Marina Association of Texas presentation 2013


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High-Tech Redneck: The Art of Digital Marketing

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  • introduction
  • overview
  • Digital marketing universe
  • Website Development
  • Social Media
  • Social Media
  • Social Media
  • Paid Digital: SEM, Behavioral Tracking
  • Paid Digital: SEM, Behavioral Tracking
  • Paid Digital: SEM, Behavioral Tracking
  • Press Releases
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Marketing
  • HTML Emails
  • Blog
  • Traditional Advertising: TV, Print, Branding
  • Analytics: how we measure and why.
  • Analytics: how we measure and why.
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  • Marina Association of Texas presentation 2013

    1. 1. 41st Annual MAT Conference Horseshoe Bay Marriott at Horseshoe Bay. October 6 - 9, 2013
    2. 2. Why
    3. 3. Website •Clean design that supports branding •Contains ‘click bait’ •Videos on the home page •Get over the ego – give the user what they want. •Do not over crowd with text 400 – 500 words max •No more than 3 clicks to submit info or request it. •Mobile responsive template •Types of do it yourself sites.
    4. 4. Social Media • Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram • Building a Social Media Calendar & Tools google wildfire
    5. 5. Social Media
    6. 6. Social Media • Who are you Rock Stars? • What would your social media calendar look like? • What social media channels should you use? • Who can execute it (hint: not you).
    7. 7. Paid Digital : Display Banner
    8. 8. Paid Digital: Pay Per Click • Deliver customers regionally through customer key word queries on major search engines with in local target market • Deep linking: Drive traffic directly to most relevant content based on search terms • Phone number in ad text • Location ad extensions w/ phone number • to see what your competition is doing!
    9. 9. Paid Digital: Pay Per Click
    10. 10. Press Releases •PR Newswire, •Include images & correct contact info •Great for search engine optimization •Great for driving traffic to events and public awareness •Tools:
    11. 11. Search Engine Optimization •Culmination of several tactics •Copy writing •Blogging Onsite Articles Offsite Articles •Appropriate Keyword Placement •Tools:
    12. 12. Local Marketing • Google Places • Bing Place • Yahoo • Yellow Pages • • Superpages • merchant Circle • Yelp • Many more…
    13. 13. HTML Newsletter •A necessity but can be over done. •Unless you have a lot of activity do not send out newsletter more frequently than 1 time per week. •Keep news truncated 1 short paragraph then link to full article or event on website. •Remember goal is to drive traffic to the website. •Tools:
    14. 14. Blogs •Create quality content. Content that people care to read. •Post frequently and on purpose. •DO NOT START A BLOG AND ABANDONE IT. •Blogs can be onsite, offsite or both. •Repost links to your Blog from Newsletter, Social media and Press releases.
    15. 15. Traditional Advertising •Television •Radio •Print •Outdoor •Branding
    16. 16. Google Analytics •Google analytics is free •Fairly easy to install or have your web guy do it •Essential to knowing what is happening on your site.
    17. 17. Google Analytics
    18. 18. Information•Brian A. Allen •Social: • •Company: 877-WEBNERD