The 7 habits of high successful atlassian marketplace developers


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The 7 habits of high successful atlassian marketplace developers

  1. 1. reyeM evaD yb srodneV lufsseccuS ylhgiH fo stibaH neveS ehT
  2. 2. ĬsseccuSĬ gninifeD ŇecalptekraM eht si tahW A discovery platform for Atlassian customers? A marketing channel for vendors? One of these (
  3. 3. sseccuS ot gnitteG
  4. 4. lles ot dliuB ĿR tibaH Would I use this? Would my clients/customers friends/colleagues use this? Am I thinking big? What does version 2.0 look like? 3.0? maharG luaP Ħ Ĭtnaw elpoep gnihtemos ekaMĬ ÔlmthĻdoogÕmocĻmahargluapĻwwwÕÕĿptthŎ
  5. 5. dnuoF eb ot tnaW ĿS tibaH 64% of traffic to profiles comes from Google Next most common: direct links Everything else is insignificant So what do I do? Great content on your site = great SEO Support your profile Can be detailed ( or simple (
  6. 6. revoc sti yb koob a egduj lliw sremotsuC edistuO eht no lufituaeB eB ĿT tibaH
  7. 7. ÆX of page visitors to evaluators ÆRĻXSÞ ÆY of page visitors to evaluators
  8. 8. Ļyhtrowtsurt Ôeb dnaŎ kool oS Ļmetsys lacitirc noissim a otni ycnedneped a Í Ľ Ħ gnicudortni er yeht no dda ruoy sesahcrup remotsuc a nehW edistuO eht no lufituaeB eB ĿT tibaH
  9. 9. kcaptalF IUA senilediuG ngiseD naissaltA edisnI eht no lufituaeB eB ĿU tibaH
  10. 10. Evaluations to purchases QĻV ot TĻU etaR noisrevnoC ni tnemevorpmI
  11. 11. SVĻT WY I Sold via expert R WĻT QU I Not sold via Expert PSA esirpretne eht egagnE ĿV tibaH
  12. 12. esirpretne eht egagnE ĿV tibaH strepxE aiv selas fo noitroporP ÆSĻVR Add-ons that have opted in to Expert discount Æ QR Add-ons that have opted out of Expert discount
  13. 13. Experts (How?) Marketing (Why?) Technical (What?) esirpretne eht gnikcolnu ot syeK esirpretne eht egagnE ĿV tibaH
  14. 14. Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Serviceability Scale Support Leverage Marketplace, Atlassian PMs & product teams
  15. 15. Focus on ability to solve critical enterprise business problem Show why buy > build Help Atlassian Events (Summit, AtlasCamp) Case studies (talk to me after) AUGs
  16. 16. ĿstrepxE htiw rehtruf teg ot syaw eerhT Meet them Don't create more work Do create more revenue
  17. 17. sremotsuc ruoy wonK Ôod uoy ylno ekilŎ ĿW tibaH Marketplace reviews Support request patterns Lost evaluators Betas & usability tests Collaborate with your customers, like this (
  18. 18. srettaM tnemegagnE ÆZĻ QS Conversion rate of evaluators to customers for add-ons with link to issues and support ÆZĻRR Conversion rate of evaluations to customers for add-ons without link to issues and support
  19. 19. gnisolC eB syawlA ĿX tibaH snoisrevnoc tsoob ot syaw ysae eerhT Reduce friction Try the 5 minute rule Have a "Getting Started" page Use UPM hooks! Evaluator emails
  20. 20. ÔmocĻnaissaltaĻtsiegedocÕÕĿptthŎ mocĻnaissaltaĻtsiegedoc ÑRT yaM sdne tsiegedoC ÔÕreyemdÕgroĻtekcubtibÕÕĿptthŎ groĻtekcubtibĻreyemd ĿsedilS