DIY Research Data Management Training Kit for Librarians


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  • University of Edinburgh’s Research Data Management Policy was passed by Senate in May 2011 (one of the first in the UK). In order to implement the policy Information Services (DCC, Digital Library, IT Infrastructure, EDINA and Data Library) have developed an RDM Roadmap (following EPSRC’s statement in April 2011) – much dialogue between the College Research Committees, ERI (university research office), IS and DCC with the main stakeholder community - actual researchers themselves
  • DIY Research Data Management Training Kit for Librarians

    1. 1. ‘DIY’ Research Data ManagementTraining Kit for LibrariansStuart MacdonaldAssociate Data LibrarianEDINA & Data LibraryUniversity of EdinburghDigCurV Conference - Framing the Digital CurationCurriculum 7 May 2013, Florence, Italy
    2. 2. Background• EDINA and University Data Library (EDL) together are adivision within Information Services of the University ofEdinburgh.• EDINA is a JISC-funded National Data Centre providingnational online resources for education and research -• The Data Library assists Edinburgh University users inthe discovery, access, use and management ofresearch datasets -
    3. 3. Context Research Data Management (RDM)Policy passed by University Senate –May 2011Information Services (IS) hascommitted to an RDM Roadmap overa 24 month period starting summer2013The Roadmap is a cross-divisionalcollaboration supported by:◦ DCC◦ EDINA & Data Library◦ USD◦ Library & Collections◦ IT Infrastructure
    4. 4. The Roadmap will provide servicesto implement the University’s RDMPolicy and will help to engageresearchers in RDM• Data ManagementPlanning• Active Data Infrastructure• Data Stewardship
    5. 5. Work with academics to ensure that the library ismeeting teaching and research needs in theirrespective subject areasPromote information literacyFeedback specific needs of colleges/schools intolibrary planning process‘Upskilling’ Information professionalsIS staff need training to build confidence in engagingin RDM activity and support.Why liaison librarians?
    6. 6. Topics - agreed withparticipants in advance.Data management planningDocumenting & organisingdataData storage & securityEthics & copyrightData sharingInspired by Data Intelligence 4 Librarians but basedon MANTRA learning unitsTraining schedule and reflective questions sent out1 week in advance
    7. 7. Course structure2hr face-to-face sessions•Facilitated by data librarians•Invited guest speakers•Talks followed by long discussions•Interactive group exercises - based on UKDATrain the Trainers materialsHomework exercises to reinforcelearning•Reflective writing to think as a researcher•MANTRA modules to work through in advanceof each session•Independent study: interview a researcher
    8. 8. Small group, private setting, plenty of timefor discussion, sharing stories.Emphasis on facilitation rather thanteaching; expert presence not necessary,though useful for settling unansweredquestions.
    9. 9. Outcome A complete training package designed to containeverything needed to complete a similar trainingcourse on your own (in small groups) based onopen educational materials. Librarians are in control of their own training(planned collaboratively) and therefore arecommitted to learning. Reading at own pace, reflective writing,background reading allow individuals to achievedeeper understanding for given research field. Management commitment to roll out furthertraining based on results
    10. 10. Training kit contents:Promotional slides & Training scheduleResearch Data MANTRA online courseReflective writing questions (PDF / Word)Selected group exercises (with answers) from UKData Service - Train the trainer materials (PDF)Podcasts for short talks by the original Edinburghspeakers if running course without ‘live’ speakers(Windows or Quicktime versions).Presentation files (pptx)Evaluation formsIndependent study assignment: Data CurationProfile, from D2C2, Purdue University Libraries.Resources available: http://datacuraAll CC-BY licensed so please reuse!
    11. 11. Challenges  If commitment is only lightweight -done as other work allows,spread over 4 months, noanticipation of job change - howeffective will the learning be? How and by whom should furthertraining be done - across ISand/or with researchers? DCC/JISC MRD: Awareness ofother institutions’ progress mayhelp learners take on boardimportance of RDM.
    12. 12. AcknowledgementsColleagues: Robin Rice & AnneDonnellyFlickr image by Marc Home (CC BY 2.0) - image by nickwheeleroz (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) - image by josef.stuefer (CC BY 2.0) - image by Steve Snodgrass (CC BY 2.0) - image by gavinzac(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) - image by Pink Sherbert Photography (CC BY 2.0) – image by Rakka (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) - image by Koalie (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) - image by Copperdog ~ Diane (CC BY-SA 2.0) - image by miss_rogue (CC BY-SA 2.0) - image by publicdomain photos (CC BY 2.0) - image by DougfromSPACE (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) -
    13. 13. END! RDM Training Kit for Librarians Univ. Research Data Policy - University RDM Roadmap