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  1. 1. Price 1 David “Wesley” Price CI 350-102 Twitter Reviews @d_martin05 Dave Martin has an inspiring twitter account. He is a math teacher, and he offers help tips to his students through tweets. Recently he has been interested in classroom diversity. He has attended training in teaching English as a second language and has spent time in a refugee camp. Student motivation is the cause he is most devoted to. He has constant tweets about every student being an individual and that standardization in education is dangerous. I enjoyed following this teacher’s tweets. He is good at offering questions with his tweets. This gives the reader something to think about. @GwynethJones Gwyneth Jones has a really fun Twitter account. She likes to tweet about Dr. Who and the educational applications of QR codes. Officially she is a Library Media Specialist. Like the best professionals in education, she loves her job. Her tweets are full of ideas which are more for libraries than classrooms. She suggests that the internet is the future of libraries, but champions the ease and charm of print books. She says they are so much a part of our culture and so essential to our communication that they are in no danger of becoming obsolete. This particular
  2. 2. Price 2 Twitter account is interesting, but it is more an informal social platform than a resource for educators. @Dwight_Carter Dwight Carter is a high school principle with an innovative approach to the job. He has promoted the no-office day. On these days he never enters his office. Instead, he wanders the school for research. He makes it clear that his tweets reflect his personal views which sometimes have a religious flavor. In general, however, they are simply motivational. He is supportive of his staff and the students at his school. He sometimes mentions his administrative duties, but most of his tweets are advertisements for school functions or motivational mottos for his students. For educators, this Twitter account gives a great view into the work of a school principal.
  3. 3. Price 3 @tomaltepeter Tom Altepeter is a former elementary school principal and present middle school assistant principal. His tweets are about social justice, conflict, and reform. This is a great blog for when one needs food for thought. Tom posts Tweets that are not presented as facts, but issues. These issues are the subject of potential debate. He is proud of his school and a professed Christian. Many of his tweets are about the issue of closed mindedness. He often comments that people need to be open and accepting. The tweets about social issues focus on poverty, racism, and all injustice. Overall, this blog is fascinating, but not a great resource for general education teachers to use in class. @CI350class The class twitter page is the best resource for teachers I have reviewed here. Because class resources are posted, it has helped me as a student. Because those resources are applicable to teachers teaching outside Marshall, the account is a resource for educators. The emphasis on technology is important because it helps one to prepare for the future of educating and being educated in the future.