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Texas Slideshow

  1. 1. TE XAS
  2. 2. Th e S e a l o f t h e S t a t e o f Te x a s
  3. 3. T e x a s S t a t e S y m b o ls Pecans are a Lovely tasty treat. bluebonnets bloom every spring all over Texas. The Mockingbird sings a sweet song.
  4. 4. A Little Texas History Six flags have flown over Texas. Americans, led by Stephen F. Austin, began to settle along the Brazos River in 1821 when Texas was controlled by Mexico, recently independent from Spain. In 1836, following a brief war between the American settlers in Texas and the Mexican government, the Independent Republic of Texas was proclaimed with Sam Houston as president. This war was famous for the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto. Texas became a state in 1845.
  5. 5. We Ar e Lo y a l Te x a n s Honor the Texas flag. I pledge allegiance to the flag, one state, under God, one and indivisible.
  6. 6. W h a t ' s t h e W e a t h e r L ik e in Te x a s ? Texas has a mostly dry, hot climate. However, the mountains, plains and coastal regions see colder temperatures depending on the season. Texas does have extreme weather. Violent storms, tornadoes and hurricanes are predicted each year.
  7. 7. Te x a s La n d Texas enjoys a wide variety of landforms. Mountains and canyons dot the west and southwest regions. Plains are found in the Panhandle. Central Texas has a gentle rolling hill country. Texas borders the Gulf Coast, creating sandy beaches and coastal plains and East Texas is filled with dense green forest. There is something for everyone!
  8. 8. N a t iv e P la n t s Texas native plants are hardy, needing little water or care to survive in the sometimes very harsh climate.
  9. 9. N a tu ra l Re s o u rc e s Oil, cattle, sheep, natural gas, sulfur, salt and graphite are among the many rich resources Texas has to offer.
  10. 10. W h o is F r o m T e x a s ?
  11. 11. W h o is in C h a r g e ? Governor Rick Perry
  12. 12. T e x a n s L o v e T h e ir Te a m s !
  13. 13. A t t r a c t io n s
  14. 14. T h e B e s t P la c e in T e x a s is o u r C a p it a l C it y , A u s t in !