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my brief on Facebook sports betting application including links to all research.

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Interactive brief

  1. 1. Interactive brief Facebook sports and betting applicationTitleLet’s make some moneySummaryThis brief is about creating a new application for Facebook users. Based on information gatheredfrom users the concept is a Sport app/betting app. The aim of this app will hopefully entice newusers to join Facebook with the hope of earning some winnings. It will be available men and womenover the age of 18, with a Facebook account, who enjoy sports or just enjoy gambling.The design ofthe app will fall into two parts, the first being the sports section with details of games and leaguesand the second being the betting section. The app will have a desktop version and mobile sitesoitsfits in with peoples lifestyles. 1
  2. 2. RationaleWhy are we doing this? Well in the beginning I began my research by looking into to Facebook users. I recorded in twoessays what kind of lifestyle these two users had, how a typical week went in their lives. The pointof this character summary was to determine how they use Facebook and how it fits in around theirlives. The users were from different age groups and both used Facebook very differently.The first character was a 23 year old woman whose use of Facebook mainly evolved around her loveof Kickboxing. Being a fighter for 6years she had acquired quite a lot of photos, videos and evenfriends within the world of full contact fighting. In the beginning it was for social reasons but it soonbecame a free way of storing her files, sharing them and keeping in touch with people all around theworld. As it is free it was a great way of adverting shows and events and a quick way of spreadingthe word. second character was a 41 year old woman whose life was kept exceedingly busy by her 5yearold son with T.O.F (Trachea oesophagealfistula). This character was a Facebook user only becauseof a teacher from her degree asking the class to make a profile. Unimpressed for the first few usesshe kept her posts to a minimal, but after graduating and becoming a master’s student she soonfound Facebook a lot more useful. It became a way of chatting with other families with a TOF child,keeping up with classmates, and even post photos of rugby games and scores, but her main useevolved around raising awareness of the condition. completing my character summary I created a short presentation based on my findings. I puttogether four slides for each character showing what I believed was their motivation for usingFacebook, their interface, of what they used, their interaction which was what they did whilst online,and the visual, which what they seen. essays and this presentation was printed off and placed on a display board for 18people toread. Once read different coloured stickers were used to leave comments on the print offs. Thecomments were broke into the four groups of motivation, interface, interaction and visual like I haddone myself, only these comments were design ideas. The point of the exercise was to write downquickly the first thought that came to mind to help me determine where I could find the opportunityto change Facebook to suit the users; even it was just to change the colour.Once these comments were gather I was able to complete a spread sheet of my findings and againpresent them in PowerPoint. .This exercise proved more useful to others than it did me. From my first findings I received nocomments for interaction, and very little for others. I had to take my characters to outside sourcesto gather more ideas. 2
  3. 3. This was more productive and I was able to make another spreadsheet that was a lot fuller inopportunities than the first. I wrote comments next to the ones I received to show my ownthoughts, even if the comment was reporting ‘I do not understand’ it was still important to recordmy thoughts. . From here I was able tobuild a filter spread sheet, and start scoring these ideas. I used 10 filters to determine good ideasfrom bad, for example, what mobile app opportunities were there, what was hi-tech and whatwould make money. . This was themost useful piece of information I completed as it now allowed me to move forward and create andbar graph visually showing the popularity of ideas and a scatter chart of them. The bar graph wasscored on the filter spread, by simply counting any good scores the idea got, some scored nothingand were left out. . The scatter graphwas created using the yes/no and mobile/not mobile filter. I was able to put the ideas intocategories using this simple method and cut my ideas down either further getting me closer to myfinal result. .Now it was time to present all the findings and determine the clear winner. I put together a finalpresentation of all this analysis. . Aftercompleting all this this clear choice seemed to be the sports application with the betting options.The reason being wasthat both users had used Facebook, if even in a small way, for sport relatedposts. Creating file backup and storage would have made Facebook money also but there is quite alot of competition and some even for free. Majority of people are already using Icloud and evenexternal hard drives. Design opportunities such as changing the layout of the mobile app and addingcustomisable options online would there already if it was an issue that affected Facebook’s numberof user. I believe Facebook’s crisp clean white and blue layout is a fresh look welcomed by usersafter such social networks such as Bebo that look extremely busy. Ideas like these won’t encouragemore users, but the thought of maybe a little making money in one visit to Facebook might.Betting is something that has been around for a long time and something that most peopleparticipate in at some point in their life, even if it is something friendly between friends. Having anapp on Facebook makes sense as almost everyone has a Facebook account and most follow somesort of sport. It can be used to find sport information, buts gives the option of placing a bet which iswhat is important. It’s the user’s choice to spend or not spend. 3
  4. 4. Vision and scopeImpression of the designThe concept is a Sport’s betting app based around all the popular sports such as Tennis, Horseracing, Rugby and Football. Having multiple sports means that the app isn’t a seasonal thing, it’savailable all year round. It’s aimed at men and women over 18years of age that use Facebookregularly with a passion for any sport or who just enjoys the fun a gambling.It is important that the application doesn’t just have to betting side but provides up to dateinformation for the user too. For example, if you wanted to bet on a six nation’s game you can log into the app find your sport, find your league table and check the leader board and all the points thateach team have. As well as this you can see when, where and what time each game is being playedfor this league. It is also important that the odds for each individual game are included into the apptoo.As the app will be versatile, it is very important that the app will have not only an amazing desktopversion but a user friendly mobile site too. Each version will have to have similarities so the userrecognises it immediately as well as being easy to use. It should be neatly set up, possibly like a webpage within Facebook, although as its part of Facebook, user’s will access it from their homepage,sae as other apps. Maybe the app will give the opportunity to change your name or create an avatarlike in the gaming apps. If it is to become successful the app needs to fit into peoples busy lifestyles. For example, youforgot to place a bet on this evenings football match but you’re in work and have offered to workthrough your lunch. No problem, in five minutes you can have logged in and bet on your team all onyour mobile! This app will allow users to place bets on any game they like, whenever, and whereever they like with no more queues at the local bookmakers.This application is a fantastic opportunity for Facebook to, not just expand the amount of users ithas, but to make a little money and have fun doing so. Daily give away and spot prizes could the kindof thing Facebook has the opportunity to create in order to encourage its users into spending more.Most people watch some sort of sport, and let’s face it, almost everyone is on Facebook, this couldbe the leg up needed to promote use of the app over competitors, and as Facebook knows it users, itwould be able to send emails and have relative adverts on profiles. Facebook could give user’s thechance daily to win credit by simply inviting friends to use the app. This app is aboutFacebook givingits users the chance to make a little money and have some fun.It is very important that the users that are betting on this app are over 18. As the sports sectiondose not require an age restriction it should be made available to everyone. So how when designingthis do we check I.D’s and ages to make sure we don’t have underage gambling? Maybe ask forphotocopy of photographic I.D or does this make it too easy to use a fake account to match a fakeI.D? Ask for the national insurance number? Whatever the solution,this is very important to thedesign as underage gambling is illegal! 4
  5. 5. Another problem that may occur in the design of this application is how to we get the users toactually pay? Well one thing that has worked in the past for other apps, such a Farmville or The Simssocial, is buying a bundle of their virtual cash. It’s a simple transaction using any visa card or debitcard. It is a different price for different bundles and they come in a set amount of virtual money.Once you place a bet you know that any virtually cash left stays in your account for next use, and anycash won is credited to your account. But even withthis design comes the issue of how dose theuser get it his or hers winnings? Dose the virtual cash just get refunded back into the bank accountat it real cash equivalent? It is the most important feature of the application in a way as the user willwant to know the application isn’t just safe for online bank transactions, but that they won’t beripped off, and will receive their full winnings. This is something that will need resolved quickly inthe design process. 5
  6. 6. DeliverablesWhat are you expected to produce?First on the list of deliverables is a high quality finished design of the ‘home page’ or the design ofwhat the user first sees when they log in and begin. This layout is important as it sets up allimportant information for the user. This design will include the app name, indication of where theuser’s information will be place and an example of any other information included. This will bemounted on A4 black card.The next thing in this list of deliverables is a storyboard. This will be a step by step account of a userlogging in, using the sports app for gathering their information and finally showing how the userwould place the bet. Each slide in the story board will be an illustrated screen shot of the applicationin use and can be completed in any media.E.g. Drawing, Photoshop. There is no limit to the amountof slides produced, so long as each indicates the actions mentioned above. The finished storyboardshould be completed to a high quality and mounted on Black card.Following this story broad will be a flow chart of functionality. This flow chart will show how themoney transaction is completed. It should start at the beginning when the user pays in and end toshow how the winnings are received. This can be hand drawn or an excel spread sheet, just as longas the information is provided.Next include all designs for the mobile application, noting any features that has been simplified ordiscarded in order to make it work as a mobile app. This is important as the mobile version and thedesktop version will have some differences, these designs will show how these problems wereresolved. No story board is necessary for this; just high quality final images presented A4 on blackcard.The design of this app should include a logo and a running theme should be recognisable. The logowill be preferably be finished in illustrator, but a Photoshop version will be acceptable. Again thiswill be mounted on A4 black card.All back up design work, sketches and research will be presented in an A4 Sketch book;this willinclude any problems that occurred during the designing and clear indication on how it was resolved. 6
  7. 7. Deliverables6 deliverables 1. Homepage design 2. Storyboard 3. Flow chart 4. Mobile application design 5. Logo 6. All back up design work and researchAll deliverables to be completed to a high quality finished and mounted on A4 black card. 7