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JISC Managing Research Data: Liaison Librarian Training


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Presentation delivered by Stuart Macdonald at a DCC/JISC Managing Research Data workshop in Nottingham, 25 October 2012

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JISC Managing Research Data: Liaison Librarian Training

  1. 1. JISC Managing Research Data:Liaison Librarian TrainingStuart MacdonaldAnne DonnellyRobin RiceEDINA & Data Library, University of EdinburghNottingham: 25 October 2012
  2. 2. OverviewThe ContextThe CollaborationThe PlanThe TopicsThe (intended) OutcomeThe Challenges
  3. 3. The ContextInformation Services (IS) has committed to an RDM Roadmap over an 18 month period (July 2012-Jan. 2014) via its annual planning rounds.The Roadmap will help to engage academic units and PIs in research data management and provide services to implement the University’s RDM Policy.IS staff need training to build confidence in engaging in RDM activity and support.
  4. 4. The CollaborationThe Roadmap is a Liaison librarian cross-divisional goal training involves four of IS. librarians fromSupported by: various subject areas ◦ DCC Data librarians as ◦ EDINA & Data facilitators Library Internal and ◦ User Services external guest ◦ Library & speakers Collections ◦ IT Infrastructure
  5. 5. Liaison Librarians@Edinburgh Work with academic staff to ensure thatthe library is meeting teaching andresearch needs by ensuring availability ofmaterials in their respective subject areas Promote information literacy Feedback specific needs ofcolleges/schools into library planningprocess
  6. 6. The PlanFacilitated by ‘expert’ data librariansAssigned work at own pace; group get- togethers 5 times over period (2 hours)Inspired by Data Intelligence 4 Librarians but based on MANTRA learning unitsReflective writing to think as a researcherShort talks followed by long discussionsInteractive group exercises based on UKDA Train the Trainers materials
  7. 7. The TopicsData management planningDocumenting & organising dataData storage & securityEthics & copyrightData sharing
  8. 8. The (intended) OutcomeLibrarians are in control of their own training (planned collaboratively) and therefore are committed to learning.Reading at own pace, reflective writing, selected software modules allow individuals to achieve deeper understanding for given research field.Management commitment to roll out further training based on results; but not for formal job description changes.
  9. 9. The ChallengesIf commitment is only lightweight - done as other work allows, spread over 4 months, no anticipation of job change - how effective will (the learning) be?How and by whom should further training be done across IS and with researchers?DCC/MRD: Awareness of other institutions’ progress may help learners take on board importance of RDM.
  10. 10. Thanks!MANTRA - Intelligence 4 Librarians - University Data Library – University Data Management Policy -