The Social Web: Yours, Mine, and Ours
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The Social Web: Yours, Mine, and Ours



The social Web is changing how we connect and collaborate, but it's not all about tools and technology. What are the human needs driving this transformation, and how can we make online choices that ...

The social Web is changing how we connect and collaborate, but it's not all about tools and technology. What are the human needs driving this transformation, and how can we make online choices that will most benefit our life communities: personal, professional, and civic?



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The Social Web: Yours, Mine, and Ours Presentation Transcript

  • 1. THE SOCIAL WEB Yours, Mine, and Ours Jay Collier• February 25, 2009 Ibrahim Iujaz
  • 2. • Technology • Experience • Exchange • Choices woodleywonderworks
  • 3. Warning! tm-tm
  • 4. Each medium “is an extension of ourselves ... an extension of consciousness” Marshall McLuhan, 1964 Clearly Ambiguous
  • 5. MCLUHAN Digitized Expanding media MEDIA Evolution of communications technologies Electronic Digital computer Networks MEDIA Personal computer Telegraph World Wide Web Printed Telephone Web 2.0, next? MEDIA Radio Written Movable type Television MEDIA Printing press Cave walls Photograph Bamboo slips Motion pictures Parchment Verbal Paper nate steiner
  • 6. THE WORLD WIDE WEB Web 1.0 Web 1.0 — 1995–2002 The first Web was “It” ~2000 “IT” The first Web was Web media and content hosted locally A WEB SITE Business data Phone Television Email
  • 7. THE WORLD WIDE WEB Web 2.0 — 2002–10 The next Web was “Yours” and “Mine Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Webmaster required ! We can all do it Institutional voice ! Personal voice One-way publishing ! Social collaboration Desktop computing ! Access anywhere
  • 8. Web 2.0 THE WORLD WIDE WEB ~2007 Web 2.0 — 2002–10 The next Web was “YOURS” and“MINE” The current Web is “Yours” and “Mine Facebook Delicious Flickr WordPress Google Docs My Wikipedia Pages and LinkedIn profiles YouTube NetVibes Twitter
  • 9. THE WORLD WIDE WEB The Next Web — 2010–20 The Live Web “Is” Web 2.0 Web 3.0/Live Web We all can do it ! Automatic agents Personal voice ! Community voices Social collaboration ! Co-created experiences Access anywhere ! Intelligent devices
  • 10. The noosphere is “an interlinked system of consciousness and information” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 1955 Jaypeg21
  • 11. TEILHARD DE CHARDIN Noosphere Layers of experience THOUGHT Evolution of awareness Atmosphere AIR Biosphere CELLS Geosphere MOLECULES wwworks, churkin ms, anomalous4, fdecomite, snickclunk , jing-a-ling
  • 12. “The individual and the cultural are inextricably bound by patterns of relational exchange.” Ken Wilber, 1981 sallyrye
  • 13. WILBER Intuitive Patterns of exchange MEANING Relational exchanges with our multiple environments Symbolic Vision Integrity RESPECT Authenticity Emotional Discourse Presence Material SECURITY Achievement Reflection SAFETY Recognition Awareness Family Friendship Esteem Breath Confidence Food, water Intimacy Shelter Power Reproduction Sleep
  • 14. “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” William Gibson, 2003 Clearly Ambiguous
  • 15. “If you understand the Net Generation, you will understand the future” Don Tapscott, 2008 Phyllis Graber Jensen Clearly Ambiguous
  • 16. BATES ONLINE MEDIA Supporting the next generations • Help people connect with each other, across roles — student, faculty, staff, alumni. • Help people connect with the ideas that interest them the most: scholarship, research, narratives, events, places, groups, and service. • Draw constituents and friends into a satisfying and deepening lifelong experience of Bates that reflects and expresses core values. • Make online ultimately portable, so that people can participate from anywhere, anytime.
  • 17. BATES ONLINE MEDIA Principles of an effective online service Factors that may encourage survival • Be dependable – anywhere, any time, any device • Be intuitive – simple publishing, searching, finding • Be useful – helpful information and instructions • Be engaging – appealing, personal, immersive • Be personalizable – up to date feeds on personal interests • Be sociable – online spaces for intellectual collaboration • Be meaningful – insight into what matters to you
  • 18. NATURAL SELECTION More to watch • Vimeo — video hosting and community • DabbleDB — relational databases • Feedburner — subscriptions and notifications • Bloglines — news feed reader • GoogleMaps & Docs — business
  • 19. “Education is learning what to grow toward, what to choose, what not to choose.” Abraham Maslow, 1971 Jaypef21
  • 20. The Social Web What is your experience of the social Web? More information: