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AddressingHistory Overview

Presentation given by Stuart Macdonald on Addressing History at RunCoCo workshop: Community Collection Online - sustainability and business models, University of Leeds, 3 November 2010

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AddressingHistory Overview

  1. 1. Stuart Macdonald AddressingHistory Project Manager EDINA To create an online crowdsourcing tool that will combine data from digitised historical Scottish Post Office Directories with contemporaneous historical maps
  2. 2. • Historic maps georeferenced by NLS • PODs digitised by NLS with the Internet Archive • Project focussed on 3 volumes of PODs: 1784-5; 1865; 1905-6 • Scalable to accommodate 400 Scottish PODs currently being digitised • POD entries georeferenced by moving a pin on a digitised map thus facilitating the addition of a grid reference to the OCR’d POD held in XML database • Mass geo-coding of PODs using Google geocoding services • Mechanism to check user-generated content such as georeferences • Amplification of tool and API via Social Media Channels • Each POD entry will be accessible via the API through a unique URI - opening up content to LOD cloud through RDF & Ontologies (geonames, DBPedia) CC image courtesy of Flickr –
  3. 3. THANKING YOU! Acknowledgements: • JISC - • National Library of Scotland - • Visualising Urban Geographies (VUG) project – • Edinburgh City Libraries –