What have you learnt about technologies from the


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What have you learnt about technologies from the

  1. 1. 6) What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. In the process of researching, planning and making my magazine, I have learnt a lotabout the technologies I have used.Here are some of the technologies I have used:Hardware: Software:-Computer -Internet-Camera -Photoshop-Laptop -Slide-share-SD card -Survey Monkey-Memory stick -Word-Sound recorder -Photoshop -Blogger.com -Dafont -York college website -Wikipedia -Windows media player
  3. 3. ResearchIn this research process I used the internet. I had already a lot of experience with the internet and wasvery familiar in how to use it. The internet helped me a lot during my research as I was able to searchexisting media products and then get ideas from them. This then allowed me to get a better idea ofwhat media products were around and what they looked like. On the internet I went on helpful sitessuch as Dafont and Blogger.com.We also searched what publishing brands owned which magazines, this was then helpful as we knewwhat was it allowed us to see which magazines attracted which brands.I used a website called survey monkey, survey monkey is a website that allows you to make aquestionnaire and then get results. I had never used this website before, but I quickly learnt how to useit as it was clear and easy. The results from this questionnaire was very helpful to me, as it made me seewhat gender bought music magazines, their age groups and their preferences for magazines. Thisinformation I then used to decide my target audience, and the genre of the magazine.I used a voice recorder to interview a person, to get more in depth answers about musicmagazines, and what music they like. This was helpful to me as it allowed me to find out what music theperson liked/ and what they liked in magazines. This then helped me to make my magazine similar towhat the person said they liked. I’d never used the voice recorder before, but it was simple and easy toupload the data to the computer. On the computer I then uploaded it to windows media player I hadnever done this before so I learnt how to make the media in to a video and adding a front cover image.
  4. 4. PlanningI used power points when it came to my planning. I made a style sheet inpower point, where I wrote in detail about what I intend my magazine tobe like. I have used power points before so I knew what I was doingwhich made it easier for me.I also experimented with different colours/fonts/and colour schemes formy magazine on power point. I learnt that on power point you canchoose a wider variety of colours, and change the gradient and hue ofthem which I didn’t know you could do.I used slide share to upload the power points on to my blogger account. Slide share wasvery helpful when I was researching my product. I was able to upload my power pointseasily and efficiently on to my blog using slide share. Slide share looks sophisticated, ,and itmakes it easy to read. I had never used slide share before but I quickly learnt how to set upan account and start uploading stuff.
  5. 5. Post ProductionI used a SLR camera- a Canon 600D. I had only used this camera once before when I wastaking one picture for my preliminary task. The camera was tricky to use as it was fairlycomplex. I used the flash on the majority of my images as it made the photos look like ahigher quality, I also used zoom for the close up images- so that I got a variation of shotson my magazine.
  6. 6. ProductionBefore is started this project, I had never used photo-shop. The firsttime I used it was for the preliminary task of York College. I usedphoto-shop to edit my photos for my magazine pagesThrough out making my font cover/double page spread andcontents page, I learnt the basics of photo-shop.I learnt how to crop image, draw around them, how to add textsand fonts. I learnt how to change the filter and effects of thephotos, and how to add grids and rulers etc (figure 1). This wasthen helpful to my pages as it allowed me to make my images lookthe way that I desired.Figure 1
  7. 7. I used the website da-font this website enabled me to download any font I wanted on tomy photo-shop account. The website was quite tricky to use as it was difficult to downloadthe fonts, there was also a lot of choice of fonts so it was hard to choose. There was alsodifficulties with the website, as every time we downloaded the font and added it to ourphoto-shop page we would have to re-download it after every time we went on to thecomputer.The use of the font website helped me to get a font that represents the genre and targetaudience of my magazine which waa good.
  8. 8. BloggerThe main use of software technology that I have learnt how touse is blogger.com. I used blogger to store all of my work. I havenever been on blogger before, but it is a clear and effective wayto store work. I learnt how to upload files and html’s. I learnthow to add labels and dates to my work so that everything is inorder and is neat and tidy. I experimented with uploadeddifferent forms of media, including slide-share’s, audio’s, imagesand word documents. The site is very beneficial and you evenhave your own personal account so that you can follow yourfriends.