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Facebook Project


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Facebook Project

  1. 1. • Facebook® is a “social networking website”• It’s a free service that allows you to create anonline page to connect with friends, family, ormake new friends with anyone anywhere• You can share pictures, personal information ,messages, videos , join groups and addapplications.
  2. 2. • Facebook® was founded in 2004 by Harvardstudent Mark E. Zuckerberg with help from hisroommates Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.• Facebook® was originally for Harvard students thenexpanded to other colleges then to anyone over the age of18, and now currently to anyone 13 years of age or older.• Company Overview:“Facebooks mission is to give people the power to shareand make the world more open and connected.”
  3. 3. Facebook® is a social networking website. You canaccess Facebook® by login into www.facebook.comand this is what you will see….
  4. 4. Social Networking is defined as:• A phenomena defined by linking people to each other in some wayBy:• A social network service focuses on building online communities ofpeople who share interests and/or activities, or who are interestedin exploring the interests and activities of othersBy:• This is where people develop networks of friends and associates. Itforges and creates links between different people. A social networkcan form a key element of collaborating and networkingBy:
  5. 5. Major points available on You should have control over your personal information.Facebook® helps you share information with your friends and people aroundyou. You choose what information you put in your profile, including contactand personal information, pictures, interests and groups you join. And youcontrol the users with whom you share that information through the privacysettings on the Privacy page.2. Children between 13-18Facebook® recommends that minors 13 years of age or older ask theirparents for permission before sending any information about themselves toanyone over the Internet.3. Sharing Your Information with Third PartiesFacebook® share your information with third parties under the followingcircumstances: 1) reasonably necessary to offer the service, 2) legallyrequired or, 3) permitted by you.
  6. 6. Available on :• Keep the amount of private information you post to aminimum.• Never post information like your address, birthday, telephonenumber, class schedule, or anything else that you would notwant a stranger to know.• Keep your password a secret• Make sure to adjust your privacy setting so only people youwant to review you page can• Be cautious about posting and sharing personal information,especially information that could be used to identify you orlocate you offline, such as your address or telephone number• Block and report anyone that sends you unwanted orinappropriate communications
  7. 7. Advantages:• Great way to keep in touch with friends and also make new friends.• You can meet people with your same interest or hobbies, and evenconnect with people in your same field of study or job.• Facebook® allows people to connect, to learn from each other, todiscuss issues, viewpoints and share advice.• You can also join groups having similar likes and dislikes.Disadvantages:• Sharing too much private information could become a problem soshare only what you are comfortable with sharing.• Through your privacy settings you can control what you share.
  8. 8. • Facebook® has over 200 million users• Over 70% of Facebook® users are outside theUnited States• The average person has 120 friends on Facebook®• More than 3.5 billion minutes are spent on Facebook®each day• The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years oldand older• Slogan “Facebook® helps you connect and share withthe people in your life.”