Online Engagement at Bates: Progress Report 2008


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Online Engagement at Bates: Progress Report 2008

  1. 1. Online Engagement at Bates ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT — 2008 Jay Collier• January 24, 2009
  2. 2. TODAYAgenda • Context and motivation — 5 minutes • Collective vision — 5 minutes • Strategy and blueprint — 5 minutes • Current activities — 5 minutes
  3. 3. Context and motivation
  4. 4. Collective vision
  5. 5. WINTER-SPRING 2008Listening sessions • Advancement staff • Media relations staff • Alumni Council • Parents (Maine) (San Francisco) • Parents (NYC) • Academic Affairs • Students (open session) • Academic area coordinators • Students (residential staff) • Arts steering committee • Web oversight group • Academic Affairs • Web roundtable (campus editors) • Admissions
  6. 6. SPRING 2008Common themes • Be dependable – anywhere, any time, any device • Be intuitive – simple publishing, searching, finding • Be helpful – helpful information and instructions • Be interesting – appealing, personal, immersive • Be personalizable – up to date feeds on personal interests • Be welcoming – online spaces for collaboration • Be meaningful – insight into what matters to you
  7. 7. Strategy and blueprint
  8. 8. SUMMER 2008Process: sustainable success 1. READY Determine executive sponsor. Define success. Confirm staff and budget. Brainstorm possible paths. 2. STEADY Build strategy. Create plan of action. 3. GO Commit to the plan of action. Do the work. Have fun. Evaluate the work against the definition of success. 4. REPEAT Return & improve. Have fun.
  9. 9. SUMMER 2008Vision: online engagement • Help Bates people connect with each other, across roles — student, faculty, staff, alumni — on campus or off. • Help people connect with the ideas that interest them the most: scholarship, research, narratives, events, places, groups, and service. • Draw constituents and friends into a satisfying and deepening lifelong experience of Bates that reflects and expresses core values. • Make online Bates ultimately portable, so that people can participate from anywhere, anytime.
  10. 10. SUMMER 2008Blueprint: toward connection • Start with powerful FROM universal ideas. Powerful, universal • Deepen involvement ideas toward greater Ambivalence to commitment: Awareness to ambivalence and Interest to Participation to awareness toward Commitment participation and commitment. TOWARD Personalized • Ultimately: build interactions relationships.
  11. 11. SUMMER 2008Blueprint: depth The most universal messaging • Start with universal, persuasive TELLING THE BATES STORY Publishing to global audiences messaging. • Learn what’s happening in areas NEWS, EVENTS, UPDATES of interest to you. Informing interested people • Visit public collaboration spaces and participate in the creation of LEARNING COLLABORATIONS Creating knowledge together new knowledge. • Make exchanges of value SERVICES & TRANSACTIONS through online transactions. Exchanging value and commitment • Build personal relationships. The most personalized interactions
  12. 12. SUMMERBlueprint: shift perspective• Functional perspective • Engagement perspective Powerful, universal ideas Powerful, universal ideas TELLING THE BATES STORY TELLING THE BATES STORY NEWS, EVENTS, UPDATES NEWS, EVENTS, UPDATES LEARNING LEARNING COLLABORATIONS COLLABORATIONS SERVICES & SERVICES & TRANSACTIONS TRANSACTIONS Personalized Personalized interactions interactions
  13. 13. SUMMER 2008Blueprint: continuity • This deepening of General engagement continues Public from recruitment for life. Prospective Prospective Corporations, • Each time a Bates person Students Faculty & Foundations or partner enters a new Staff & Families role, they begin a new phase of engagement. Current Current Philanthropic Faculty & Students, Partners • Continuity is important at Staff & Families those potential “speed bumps.” Alumni & Friends
  14. 14. SPRING–WINTER 2008Support for online media • Career Services committed a full-time permanent position; recruiting in final stages • Student team in Online Media Group helped develop prototypes to demonstrate what can be • Advancement funded a “surgical” overhaul of the home site, to improve first impressions
  15. 15. Current activities
  16. 16. ALL YEARSocial media presence • Facebook fan page & groups (3/07) • Flickr group pool (6/07) • WordPress and Feedburner (4/07) • YouTube channel and videos (6/07) • GoogleMaps and Docs (4/08)
  17. 17. Build connections Share knowledgeSustain for a lifetime
  18. 18. Thank you Thank you for your continuing partnership. More information: