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Concept map on family #1


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This concept map provides the definition of certain terms relating to the family, specifically marriage terms. Students are to research the definitions to find the correct terms that match the definition.

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Concept map on family #1

  1. 1. Name of Student: __________________________ Social Studies Work Sheet Designed by Mr. Gooden Concept Map on Family Class: _____________________________ Instruction: complete the following concept map by putting in the terms/words which correctly match the definitions in the space provided on the map. _______________________ Marriage between more than two persons. A marriage restriction that requires a person to marry someone outside his or her immediate family, clan, village or tribe. __________________________ A legally sanctioned relationship, entered into most times because of 'love', usually involving economic cooperation, as well as sexual activity and childbearing that people expect to endure. _______________________ For this type of marriage to occur, parents select marriage partners for their children. The court allows individuals to live apart while sorting out marital relationship. ____________________________ Marriage uniting one man and one woman. __________________________ _______________________ A social institution found in all societies that unite people into cooperative groups to oversee the bearing and rearing of children. FAMILY _______________________ Declaration by a religious or church court that a marriage is invalid. The crime of being married to two women at the same time. A marriage restriction that requires a person to marry someone within the tribe, race, social class, religion, etc. Marriage uniting one female and two or more males. _______________________ The legal dissolution of an officially recognised marriage. In marriage, a situation in which one spouse abandons the other. Marriage among more than two persons. Marriage uniting one male and two or more females.