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Stanford CS193P - Designing for iPad

Stanford CS193P - Designing for iPad



Guest lecture for Stanford CS193P (iPhone Application Programming) on February 12, 2010.

Guest lecture for Stanford CS193P (iPhone Application Programming) on February 12, 2010.



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    Stanford CS193P - Designing for iPad Stanford CS193P - Designing for iPad Presentation Transcript

    • Designing for iPad Evan Doll
    • Who am I? • Evan Doll • Former Apple employee • 3 years on iPhone • Co-taught CS193P
    • Who am I? • Not an Apple employee • Waiting in line outside the Apple Store just like you
    • Today • How iPad changes everything • Where does it fit? • Designing great apps
    • Remember I am not an Apple employee!
    • First Things First • I don’t know any iPad secrets • No SDK discussion today
    • How iPad Changes Everything
    • Obligatory photo:
    • “Make the screen five inches by eight inches, and you’ll rule the world.” - Alan Kay http://bit.ly/dAXgsQ
    • News Flash: Computers are still too complicated
    • Those who design & build computers are most likely to forget this
    • The Gulf of Knowledge
    • Hackers Bloggers Tech columnists You
    • Keep this in mind when evaluating new technology
    • What’s wrong with the status quo?
    • Files
    • “On Mac OS X, the /System/Library/ folder... contains over 90,000 items, not one of which a typical user should ever need to see or touch.” - John Gruber http://daringfireball.net/2009/12/the_tablet
    • My mom has ~100 files on her desktop
    • Mouse
    • Geeks still argue about 1-button vs. 2-button mice
    • http://bit.ly/b5q9mK
    • The mouse is a bug, not a feature
    • Your Stanford C.S. Degree
    • To your family, this still means “tech support”
    • Not just a generation gap
    • Opportunity to fundamentally rethink computing
    • Where does it fit?
    • http://ohnodoom.com/ibap/
    • While driving At a restaurant During the opera
    • While driving At a restaurant During the opera
    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/arvindgrover/3163495351/
    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/missnita/2086268311/
    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/isurusen/3435278992/
    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/eneas/4028061789/
    • Laptops and iPhones are often antisocial
    • iPad is more inviting and shareable
    • Multi-user interactions
    • Presenter + Viewer
    • Multiplayer games
    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/poodleface/482570681/
    • Combine iPhones + iPad?
    • Multiple Touches
    • Room for two (or more) hands
    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/bekahstargazing/378678206/
    • Designing Great Apps
    • (My) Three Rules
    • 1. It’s not an iPhone 2. Don’t break the flow 3. Make it feel real
    • 1. It’s not an iPhone
    • “It’s just a big iPod touch!” - Someone on the Internet
    • Hardware? Maybe. Software? NO!
    • Don’t just recompile your iPhone app
    • Apps that do this will not be well-received
    • 2. Don’t break the flow
    • “One view onscreen” no longer the only way
    • Use split views
    • Don’t abuse it
    • Use popovers for modal content
    • Full-screen transitions can be disorienting on a large display
    • 3. Make it feel real
    • Direct manipulation
    • Tactile, physical interface design
    • Postage Classics ConvertBot
    • Realistic sound effects
    • Animations!
    • Not just eye candy
    • Help user to build a mental map of your app
    • Some specific tips:
    • Read the Human Interface Guidelines
    • Work with a great designer
    • 4x the pixels = 4x the ugly
    • Performance is a BIG DEAL
    • Test on a real iPad for performance and usability
    • Build a paper iPad http://mashable.com/2010/02/08/paper-ipad/
    • Reading List • http://flyosity.com/ipad/the-ipad- is-for-everyone-but-us.php • http://joehewitt.com/post/ipad/ • http://www.tomloverro.com/ 2010/02/06/ipad-analysis- history-repeats-itself/
    • In summary...
    • New platforms don’t come along often
    • We are living in exciting times
    • The possibilities are endless
    • Go forth & develop!
    • Thanks! @edog1203