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25. Wang Lund and O-lan suffered without food during the ____________________.   26. The student will ____________________...
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Vocab 2 for the good earth


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Vocabulary assignment for Kearney's Language Arts 8

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Vocab 2 for the good earth

  1. 1. NAME________________________________ PERIOD_______________ THE GOOD EARTH VOCABULARY 2PART 1: Read the following vocabulary words and their definitions and then write you ownsentence, using the new word. The first one is done as an example. 1. subservient (adj.) useful in an inferior capacity, submissiveO-lan was forced to takesubservient role in her marriage to Wang Lung. 2. modernize (v.) to make modern or updated 3. endeavor (v.) to strive to achieve or reach 4. idleness (n.)inactive, not working 5. chattel (n.) someone’s property as in cattle or possessions 6. dictate (v.) to issue an order, tell someone what to do 7. qualm (n.) a feeling of uneasiness as in a guilty conscience 8. leisure (n.) time free from work or duties 9. compassion (n.) sympathetic feelings for another person’s distress, love 10. famine (n.) a period of extreme scarcity of food 11. stolid (adj.) having or expressing no emotion 12. diverted (adj.)being distracted from one thing to another 13. abject (adj.) existing in the lowest state, nothing lower 14. looting (v.) stealing goods when authorities are distracted by war or natural disaster 15. fortitude (n.) strength of mind or character that enables someone to face adversity or pain 16. mutinous (adj.) being in a rebellious or traitorous state 17. decadent (adj.) marked by decay or decline, indulging in selfish pleasures 18. exploit (v.) to take advantage of something or someone at a time of weakness 19. marginalized (adj.) to be powerless or unimportant 20. vigorously (adv.) doing something with great mental or physical energyPART 2:Fill in the blank with one of the 20 vocabulary words to make the sentence work. 21. The slave was very _____________________ by her owner so she could not speak up. 22. His wife had great ____________________ and continued to work even after childbirth. 23. The thief had no ________________ about taking diamonds from rich widows. 24. The hard working teacher had very little __________________ time.
  2. 2. 25. Wang Lund and O-lan suffered without food during the ____________________. 26. The student will ____________________ to reach her goal of getting straight As. 27. The crowd began _______________ the stores during the power outage and riot. 28. Bosses should never __________________ their poor workers by paying them so little. 29. Wang Lung felt like he could always ________________ to O-lan, telling her what to do. 30. He was very __________________ from his studies by the football game on TV. 31. Wang Lung worked __________________ in his fields to try and get something to grow. 32. Wang Lung treats O-lan like ________________ instead of his wife and companion. 33. O-lan would never be guilty of ________________ because she seemed to always work. 34. She gave me a ___________________ look when I told the class her secret. 35. Wang Lung’s family suffered ________________ poverty. 36. The Ancient One lived a very _______________ life, filled with opium and servants. 37. O-lan was very ________________ as she endured pain, never expressing any emotion. 38. The rich man had _____________________ for his servants and paid them a fair wage. 39. The factory had to _____________________ the equipment to become more efficient. 40. In The Good Earth, O-lan is very submissive and _________________ to Wang Lung.PART 3: Match the vocabulary word on the left with its antonym (opposite) on the right.________41. subservient A. active________42. modernize B. unselfish________43. endeavor C. guarding someone’s treasures________44. idleness D. give up________45. chattel E.focused________46. dictate F.request nicely________47. qualm G. bounteous harvest________48. leisure H.trusting________49. compassion I.having authority over________50. famine J. lazily________51. stolid K.treat fairly and help________52. diverted L. work________53. abject M.allowing to fall into decline and disuse________54.looting N. clear conscience________55.fortitude O. hatred, indifference________56.mutinous P. emo (emotional)________57.decandent Q. equal partner________58.exploit R.promote to power and authority________59.marginalized S. weakness________60.vigorously T.high up