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SharePoint Saturday London Without Change, There - Would Be No Butterflies: 4 Steps to Business Transformation with Microsoft Teams and Planner


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Without Change, There Would Be No Butterflies: 4 Steps to Business Transformation Consumers expect a new relationship with businesses, which means internal teams need a new way to work – one enabling them to access information quickly and collaborate rapidly on any device at any time. Business transformation is at the heart of every business especially inside everyday processes and driving innovation with purchased productivity tools. The good news is many companies are turning to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. The bad news is adoption is sorely lacking. The culprit? Change management. Recent studies find more than half of companies point to poor change management as the top reason for their SharePoint deployments failing. Join Heather Newman, Co-Founder, Chief Evangelist and Chief Marketing Officer of Content Panda, as she uses real-world use cases to provide you the blueprint for a successful change management project. You’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of the pitfalls to avoid and proven tips to jumpstart business transformation and how to implement with your change management initiatives.

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SharePoint Saturday London Without Change, There - Would Be No Butterflies: 4 Steps to Business Transformation with Microsoft Teams and Planner

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  4. 4. Without Change, There Would Be No Butterflies: Microsoft Teams and Planner Adoption Heather Newman, Microsoft MVP Chief Marketing Officer, Content Panda
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  6. 6. Tweet this Talk @heddanewman @contentpanda @SPSNashville #SPSNashville Heather Newman My pronouns are She/Her.
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  10. 10. Content collaboration in the Microsoft cloud
  11. 11. Teams and business moving at the speed of light
  12. 12. Modern Workplace Challenges 40% of productivity is lost when switching tasks The average time a knowledge worker spends searching for knowledge is 2.5 hours 50% of the people hold a job that is compatible with at least partial telework
  13. 13. The market is full of Project Management and Collaboration Choices
  14. 14. The fact is that businesses do not have emotion. Products do not have emotion. Humans do. Humans want to feel something. And humans make mistakes. Which is why we want to connect, make to-do lists and plans to execute @heddanewman
  15. 15. Focus on the “Why” Not on the “What”
  16. 16. Technology Acceptance Model Perceived Usefulness The degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would enhance his or her performance Perceived Ease of Use The degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would be free from effort @heddanewman
  17. 17. Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards @heddanewman
  18. 18. Adoption Campaign Checklist  Define Your Vision  Choose Executive Sponsors  Define Key Stakeholders  Define Use Cases/Business Scenarios  Gather Your Champions  Release in Phases  Adoption Communication Plan  End User Training  Look to Experts  Make it Fun - Gamification  Measure, Share, Iterate
  19. 19. Planning and Awareness Executive Sponsors Business Case Release in Phases @heddanewman
  20. 20. Serves as a role model Articulate value proposition Issue future company-wide announcements and updates Executive Support @JeffTeper @heddanewman
  21. 21. Outline Your Vision & Success Factors It’s All About Value Why SharePoint Why Teams? What is your vision? @heddanewman
  22. 22. “Use Case” Driven Look to the Business Sales and Marketing R&D, Production and Operations Finance and Accounting Information Technology HR and Internal Communications Legal & Compliance @heddanewman
  23. 23. Release in Phases One division at a time Don’t boil the ocean One workload @heddanewman
  24. 24. Awareness Plan communication tactics Mobilize SharePoint champions @heddanewman
  25. 25. Champions Rock Your Project Top down and bottom up – gotta have both The most excited The biggest critic @heddanewman
  26. 26. Bill of materials Executive announcements Who is your target audience Develop Your communication plan @heddanewman
  27. 27. Learning Know your audience Sketch out and deliver training schedule Expert guidance @heddanewman
  28. 28. End User Training In-person On-demand In-context End users learn in many different ways, there are lot of options in the marketplace and Microsoft has resources for training as well. Microsoft 365 Adoption Guide: Planning Workbook: @heddanewman
  29. 29. Expert Opinions & Guidance All of these folks have been working on user adoption a long time and their best practices are excellent. Sue Hanley, Jennifer Mason, Robert Bogue, Tracy van der Schyff, and Darrell Webster @heddanewman
  30. 30. Adoption Gamification Provide ongoing support Access user satisfaction Measure usage and adoption @heddanewman
  31. 31. Make it fun (buck the company culture) Use an online scavenger hunt as a fun way to encourage usage Provide recognition for content contribution or usage Gamification & Surveys @heddanewman
  32. 32. Measure Share Success and Iterate Broaden Engagement Create Surveys Listen to Issues and Pivot on Them @heddanewman
  33. 33. Demo
  34. 34. Q&A
  35. 35. Microsoft Teams Resources
  36. 36. Coffee in the Cloud @CITCTV Get more from Azure & Office 365 Business Solutions Best Practices & How-To’s For Admin’s and Champions
  37. 37. Microsoft 365 Adoption Guide: Planning Workbook:
  38. 38. Microsoft Teams Toolkit –
  39. 39. Teams on Air Podcast odcast/a-day-in-the-life-on- teams-mobile- client/id1342881671?i=100041 1520145&mt=2
  40. 40. Short Video Tidbits End User Training: us/microsoftteams/enduser-training This has a great list of short snackable videos for many tips and tricks for using Microsoft Teams.
  41. 41. Team Academy for ITPros After consuming the module, the audience will understand to what how Teams leverages Office 365 and what the requirements are for an optimal user experience. The PowerPoint can also be used to run a workshop with infrastructure teams before rolling out Teams. Foundations – Core components: Video | Deck UojkSiGnKuE30ckcjnDVkMNqDv0Vl
  42. 42. courses Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist Enabling Teamwork with Microsoft Teams
  43. 43. Heather Newman CMO, Co-Founder, Maven, Speaker Panda Blog: Marketing Blog: Twitter & Instagram: @heddanewman