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  1. 1. The Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate SOCIAL STUDIES Year Two Development and Use of Resources
  2. 2. Concepts • A resource is anything natural that can be harnessed, developed and used to satisfy the needs and wants of people. (Brathwaite et al 2004:130) • natural resource naturally occurring exploitable material: a naturally occurring material such as coal or wood that can be exploited by people. (Encarta, 2004)
  3. 3. Part II of Concepts • Physical resources – Also known as natural resources are those resources which have been given to us by nature. They include land and minerals and the physical elements necessary for our agricultural, manufacturing and tourism industries. (Brathwaite et al 2004:130) • Ubiquitous - [yoo bíkwitəss]adj existing everywhere: present every where at once, or seeming to be Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2003.
  4. 4. Classification of Physical Resources Renewable resources are those that can be used and reused or once used can be restored or re grown within a reasonable period of time. e.g. livestock, forests and marine life. Non – renewable resources are those which cannot be replaced, replenished or re –grown, within a reasonable period of time, after they have been utilized. These resources include raw materials and minerals.
  5. 5. • • • • • • • • A list of Physical Resources available for use in Caribbean * All are ubiquitous Agricultural land Water Forests Beaches Marine Life Solar Energy Wind Fossil fuels • • • • • • • • Gold Diamonds Bauxite Gypsum Geothermal Energy Copper Asphalt Air
  6. 6. Classifying Physical Resources Renewable Resources Forests Beaches Wind Geo – thermal Marine life Agricultural land Water Non – Renewable Resources Gold Diamonds Fossil fuels
  7. 7. Physical Resources
  8. 8. Main minerals within CARICOM • Bauxite – Jamaica, Guyana. • Diamonds – Guyana • Gold – Guyana • Copper – Jamaica (undeveloped) • Natural Gas – Trinidad, Barbados • Mineral Oil – Trinidad, Barbados • Gypsum – Jamaica • Asphalt – Trinidad.
  9. 9. Assignment • The lack of capital can hinder the development of physical resources in the Caribbean. As a consultant to the Ministry of Technology, Industry and Commerce, suggest THREE measures which governments of the region can take to remove some of the financial constraints which hinder the development of resources.
  10. 10. Suggested Answer • Governments need to invest in the generation of cheap energy. This would create a climate for development of resources • SIGN MOU • Enter into bilateral agreement with nations or international agencies that would give loans or grants or provide capital needed for investment. • Speed up the regional integration so we can pool resources to establish tertiary level industries. Funds gained could be used to further develop such physical resources.