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Brief practice test on Caricom in multiple-choice and essay type. This test was given by Mr. D. Gooden to his students at Vere technical High School.

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Caricom Test

  1. 1. 2305050219075VERE TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL<br />SOCIALSTUDIES<br />GRADES 11 BUS. 1 & AGRI. 2<br />CARICOM<br />NAME OF STUDENT:__________________________<br />INSTRUCTION: This test focuses on CARICOM. It consists of thirty (30) multiple choice questions and 2 essay-type questions. Make every effort to answer ALL questions.<br />Multiple-Choice<br />The main reason for the origin of the Caribbean Community is:<br />a) The need for economic <br /> cooperation<br /> b) The formation of Carifta<br />c) The existence of one type of <br /> people<br />d) The maintenance of the University of the West Indies.<br />The first Heads of Government Conference was held in:<br />a) August, 1962<br />b) May, 1961<br />c) July, 1963<br />d) July, 1974.<br />The four countries that attended the first Heads of Government Conference were:<br />a) Jamaica, Guyana, Grenada and <br /> Barbados<br />b) Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and <br /> Trinidad and Tobago<br /> c) Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and <br /> Belize<br /> d) Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, <br /> Jamaica and St. Lucia.<br />Carifta came into being on:<br />a) May 1, 1968<br />b) July 1, 1968<br />c) August 1, 1968<br />d) May 1, 1971.<br />The Caribbean community has the following areas of activity except :<br />a) Economic integration through the <br /> Caribbean Common market<br />b) A Common Economic and <br /> Political entity<br />c) Common Services and Functional <br /> Cooperation<br />d) The coordination of foreign policy <br /> among the independent countries.<br />The supreme policy-making body of Caricom is:<br />a) The Heads of Government <br /> Conference<br />b) The foreign affairs ministers<br />c) The Standing Committee of <br /> Ministers of Education<br />d) The Common Market of <br /> Ministers.<br />One of these is not a common service of Caricom:<br />a) Caribbean Airways<br />b) University of the West Indies<br />c) The West Indies Shipping Service<br />d) Caribbean Examination Council<br />The difference between the MDC’s and the LDC’s is:<br />a) One of a degree of economic development<br />b) One of a degree of political <br /> development<br />c) One of a degree of social <br /> development<br />d) One of a degree of educational <br /> development<br />The concept of “economic integration” means:<br />a) Cooperation among the different <br /> states<br />b) The maintenance of federation<br />c) Cooperation in economic <br /> development<br />d) Cooperation in cultural affairs.<br />Unity in Caricom:<br />a) Increases the bargaining power of <br /> the community in relation to <br /> foreign countries<br />b) Makes it possible for member <br /> states to have greater self-reliance<br />c) Reduces the burden of taxation on <br /> citizens in member states<br />d) Increase cost of functional <br /> cooperation.<br /><ul><li>A Caribbean Court of Appeal of distinguished Caribbean jurists would replace the:</li></ul>a) Appeals Courts <br />b) Mercy Committees <br />c) Industrial Courts <br />d) Privy Council<br /><ul><li>“Established in 1973, its immediate objective has been to provide relevant regionally and internationally recognized secondary school leaving examination”. To which of the following institution does the above statement refers?</li></ul>a) University of the West Indies<br />b) Council of Legal Examination<br />c) Caribbean Examination Council<br />d) University of Guyana<br />13. Caricom is an example of a:<br /> a) Unilateral Treaty <br /> b) Multilateral Treaty <br /> c) Bilateral treaty <br /> d) Trilateral Treaty.<br /><ul><li>Identify the island below, which does NOT belong to CARICOM</li></ul>a) Barbados<br />b) Trinidad<br />c) Jamaica<br />d) Cuba<br /><ul><li>All of the following are organizations connected to CARICOM except</li></ul>a) Caribbean Examinations Council<br />b) Caribbean Development Bank<br />c) International Monetary Fund<br />d) Common Market Council<br /><ul><li>Which of the following institutions is responsible for coordinating health services within CARICOM?</li></ul>a) Caribbean Ministries Of Health<br />b) Caribbean Community Secretariat<br />c) The World Health Organisation<br />d) Pan American Health Organisation<br /><ul><li>Functional cooperation involves cooperation in</li></ul>a) Trade, Taxation, and Migration<br />b) Health Education and Meteorology<br />c) Politics Business Cooperatives<br />d) Agriculture Mining And Tourism<br /><ul><li>All of the following are functions of the Caribbean Community Secretariat except:</li></ul>a) To take follow-up action on <br /> decisions made by institutions or <br /> committees of the Community<br />b) To arrange and carry out studies on <br />various aspects of the work of the <br />Community<br />c) To provide services to member states <br />at their request in connection with <br /> the aims of the Community<br />d) To act on the instructions of <br /> individual member states and to <br /> implement any plans they may <br /> approve<br /><ul><li>Which of the following is
  2. 2. responsible for economic integration
  3. 3. The development of a common
  4. 4. currency
  5. 5. The uncontrolled importation of
  6. 6. foreign commodities
  7. 7. Removal of barriers of trade
  8. 8. among member countries
  9. 9. Individual trade agreements with
  10. 10. foreign countries
  11. 11. CARICOM is a Caribbean organisation of:</li></ul>a) All the Caribbean territories<br />b) The Caribbean territories that <br /> were colonised<br />c) The independent territories of the <br /> Caribbean<br /><ul><li>Caribbean territories that were
  12. 12. British colonies
  13. 13. Caricom was established to</li></ul>a) Develop a common currency<br />b) Encourage closer relations with <br /> the U.S. <br />c) Promote regional cooperation<br />d) Replace federation<br /><ul><li>Identify the odd one in the following statements:
  14. 14. Caricom institutions are responsible
  15. 15. for formulating policies
  16. 16. All Caricom members signed the
  17. 17. treaty in 1973
  18. 18. Associate members of Caricom
  19. 19. are independent bodies
  20. 20. Common Market Council in the principal organ of the Common Market.
  21. 21. Which of the following resources are found in large quantities in Caricom</li></ul> countries?<br />i) Bauxite ii) Natural gas <br />iii) Petroleum iv) Copper.<br /> a) ii and iii only <br /> b) ii and iv only <br /> c) i, iii and iv only <br /> d) ii, iii and iv only<br /><ul><li>Which of the following represent the MAJOR objectives of the CSME?
  22. 22. Free movement of goods and services
  23. 23. Free movement of capital
  24. 24. free movement of people
  25. 25. Rights to establishment of regional enterprises
  26. 26. i, ii and iii only
  27. 27. i, iii and iv only
  28. 28. ii, iii and iv only
  29. 29. i, ii and iv only
  30. 30. One outcome of integration within the Caribbean region that may reduce the effects of globalization is:
  31. 31. increased market size
  32. 32. increased North American imports
  33. 33. reduced employment
  34. 34. reduced levels of competitiveness
  35. 35. In which country is the CARICOM Secretariat located?
  36. 36. Guyana
  37. 37. Barbados
  38. 38. Jamaica
  39. 39. Antigua & Barbuda
  40. 40. Which of the following may obstruct the development of regional co-operation?
  41. 41. Increased trading activities among CARICOM member states
  42. 42. Sharing information and skills in the implementation of development projects
  43. 43. Increasing support for events such as CARIFESTA games
  44. 44. Implementing strict immigration policies among CARICOM member states.</li></ul> Item 28 refers to the following newspaper<br /> headline.<br /> Finance ministers of CARICOM states <br /> present a united front at the Commonwealth <br /> Finance Ministers Meeting.<br /><ul><li>Which of the following can be implied from the newspaper release (headline)?
  45. 45. Difficulties are experienced in obtaining aid.
  46. 46. CARICOM states face common economic problems.
  47. 47. Commonwealth countries have foreign exchange problems.
  48. 48. The distribution of resources in unequal in CARICOM states.
  49. 49. Which of the following measures is intended to promote trade among CARICOM member states?
  50. 50. Importation of low-cost goods from countries outside the region.
  51. 51. Production of similar goods and services in the various members states.
  52. 52. Reduction in import duties on regional goods.
  53. 53. Use of a variety of currencies by CARICOM countries.
  54. 54. Which one of the following is NOT a role of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI)?
  55. 55. To co-ordinate research dissemination (distribution) of technical information.
  56. 56. To conduct programmes of technology generation, adaptation and transfer.
  57. 57. To set up new business enterprises.
  58. 58. To provide technical assistance for investment surveys.
  59. 59. TOTAL 30 MARKS</li></ul>Essay-type Questions<br />REGIONAL INTEGRATION<br />Instruction: Choose one question and answer it on ruled sheet. Where questions require an explanation, suggestion, proposal or a reason, you should develop your responses fully.<br /><ul><li>Write an essay on the topic “Solving Crime in CARICOM”. First, state TWO types of violent crimes which have been occurring in many CARICOM countries. Then, identify ONE criminal activity which takes place across national borders. Name the regional institution which has been established to deal with this activity. Give TWO reasons why CARICOM Heads should make solving crime a priority and suggest to them THREE ways in which they may cooperate to solve crime in the region. State why EACH of these ways you have suggested will be successful.TOTAL 20 MARKS</li></ul>The Importance of Regional Cooperation<br />Write an article for a newspaper on the above topic. In your article, first identify TWO <br />areas, apart from agriculture, in which CARICOM members cooperate. Next, state <br />TWO benefits of regional cooperation to CARICOM citizens. Then, give THREE <br />reasons why cooperation in the agriculture is necessary among CARICOM countries. <br />Finally, suggest to leaders in your country ONE way they may involve the youth in <br />regional cooperation. Write a statement to justify your suggestion.<br />TOTAL 20 MARKS<br />Most Caribbean governments agree that people, goods and services should move freely throughout the member states of CARICOM.<br /><ul><li>You are the Minister of CARICOM Affairs in your country and have recently returned from a meeting where the topic above was discussed. Prepare a report in which you state THREE benefits of freedom of movement to CARICOM. Also, give THREE reasons why the Less Developed Countries of CARICOM (LCDs) may be reluctant to sign an agreement on freedom of movement. Finally, suggest TWO ways in which the CARICOM Secretariat may encourage all member countries to be part of such an agreement.TOTAL 20 MARKS