<br />c) August 1, 1968<br />d) May 1, 1971<br />2.The Caribbean Development Bank is situated in:<br />a) Barbados <br />b) Guyana <br />c) Jamaica <br />d) Antigua<br />The concept of “economic integration” means:<br />Cooperation among the different <br />states<br />b) The maintenance of federation<br />c) Cooperation in economic <br /> development<br />d) Cooperation in cultural affairs.<br />Unity in Caricom:<br />Increases the bargaining power of the community in relation to foreign<br />countries<br />Makes it possible for member states to have greater self-reliance<br />Reduces the burden of taxation on <br />citizens in member states<br />Increase cost of functional <br />cooperation.<br />A Caribbean Court of Appeal of distinguished Caribbean jurists would replace the:<br />a) Appeals Courts <br />b) Mercy Committees <br />c) Industrial Courts <br />d) Privy Council<br />“Established in 1973, its immediate objective has been to provide relevant<br /> regionally and internationally recognized secondary school leaving examination”. <br />To which of the following institution does the above statement refers?<br />a) University of the West Indies<br />b) Council of Legal Examination<br />c) Caribbean Examination Council<br />d) University of Guyana<br />7.Caricom is an example of a:<br />a) Unilateral Treaty <br />b) Multilateral Treaty <br />c) Bilateral treaty <br />d) Trilateral Treaty.<br />9.Identify the island below, which does NOT belong to CARICOM<br />a) Barbados<br />b) Trinidad<br />c) Jamaica<br />d) Cuba<br />10.Functional cooperation involves cooperation in<br />a) Trade, Taxation, and Migration<br />b) Health Education and <br /> Meteorology<br />c) Politics Business Cooperatives<br />d) Agriculture Mining And Tourism<br />11.All of the following are organizations connected to CARICOM except<br />a) Caribbean Examinations Council<br />b) Caribbean Development Bank<br />c) International Monetary Fund<br />d) Common Market Council<br />12.Identify the odd one in the following statements:<br />Caricom institutions are <br />responsible for formulating policies<br />All Caricom members signed the <br />treaty in 1973<br />Associate members of Caricom <br />are independent bodies<br />Common Market Council in the <br />principal organ of the Common Market<br />Fill-in the Blanks<br />Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the box. (OPTIONAL: Note that you do not have to use all the words/ Note that you can use a word more than once.)<br />CXCCDERACDACARDICMCCEHICCJCSMECARICOMCARIFTA<br /><ul><li>This organization is responsible for co-ordinating disaster management in the Caribbean. ____________________
  7. 7. In 1965, ________________ was established to replace the West Indian Federation.
  8. 8. This organization is intent on freeing up goods, services and labour among Caricom members.
  9. 9. The British Privy Council will be replaced by the __________ as the final court of appeal for Caricom member states.
  10. 10. The Treaty of Chaguaramas saw the formation of _____________ on July 4, 1973.
  11. 11. This institution has the responsibility for safeguarding the health of the citizens of Caricom. __________________
  12. 12. In 1975 ________________ was established to make improvements in Caribbean agriculture.
  13. 13. This institution functions like a bank and has its headquarters in Barbados. ________________
  14. 14. _________________ is the institution charged with the responsibility for educating Caribbean students on a regional basis.
  15. 15. In August 2000, The CMC came into being after a merger of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union and the Caribbean News Agency.</li></ul>MatchingMatch the text in section A with a suitable choice from section B.Section ASection B<br />True and False<br />Tick whether you think the following is true or false:<br /><ul><li>TrueFalse
  16. 16. The first attempt at integration came in 1958.
  17. 17. Jamaica left the Federation in 1966.
  18. 18. Jamaica’s departure came after a referendum.
  19. 19. Like the Federation, Carifta callapsed.
  20. 20. Jealousy was one reason for Federation’s failure.
  21. 21. UWI has three main campuses in the region.
  22. 22. CSEC, CCSLC and CAPE are administered by CARDI.
  23. 23. CARDI’s headquarters is in Barbados.
  24. 24. CSME seeks to create a free movement of labour.
  25. 25. Free movement of goods is a benefit of the CSME.