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this is the first presentation, finalised based on my data gather, using spreadsheets and graphs to show the best design opportunities so far. when this was finished i developed it just a little further to complete my findings.

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Facebook data

  1. 1. User 1Gender; FemaleAge ; 23Occupation; WaitressOther; StudentUser 2Gender; FemaleAge; 41Occupation; MammyOther; Post grad student
  2. 2. Facebook M.I.I.V data students comments My comments User 1 Motivation 6 1. customize photos and videos 1. Can only organize, not customise 2. Diary Schedule 2.Would make training easier 3.Free online storage 3. Unlimted space 4. Organise sporting events 4. Free advertising 5. Promotion page for Kickboxing 5. Already has that 6. Organisation 6. Would possibly use an app Interaction 4 1. Upload photos faster 1. Not a design comment 2. Personlized photo albums 2. organised albums are fine 3. Kickboxing app 3. That would do wat? 4. Better icons on fone app 4. Clearer and bigger icons needed
  3. 3. Interface 31. Better mobile application 1. I agree with this2. Customizable profile 2. I like, as im a frequent user3. Video feature on profile 3. Makes accesing/sharing quicker Visual 41. Make drop down arrow bigger 1. I definitly agree2. Change layout/Divide content 2. Dislike, Kickboxing is sociable too3. Personlize colours on Profile 3. I like this idea4. Make mobile app icons better 4. I agree with this
  4. 4. Facebook M.I.I.V Data Students comments My comments Motivation 7 User 2 1. Make TOF page more worldwide 1. Facebook is world wide 2. Have an app featured on profile 2. App for what? 3. TOF-Create health page 3. Tof charity has their own 4. Rugby app/diary 4. I like, Tracking games and scores 5. Hobbies and interests 5. Dont understand comment 6. Tof-meet people with condition 6. Easy on facebook 7. Rugby app-dates,times,places 7. I like this idea Interaction 3 1. Promote awarness/fundraise 1. Already a donate app on facebook 2. Monitiors doctors appointments 2. Imformation is personal 3. Promote Awareness 3. Already has pages for this
  5. 5. Interface 31. Better mobile for user 1. could convince user to try it2. Charity options 2. What options?3. Donate on facebook 3. App already exsists Visual 41. Costumize mobile app-icons 1. Could convince more usage2. Choose what is seen on homepage 2. Costumize the news feed3. Visually divide TOF and sociable 3. Separate pages are better4. Better visual layout on mobile app 4. I agree, convince more usage
  6. 6. Scores Designbased on opportunitiesfilters
  7. 7. Scores based Designon filters opportunities
  8. 8. Facebook DataUser wants...1.Better mobile siteIncluding…Better and customizable icons to users preferenceBetter overall layoutCustomize option on mobile app2.Customise options on websiteIncluding…ColourLayoutControl over posts viewed on homepage Fix me!3.Bigger iconsIncluding…Making the menu arrow bigger