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Mobile is the New Black
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Mobile is the New Black


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  • Consider this presentation a template for your own presentation to your firm
  • Business case is built on dataThe flavors of mobile friendlyShould we have a mobile websiteWhat are the cost options for a mobile site
  • Last year, something profound happened. The number of smartphones sold exceed the number of PC’s sold.Note the short time frame from the creation of the product category until the dominance of the productIt’s not business as usual. There is a seismic change happening in the way people access the internetSo # 1: There are more of these devices in people’s hands
  • Which leads us to #2:In a few years, the number of mobile devices will dwarf the number of PC.As the category dominates, think about how there will be more software, better software and more uses for the device – even for those of us who have had these devices for years.
  • Global Internet users will double over the next few years.Anecdote – sitting Union Square with my laptop thinking how cool it was to have wifiRemember when Starbucks offered wifi to their customers – for a feeMcDonald’s offers wifiPoint # 3 as the mobile user base grows, convenient internet access will be ubiquitous
  • Mobile devices will be in the hands of everyone who wants one
  • "Americans deserve a government that works for them anytime, anywhere, and on any device," Obama said in a statement in May 2012.Do your clients deserve a law firm that works for them anytime, anywher and on any device?
  • What is mobile optimized?What is mobile enabled?I don’t know what the 2 terms mean but I think we can agree DLA Piper, Skadden & Latham Watkins don’t have it.Baker & McKenzie leans more toward it – but I don’t know if we are really there yet. This may surprise you.Kirkland & Ellis is kind of faking it. - Those tiny links that won’t pass the fat finger test give it away.
  • If 72% of firms don’t have mobile enabled, optimized or whatever, is that ok for your firm?That’s a business decision.Our recommendation: Do your own analysis
  • 5 easy to obtain data points will answer the question “How many website visitors did you disappoint today?”Current visits gives you an absolute numberTrend line suggests the level of urgency to the issue – we looked at some dramatic increases in mobile device & internet access but does this translate to your firmBounce rate – arrive/leaveTime on site – a sketchy measurement in the first place – but comparatively perhaps meaningfulPages visite – a useful metric of engagement
  • Take a one month snapshot. What happened in November 2012?
  • Note the trendNote also what % of total traffic is mobileNote total trafficIf traffic is flat but visitors are clearly migrating to mobile, you have an urgent situationThis will establish for you the degree of urgency
  • Mobile Friendly is a givenWhat is mobile friendly?Asking for mobile friendly does not provide enough information to estimate or produce what you may seek
  • The first question is mobile what?Expect mobile internet access to be more or less ubiquitous via multiple devices, environments and uses
  • Bio printstylesheets generally resemble the web theme.But proposal generator themes may aggregate a team and present bio synopsis. So a proposal generator stylesheet may have a different theme than a web page printed of just one bio.
  • Mobile friendliness comes in multiple flavorsA word about or – not a technical reference. These are all just different websites.The server that receives the page request makes the decision what website to deliver.It redirects the mobile browser to a website with pages that have a mobile themeAutomobilizersStatic websites – with web stylesheets & maybe custom themesWeb stylesheetsWeb stylesheets & custom themes (surfaced more relevant information & provided functionality)Responsive Design
  • Automobiliezers may work on your home page. But they tend to deteriorate with more complex interior pages
  • Static website with a web stylesheet – maybe custom theme or noWeb style sheetCustom web style sheet (note “welcome to mobile” messages) – Sort of a nod to customized content without really doing it
  • Had to leave the law firm world to find true custom mobile themes with mobile stylesheetsNot surprisingly, students tend to be the most mobile savvy crowd with high expectationsUses the resources of the phone to enhance the user experienceLocation is a common smartphone featureMap to get from where I am to you – or even an event that is offsitePlaces to park near your office
  • Bracewell custom themes, custom mobile content and mobile stylesheetsNote there is no “pull down” for practice areas. Takes you to a new page with clickable fat finger optionsThis takes you to attorney information pre-filtered by practice areaTakes you to a custom mobile theme with attorney bio
  • Apps “May” provide you additional functionalityDo require you to develop in multiple environmentsDo require ongoing and separate maintenanceEmailEmail clients are rude (a client is what you use to view your email)Outlook exchangeEudoraGoogle MailClient Intranets (a sharing environment)Becoming more importantUsabilitySecurityLawyer ServicesWhat do Lawyers do – and what can they do through their mobile devices
  • Transcript

    • 1. Sonny CohenDirector of Internet Marketing StrategyDuo Consulting
    • 2. How many website visitorsdid you disappoint today?
    • 3. • Build the business case for mobile• Understand what a mobile website is• Justify budget for the mobile initiative right for your firm
    • 4. It’s a mobile world• In 2011 the number of smartphones sold exceeded the number of PCs Sold
    • 5. It’s a mobile world• In a few years, the number of mobile devices will DWARF the number of PCs
    • 6. It’s a mobile world• Global Internet users will double over the next few years — and most will be mobile • G-20 = major industrial and developing countries
    • 7. It’s a mobile nation• 113.9 million internet US users – 17%+ from 2011• 106.7 million smartphone US users – 18%+ from 2011MOBILE PHONES WILL OVERTAKE DESKTOP COMPUTERS AS THEMOST COMMON WEB ACCESS DEVICE IN THE WORLD — GARTNER
    • 8. It’s a mobile nation
    • 9. Is it a mobile law firm world? • 55% of the Fortune 500 have mobile ―optimized‖ Website* • 28% of the AMLAW 100 offer a Mobile ―Enabled‖ version of their website** BAKER & DLA SKADD LATHAM & KIRKLAND & MCKENZIE PIPER EN WATKINS ELLIS*Interactive Advertising Bureau July 2012**Nancy Slome 1:1 Interactive November 2012
    • 10. Your firm’s mobile worldAre you comfortablewith consensus? Know your Clients Know your Site Analytics
    • 11. Mobile Business Case – the DataDesktop vs Mobile Visitors:• Current Visits By Mobile Devices• 1 Year Visitor Trend Line• Bounce Rate• Time On Site• Pages Visited
    • 12. Take a Snap Shot of November 2012• 10% of visits are mobile• Pages visited - 70% of desktop pages visited• Visit length - 58% of desktop visit length• Bounce rate – 22% higher (bounce rate = only visit 1 page)
    • 13. What’s the Trend?• October, 2011 – 4000 mobile visitors• October, 2012 – 6614 mobile visitors• 65% Growth in mobile visitors in 12 months• ** (overall visitor traffic stable/flat)
    • 14. So you want a Mobile friendly website?• ―Mobile Friendly‖ Is Not A Development Term• Neither is Mobile Enabled• Neither is Mobile Optimized
    • 15. Mobile ≠ Smartphone• Phones • TV• Tablets • Appliances• Game Console • Household Windows• E-Reader • Bathroom Mirrors• Car Dashboard
    • 16. Mobile friendlinessUnderstanding Stylesheets& Themes Desktop Web Stylesheet Print Stylesheet
    • 17. Mobile friendliness• Your M.Lawfirm.Com** options: • INSUFFICIENT Auto-mobilizers (Google: ―mobile website‖) • BAD Web stylesheet – static website • OK web stylesheet – integrated with CMS • GOOD custom theme & web stylesheet – integrated with CMS with mobile content • BEST responsive design ** is a convention
    • 18. Mobile friendliness . For illustrative purpose only
    • 19. Mobile friendliness• STATIC WEBSITE • Easy to build – hard to manage • Tech skills to maintain• INTEGRATED WITH CMS • ―Flow‖ existing content
    • 20. Mobile friendliness• Custom Mobile Style Sheet• Integrated with CMS• Location Aware
    • 21. Mobile friendliness• Information Architecture• User Experience
    • 22. Mobile Really friendly• Responsive Design
    • 23. Mobile Really friendly
    • 24. Mobile Really friendly• Responsive Design • Content decisions • User experience • Information architecture
    • 25. Mobile Really Friendly Mobile First is the idea that web sitesMobile First should first be designed for mobile devices, including only those tasks/items that website visitors use most. Then as screen real estate increases, add in tasks/features as needed based on user priority.
    • 26. Mobile Strategy Apps Email Lawyer Services •Document Assembly •Document Storage/collaboration Client Intranet •Time/Billing Entry
    • 27. Sonny CohenDirector of Internet Marketing StrategyDuo