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  1. 1. Wednesday ASSURE A Analyze the learners I will be teaching public high school students grades 9-12, in the setting of a music appreciation class. The class shows a homogenous demographic of middle class, locally born students. There is an equal mix of boys and girls. Most express an audio or visual based learning style, and have responded well to research and reflection based assignments. S State Objectives Exploring The student, with precision and selfdirection, critically analyzes music. The student insightfully describes and evaluates music and music performances. Relating The student explains, evaluates and makes inferences about the relationships between music, global cultures, the other arts and disciplines. The student’s observations demonstrate critical thinking and are wellreasoned and insightful. Appraisal The Student shows mastery of the context and content of musical works, by active listening, critical reviewing, and relating their assessment of a piece of music. Wednesday Objective High school students, grades 9-12, will know the plot of Verdi’s opera La Traviata, and critically asses the music in relation to the characters. They will learn to do these things throughclass activity with Youtube, a podcast, and discussion on Twitter. The students will accomplish this with 100% accuracy in one week. S Select Methods Media and Materials (The actual resources are presented in full form on the Wiki.) Twitter Podcasting
  2. 2. YouTube U Utilize Media and Materials I will begin class on Tuesday with a podcast on the plot of La Traviata, which students will listen to and keep notes on. Then I will break students into groups and have them critically review and assess productions of the opera on YouTube. For homework, they will follow the class Twitter and comment on the three controversial tweets about the music of La Traviatain relation to the characters. They will respond to three of their classmate’s response tweets and report their discussions on a word Document submitted on Dropbox. R Require Learner Participation The critical review and assessment activity will be the collaborative element of student participation on Wednesday. The Twitter discussion will be self-directed, but its completion will require substantial individual commitment in the form of research and critical thinking, if done correctly and with thought about the subject. E Evaluate and Revise I will assess students individually, through their daily assignments, to keep track of their personal progress.I will assess their critical reviews and assessments for completion, as they are opinion pieces. Their discussion reports will be graded for completion and level of commitment. If I see lacking work or an insufficient grasp of a concept I will allow revision. I will take note of the entire class’s progress both daily and finally on Friday. The last assessment will show whether the unit was an overall success or failure.