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  • Mormonism

    1. 1. *The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints
    2. 2. * The church was founded by Joseph Smith (1805-1844)* At 14, years old, Smith had prayed to God because he was confused about the differences in the many Christian groups today.* Smith then had a vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ, telling him that none of the Christian Dominations were correct, because true Christianity had died out with the death of the early apostles.* At 17, Smith had another vision, this time of an angel named Moroni. The angel led him to dig up golden tablets inscribed with foreign words. He also dug up a mysterious stones that he had used to translate the words in the golden tablets.* The translations were then entitled The Book of Mormon.
    3. 3. * Mormons believe they are the true form of Christianity* Mormons have many similarities to Christians but also have many differences* Mormons call themselves Christian and are bothered by the misconception of being called “Mormon” and not viewed as a Christian* The word Mormon came from the father of Moroni (the angel who led Smith to the golden tablets).
    4. 4. * God the Father, as well as Jesus, have * Baptisms are practiced, and unusually upon deceased family a glorified body members* Souls of human beings were once existed in spirit form, then sent into * Attend their Ward (church), each Sunday for study, worship and the physical world to perfect sacrament service. themselves* Three levels of “Heaven” * They restrict selves smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs or even * Celestial Realm (Highest) consuming caffeinated beverages * Terrestrial Realm * They reserve one night a week, to * Telestial Realm stay at home with families to enjoy their bond as a family* Couples who “seal” their marriages in a temple will spend an eternity * Marriages are held in the sacred together in the celestial ream, and temple, only Mormons are allowed can become godlike, producing to enter. spiritual children there.
    5. 5. Church President (The Prophet) Quorum of the Twelve ApostlesFirst & Second Quorum of the Seventies Authorities and Stake Presidents Bishops (Church Pastors) Parishes (Male Members of Church)
    6. 6. * 14 million Mormons Worldwide * Majority of members seen at the Waimanalo Ward were of Hawaiian* 5.1% of the Hawaii population are Mormon decent. I think that is a result of totaling to an estimated 68,000 people* 70% of members were not born into the the influence Mormon missionaries church had on Hawaiians when the first came to Hawaii. * Members consisted mostly of middle aged couples, their children and elderly couples. I think couples are common because Mormons want to be married in the temple, and to do that both spouses must be mormon. Front of Waimanalo Ward
    7. 7. * The Mormon Church is supported financially through voluntary donations from it’s members* Members of the church are expected to live “the law of tithing.” Which is giving 1/10 of all income to the church.* Bishops, teachers or any other service member are not paid. All work done for the church is free* Tithing is used to build temples, churches, print The Book of Mormon, videos etc.
    8. 8. * Young men are expected to spend two years to go on a “Mission” away from their home (often foreign countries) to preach their religion* Women are invited to go on missionary work, but the length is shortened to 18 months rather than 2* Missionaries spend their day going door to door, spreading the word of god, in the hopes of gaining new members
    9. 9. Mormonism is one of the fastest growing religious group in theworld. Starting out with just one man, Joseph Smith, resultingin over 14 million members today. The church financiallysupports themselves through “voluntary” donations by theirmembers of the church. At the same time this voluntaryamount of money called “tithing,” is expected to be 10 percentof it’s members earnings. The young men of the church are sentaround the world to recruit more members. Maybe the idea ofeternal life in heaven with family, entices people to believe intheir church. I for one, will never open my doors to anymissionaries, any time soon.
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