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 Case Study 1 : Creatures From The Bog

 You are teaching a Biolog...
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Emerging Technologies - UBC Case Study 1


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Emerging Technologies - UBC Case Study 1

  1. 1. emerging technologies that enhance teaching & learning Case Study 1 : Creatures From The Bog You are teaching a Biology course on wetland ecosystems. The course is mostly classroom-based with an online component for student collaboration in WebCT Vista. There are a number of planned field trips for each module in the course. One of the modules is called "The Study of a Bog" and will focus on plant and animal adaptations and deal with the issues of conservation, habitat and pollution within this unique ecosystem. This module includes a field trip to Burns Bog in Richmond. The learning objectives you have set Solution for this particular module and field trip are for students to work in groups to accomplish the following: Activity 1: Shared Digital Repository Tool: Flickr 1. Identify and explain bog creatures Set-Up Time: 10 minutes 2. Comment and give feedback on peer work Keep-up Time: 3. Contribute to knowledge creation in an authentic Tech Savvy: Low way Activity 2: On-the-Spot Feedback 4. Synthesize group findings Tool: Twitter Set-Up Time: 10 minutes There are a number of activities assigned to students Keep-up Time: on this particular field trip that will support these Tech Savvy: Low learning objectives, including: Activity 3: Share Knowledge Tool: Blog/Wiki 1. Take photos of bog creatures and identify them; Set-Up Time: 10 minutes share these photos with the whole class Keep-up Time: 2. Give "on-the-spot" feedback to peers on Tech Savvy: Low information gathered in the bog using online tools 3. Share knowledge you have gathered with peers Activity 4: Group Presentation inside and outside the class; connect to a social Tool: Prezi network or community of practice Set-Up Time: 1 hour 4. Create a group presentation that summarizes bog Keep-up Time: Tech Savvy: Medium research & share with the whole class Challenge! Resources Your challenge now is to figure out ways to use Check out our wiki for all the resources discussed in this emerging technologies to support your students' field session: http://wiki.ubc.ca/EmergingTech trip activities. You should also be thinking about how to bring the information & data gathered and produced by your students into your online course. • Training and more at: www.elearning.ubc.ca • www.flickr.com Contact us: emily.renoe@ubc.ca | catherine.paul@ubc.ca • www.twitter.com • www.blogs.ubc.ca