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Texas powerpoint

  1. 1. TEXAS Brought to y’all by:Katie, Kurt, Tatjcha & Wes
  2. 2. TALK LIKE A TEXAN• Howdy  Hello• Y’all  You• Uh-huh  Thank you• Nu-uh  No• Yeehaw  Hurray• Shoot!  Oh no!• Over yonder  Over there• Wore out  Tired
  3. 3. VOCABULARY Horse Cattle Cowboy Belt buckleRanch
  4. 4. FUN FACTS• Texas is about 1.4 times bigger than Spain!• The name Texas comes from the indigenous Caddo word “tehshas,” which means allies or friends.
  6. 6. WHERE IS TEXAS?• Texas is in the United States.• It is the second biggest state in the USA.• It shares a border with Mexico.• The capital city is Austin.• 26 million people live there.
  7. 7. TEXAS’ FLAG The flag has one star. Texas is sometimes called “the Lone Star State.” In 1839, the Lone Star Flag became the state’s official flag.
  8. 8. SPEAKING OF FLAGS… Did know that Texas has been part of 6 different countries? Spain France Mexico(1519-1685) (1685-1690) (1821-1836)(1690-1821) [5 years] [15 years][297 years!]
  9. 9. Confederacy United States ofTexas (1836-1845) (1861-1865) AmericaAmerica fought Like Spain, the US (1845-1861;Mexico for Texas. experienced a civil 1865-2012)After their victory, war. During thisTexas became an Texas continues to time, Texas be part of the USA.independent separated from thecountry. Later, it Nevertheless, it still USA and became is proud of itsbecame the 28th part of thestate of the USA. independence and Confederate States remains “the Lone of America. Star State.”
  10. 10. COWBOYA cowboy is a personwho takes care ofanimals and canusually be seen riding ahorse.He does jobs that aredangerous and lovesadventure.He lives on a ranch.He can also be yourbest friend… if he likesyou.
  11. 11. WHAT DOES A COWBOY WEAR AND USE?• Cowboy/girl hat: The large rim protects him from the sun and cools him down.• Lasso: It’s a string of rope that cowboys use to catch cattle.
  12. 12. WHAT DOES A COWBOY WEAR AND USE?• Cowboy boots: They wear these because the boots make it easy to get on and off a horse.• Saddle: it’s placed on the horse’s back and is what the cowboy sits on when he rides.• Bandana: this protects the cowboys face from the sun, wind, and dust.
  13. 13. SPORTSAmerican football is themost popular sport inTexas.People watch footballevery Sunday with theirfriends.Baseball is also verypopular. It’s consideredthe US’s national sport.
  14. 14. DALLAS COWBOYSThe Dallas Cowboys And theirare one of the most cheerleaders are alsofamous football teams very famous too!in the world.
  15. 15. WE HAVE RIVALRIES TOO!Just as Real Madrid and Barça are rivalfootball teams, Texas has its own rivalbaseball teams.The Rangers from Dallas and the Astrosfrom Houston are arch rivals!
  16. 16. NASCARNASCAR is a sport where cars race eachother around a track and the person whofinishes in first place is the winner.
  17. 17. RODEOA sporting event wherecowboys and cowgirlsshow off their talentsriding and bulls andlassoing cows.Watch this video!
  18. 18. NASA• NASA is an abbreviation for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration.• It is the United State’s official organisation responsible for space travel and investigation.• And one of their offices is in Houston, Texas!
  19. 19. FOOD & DRINKThe most popular food isbarbecue (BBQ). People eat hamburgers,sausages, chicken, steak, andribs. The most popular drink is iced tea, which is exactly how it sounds – cold tea with ice!
  20. 20. THEY ALSO EAT TEX- MEXTex-Mex is a combination of Americanand Mexican food. Fajitas Tacos Quesadillas Nachos
  21. 21. MUSICThe most popular music in Texas is country musicTo play country music you may need: guitar harmonica banjo steel guitar
  22. 22. FAMOUS TEXANS• One of the most famous country musicians in the world comes from Texas. His name is George Strait and he is called “The King of Country.”• Another is a famous politician and soldier, Davy Crocket. Some people say that he was half-alligator and half-horse and could ride lightning and alligators.
  23. 23. AND DON´T FORGET…• Sandy from Spongebob Squarepants is a proud Texan!
  24. 24. TEXAS GEOGRAPHYTexas has a wide variety of landscapes, includingcoastal, mountain, planes, and desert.
  25. 25. MORE GEOGRAPHY Guadalupe Peakis the highest pointin Texas. It is 2,667mhigh. The Rio Grande is the longestriver in Texas. It is 3,051kmlong, and about 1920km ofthat is in Texas. It lies alongthe border with Mexico.
  26. 26. IMPORTANT CITIES IN TEXAS Houston is the largest city in Texas (and 4th largest in the U.S.). It has over 2 million people. Austin is the capital of Texas, but it is only the 4th largest city in the state. About 790,000 people live there.
  27. 27. ECONOMYTexas is a very importantpart of the U.S. economy.It is the second wealthieststate in the country.Important sectors of theTexas economy includeagriculture and mining,energy, technology, andcommerce.
  28. 28. TRIVIAHow do you say “hello” in Texas?a) Howdy b) Y’all c)YeehawWhat does the word “tehshas” mean?a) Friend b) Landscape c) LoveWhat is the capital city?a) Austin b) Houston c)TorontoWhat are the colours of the flag?a) Red, white & blue b) Red, white & green c) Red, white & blackHow long was Texas part of Spain?a) 297 years b)315 years c)158 years
  29. 29. TRIVIA Texas was once its own country T□ F□• A cowboy uses a bandana to rope a cow T□ F□ American football and NASCAR are popular sports in Texas T□ F□
  30. 30. TRIVIA The most famous space organizationRodeo located in HoustonNASA The most popular music in Texas The sport where cowboys and cowgirlsBBQ show off their talentCountry The longest river in TexasRio Grande The most popular food in Texas