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Stanford CS193P - Designing for iPad


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Guest lecture for Stanford CS193P (iPhone Application Programming) on February 12, 2010.

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Stanford CS193P - Designing for iPad

  1. Designing for iPad Evan Doll
  2. Who am I? • Evan Doll • Former Apple employee • 3 years on iPhone • Co-taught CS193P
  3. Who am I? • Not an Apple employee • Waiting in line outside the Apple Store just like you
  4. Today • How iPad changes everything • Where does it fit? • Designing great apps
  5. Remember I am not an Apple employee!
  6. First Things First • I don’t know any iPad secrets • No SDK discussion today
  7. How iPad Changes Everything
  8. Obligatory photo:
  9. “Make the screen five inches by eight inches, and you’ll rule the world.” - Alan Kay
  10. News Flash: Computers are still too complicated
  11. Those who design & build computers are most likely to forget this
  12. The Gulf of Knowledge
  13. Hackers Bloggers Tech columnists You
  14. Keep this in mind when evaluating new technology
  15. What’s wrong with the status quo?
  16. Files
  17. “On Mac OS X, the /System/Library/ folder... contains over 90,000 items, not one of which a typical user should ever need to see or touch.” - John Gruber
  18. My mom has ~100 files on her desktop
  19. Mouse
  20. Geeks still argue about 1-button vs. 2-button mice
  22. The mouse is a bug, not a feature
  23. Your Stanford C.S. Degree
  24. To your family, this still means “tech support”
  25. Not just a generation gap
  26. Opportunity to fundamentally rethink computing
  27. Where does it fit?
  29. While driving At a restaurant During the opera
  30. While driving At a restaurant During the opera
  35. Laptops and iPhones are often antisocial
  36. iPad is more inviting and shareable
  37. Multi-user interactions
  38. Presenter + Viewer
  39. Multiplayer games
  41. Combine iPhones + iPad?
  42. Multiple Touches
  43. Room for two (or more) hands
  45. Designing Great Apps
  46. (My) Three Rules
  47. 1. It’s not an iPhone 2. Don’t break the flow 3. Make it feel real
  48. 1. It’s not an iPhone
  49. “It’s just a big iPod touch!” - Someone on the Internet
  50. Hardware? Maybe. Software? NO!
  51. Don’t just recompile your iPhone app
  52. Apps that do this will not be well-received
  53. 2. Don’t break the flow
  54. “One view onscreen” no longer the only way
  55. Use split views
  56. Don’t abuse it
  57. Use popovers for modal content
  58. Full-screen transitions can be disorienting on a large display
  59. 3. Make it feel real
  60. Direct manipulation
  61. Tactile, physical interface design
  62. Postage Classics ConvertBot
  63. Realistic sound effects
  64. Animations!
  65. Not just eye candy
  66. Help user to build a mental map of your app
  67. Some specific tips:
  68. Read the Human Interface Guidelines
  69. Work with a great designer
  70. 4x the pixels = 4x the ugly
  71. Performance is a BIG DEAL
  72. Test on a real iPad for performance and usability
  73. Build a paper iPad
  74. Reading List • is-for-everyone-but-us.php • • 2010/02/06/ipad-analysis- history-repeats-itself/
  75. In summary...
  76. New platforms don’t come along often
  77. We are living in exciting times
  78. The possibilities are endless
  79. Go forth & develop!
  80. Thanks! @edog1203