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  • 1. Price 1 David Wesley Price CI 350-102 WebQuest Music Appreciation Standards for West Virginia: Distinguished Mastery Novice The student, with precision and self-direction, critically analyzes music. The student insightfully describes and evaluates music and music performances. The student is generally accurate while critically analyzing, describing and evaluating music and music performances. Minor inaccuracies may occur; however, there are no significant gaps in overall knowledge. The student, with considerable assistance, critically analyzes, describes and evaluates music and music performances. There are significant errors. Introduction: For this assignment, you will be a famous music critic giving your make-or-break review of a piece of music in the operatic style. You will use the internet to find a complete audio or video recording. As you listen, keep in mind that your opinion is well respected. If you hate it, no one else will listen; if you love it, everyone will. If you feel it is just alright, everyone will agree. That being said, you have to give the reasons for your opinion. Using the suggested resources, or ones you find yourself, write a review on a Word document with musical vocabulary, and background information on the piece of music you found. Task: Students will: find recordings online research the background of a work listen to, analyze, and describe music evaluate music and music performances
  • 2. Price 2 Process: First, review the resources posted below, or find your own. Familiarize yourself with musical vocabulary and history. Next locate an audio or video recording of an operatic performance on the internet. Listen actively and critically. Remember, you are a respected music critic! Write a review on a Word document which gives your educated opinion on the performance. Resources: Musical Vocabulary Opera History Sample reviews Evaluation: Excellent A/B Acceptable C/D Needs Work E/F Evaluation of Music Student shows evidence of active and critical listening Discussion of Background Student provides detailed description of background Student shows he/she has listened to the piece of music Student mentions background Student shows no evidence of listening to the piece of music Student never mentions background Staying In Character Student writes as if he/she is the specified character Student uses MLA format perfectly. Student acknowledges the specified character Student uses MLA format with some mistakes. Student never acknowledges the specified character Student does not use MLA format. Proper Format
  • 3. Price 3 Conclusion: Now that you are an accomplished music critic, in real life, think of all the ways you can use your skills! You can research any artistic presentation, not only opera, and develop a respectable opinion. Your skill in navigating the internet and presenting your thoughts clearly will come in handy! You may like to research further topics like: Orchestral music Dramatic and comedic theatre Dance Poetry David “Wesley” Price’s Zunal Web Quest